Chilo Rachal back at Bears facility

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Bears guard Chilo Rachal left the Bears on Wednesday after learning that he was being replaced as the starting left guard by Chris Spencer.

His absence from the team didn’t last very long. Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune reports that Rachal was at the Bears facility on Thursday morning. McClure also reports, via a source, that Rachal’s emotional state is “very bad.” McClure reported Wednesday that Rachal became extremely upset after being told of his demotion.

The Bears, who said only that the guard left the team for personal reasons, placed Rachal on the reserve/left squad list. McClure writes that it is unkown whether or not he’ll be immediately reinstated to the roster. The team promoted offensive lineman James Brown from the practice squad to take Rachal’s place on the active roster.

Seeing as how Rachal was benched and was part of an offensive line that just got steamrolled by the 49ers, the team might just decide to move forward without him. Rachal is on a one-year deal and his is one of many offensive line spots the team should be trying to upgrade come the offseason.

12 responses to “Chilo Rachal back at Bears facility

  1. CUT HIM!

    Can’t block and now he has a tantrum because they finally called him out on it? Send him and Webb to the waiver wire. Practice squad replacements couldn’t possibly be worse than that sorry excuse for a line.

  2. How can the Bear’s go wrong bringing in James Brown? He’ll bring soul to the line.

    Seriously, I’m beginning to wonder what’s worse, sticking with guys who may not be overly talented at the NFL level, or constantly changing the chemistry. This has been going on for what, four years?

  3. Blame Aldon Smith and Justin Smith. They are probably laughing at Chilo, their old team mates. The Bears should have seen why the Niners benched him too and did not even offer him a contract last year. At this point of his career, he should just accept chocolate for a contract because they both melt under pressure.

  4. I never thought the day would come where I could say Chilo was instrumental in a 49ers win lol. As for blaming Snith and CO no way… blame Chilo for plain sucking and blame whoever hired him

  5. I’m not so much worried about Rachal’s ’emotional state’ as I am the physical safety of Bears’ QBs when he’s in the game.

    Dude, retire.

  6. Last week proved that Jay Cutler is the toughest player in the league and an elite QB. Nobody, not even the great Brady or Manning, could put up great numbers with that line.

    Season’s over. Fire Tice. Fire the O-Line. Give J-Cutty an elite QB contract. Draft the next Urlacher. That easy. You are welcome.

  7. After being promoted from the PS James Brown was quoted as saying, “I Feeeeeel Good!” Seriously though the Niners let Rachel (and his back) up go after last season because dude can’t block. He’s a human turnstile. Boone came in and the whole line gelled so the chain of the O line is only as strong as the weakest link.

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