Greg Jennings’ “wind is horrible right now”


Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings has been on the shelf for a long while now thanks to a torn abdominal muscle and it has taken a toll on his conditioning.

Jennings ran some routes during Packers practice on Wednesday and said that he felt no pain at all as a result of his injury. What he did feel is the same thing many of us have felt after a return to serious physical activity after prolonged injury or illness.

“There were some routes I was able to push it,” he said, via the Associated Press. “I pretty much pushed myself to see how much I can take. As far as speed, I got up to full speed on a few routes. Felt really great. My wind is horrible right now so I’m trying to get my wind under wraps. But other than that, I felt great.”

Coach Mike McCarthy said Wednesday that it was a stretch to think Jennings would be able to play this week against the Giants, but Jennings wasn’t willing to be so pessimistic. Jennings said he’ll see how he responds to Wednesday’s work, but he doesn’t think that he’s a long shot to play in the game. Jennings hasn’t played since Week Four and had surgery to repair his injury at the beginning of November.

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  1. It would be nice for the pack to have Greg back. It’s been close to a year in reality since they have had him in the lineup. There are some pass routes, like the quick slant, that he just runs better than any of their other receivers.

  2. This might not be the popular opinion, and coming from a Bears fan it sounds like wishful thinking. But I firmly believe that the Packers should trade Greg Jennings in the off-season, especially if he’s able to finish the year healthy.

    This guy is an outstanding receiver, but he’s reaching his peak. Injuries are starting to become the norm, and his production has been replaced by a combination of James Jones and Randall Cobb.

    Cobb is the future of the Packers’ receiving core. Jones and Nelson can handle the outside duties, and Cobb is the go-to target that Driver used to be.

    Jennings can still play, which is exactly why they should trade him before his value goes down. I think a 2nd round pick for a team like the Rams, Seahawks, or Redskins to get a top-end receiver would be a steal.

    This probably won’t happen, but it’s my thoughts as a NFL fan. Trade him while he’s still worth something, and let that young receiving corps continue to flourish with Rodgers.

  3. If this headline had ran post-dinner hour, I’m sure most of us wouldn’t have thought it was about ENDURANCE.

    And here I thought Jennings was talking about what typically happens AFTER a turkey dinner (wind, etc.)….

    From up here in Canada…….HAPPY THANKSGIVING to Florio and crew and to all of the post-ers on this site!!!!!!

  4. Does it really matter. This may be the worst conditioned team in football. I mean either they have a propensity to find and draft people who are injury prone: Neal, Daniels, Shields, Raji, Perry, Worthy, Starks, Green or their practice field is cement.
    I mean this team had numerous injuries during the week, not even in game situations. What the heck is that.
    Plus, people don’t seem to be able to get over an injury. Mathews has had a hamstring problem for two years now, and now its so bad he may not play for some time.
    I Don’t get it. Maybe for some of these bubble players they are instructed by their agents, hey is you suck out there better come up with an injury reason. Mike Neal has missed all but three seasons. His on again off again health just makes him unrealible, unusable, but he is still on the team.

  5. We’re winning without you for now Greg but need you back for the home stretch. We get Woodson, Jennings, Matthews and the others back in time for the playoffs and teams better watch out. Our defense is much better this season.

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