Accorsi could be going young with his G.M. recommendation in Carolina


Former Giants and Colts G.M. Ernie Accorsi has been hired to help Panthers owner Jerry Richardson find the franchise’s next General Manager.  The buzz in league circles is that Accorsi will recommend going with a younger option.

So far, three names have made their way onto the grapevine:  former 49ers G.M. Scot McCloughan, Ravens assistant G.M. Eric DeCosta, and Giants director of college scouting Marc Ross.

DeCosta has moved in recent years to the top of the “A” list for future/eventual General Managers.  The contract he signed earlier this year, however, reportedly prevents him from leaving, in exchange for paying him like a G.M.

Ross worked with Accorsi in New York.  Though there had been some initial buzz that Giants exec Dave Gettleman would be on the short list, Ross is gaining more steam as the potential option arising from Accorsi’s past connections.

McCloughan, who has spent the last two years in the Seahawks’ front office, had a significant role in the construction of a 49ers team that currently has a solid nucleus of veteran leaders.  The circumstances of his departure, however, could work against him.  Announced by the team as a “mutual parting,” McCloughan later said he was fired “for cause.”

But that’s all part of the process.  In the end, Accorsi will make his recommendation to Richardson.  And Richardson likely will accept it.  Otherwise, why hire Accorsi in the first place?

10 responses to “Accorsi could be going young with his G.M. recommendation in Carolina

  1. Marc Ross is my Pick but the others will be OK as well But don’t you guys think If Ross gets it he might want to Hire guys he’s worked with before as a HC like the Current Gaints DC Fewell

  2. DeCosta is not leaving. Ozzie paid him handsomely and pretty much ensured him the GM role when he retires in a few years. Why drive a Hyundai when you already have the keys to a Bentley?

  3. Why would you consider the Ravens a Bentley? Lewis and Reed are in the twilight of their careers, once they are gone that defense doesn’t scare anyone. Carolina already has a very good pair of young pass rushers, as well as a young QB who just needs a good coach to become special. Also there is Keuchly who may be the best MLB in the game sooner rather than later. But most importantly, would you rather live in Baltimore, or Charlotte?

  4. Go with Giants director of college scouting, Marc Ross!!!

    They can draft for goodness sake!!!

    DeCosta can too, but he’s been viewed as Ozzie Newsome’s successor. He’s not George Kokinis or Phil Savage because he was a Scouting Director after being a good scout!!!

    However, go with a 2-time champ over a one-timer!!!

  5. I’d go with Ross, as much as I hate to say it because that means the giants lose him. But yeah, the Giants have been hitting home runs in the Draft the past few years.

  6. @klgeorge. Lewis & Reed are not the only reason The Ravens are a winning franchise. Ravens had 6 probowlers last year not named Lewis & Reed.
    Oh, and maryland is # 1 or 2 ranked highest income per capita. Why wouldn’t any GM want that team?

  7. I’d be OK with any of those GM choices, but I would absolutely hate Fewell as the coach. The defensive coordinator on a successful team hired as head coach? We’ve done that twice already. We need an offensive-minded coach that will mold Cam’s immense skill set into an elite QB. Someone like… oh, I don’t know… the coach of the team that lost to Cam’s team in the BCS title game, maybe?

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