For now, Kaepernick knows only that he’ll get first-team reps

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There are competing reports regarding what 49ers quarterback Alex Smith precisely knows regarding his status for Sunday.  From, Smith has been told Colin Kaepernick will start against the Saints.  From ESPN, Smith has been told Kaepernick will get the first-team reps in practice, and that either guy could start.

Per a league source, Kaepernick has been told only that he’ll get first-team reps in practice.

It’s still possible Smith has been told Kaepernick will start.  But Kaepernick, whom coach Jim Harbaugh gave an A-plus for his effort on Monday night, has yet to receive that specific piece of news.

Still, it’s a pretty clear that sign that Kaepernick will start.  Either way, look for the Niners to try to keep the Saints guessing as long as possible, delaying an announcement as long as possible and keeping their options open.

17 responses to “For now, Kaepernick knows only that he’ll get first-team reps

  1. i dont know why everyone is all of a sudden in love with alex smith. has every1 forgotten that alex smith is a bust. the 1st 6 years alex was garbage. harbaugh shows up last year and alex is still garbage leading the league in fg’s and 1 of the leagues worst 3rd down conversions. this year hes still garbarge afraid to throw the deep ball when some1 is open and would rather take a check down to gore. hes afraid to throw deep because he has no accuracy above 15 yards. i’ve seen enough of alex since 05. it’s time to move on. its kaepernick time for the next 7 to 10 years.

  2. As a Seahawks fan, I love all the confusion. Please create a quarterback controversy, Harbaugh. But Alex Smith, don’t you worry. As it turns out, he is only evaluating Kaepernick and isn’t really interested in him.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is an attempt from Harbaugh to pull a fast one on the Saints. He looks for competitive advantage in even the very smallest things.

  4. It’s amazing how this story has ballooned to what it is now. Harbaugh said Kaepernick would take first team practice reps not start the game. That’s makes sense in any aspect. Why give all the first team practice reps to Alex and he has not been medically cleared? This is been a non-story from the beginning . The media has made this a controversy not Harbaugh.
    If Alex Smith is cleared he will get more reps in practice later in the week . This is the fourth post on this story. Let Alex rest another week and see how Kap does in the SuperDome . If he does well and explodes easy decision for Harbaugh. If he goes out and throws 2 pick 6’s in the game and they lose Alex is your choice….

  5. I feel bad for Smith. He played under probably the two worst head coaches in the history of the NFL, Singeltary and Nolan. Gets a good coach and goes to the Championship and loses because of three fumbles. Williams with 2 and Bradshaw with 1. He is not fancy and does not turn the ball over.

  6. Very excited about Kap’s performance, he showed that he is developing. Alex should remain the starter. He has the experience needed to win in the playoffs. I sat in the endzone and watched him single handedly carry the team to the NFC championship where he did enough to put us in the Super Bowl. I do believe Kap will be considered if Alex slips up though. Niners can win with either one.

  7. I agree, be careful what you wish for 49er fans. Disrupting a winning team with a QB controversy is not a good thing. And, Kap looked good Monday but lets not get his bust in Canton ready just yet. The Bears didn’t exactly show up to play Monday night.

  8. This is the 49s not the Cardinals. This coach can make a decision and pull the trigger, unlike Smith, and unlike the Cardinals.
    Smith is a back up now.

  9. If Smith is so bad, and Kap so great, why was this the kids first start? Took an injury to Smith for Kap to earn a start? That seems odd to me since most of you seem convinced he is the next great NFL QB. Also, Chad Henne had a monster game Sunday against a good Texans team, point, it’s just one game.

  10. I am a Smith supporter. Nobody has been through what that guy has been through with all the different coordinators and defensive coaching. However, I am also a realist. Colin played phenomenal. It wasn’t like he got lucky or beat them with pure athleticism, he executed. He beat them from the pocket. It was spectacular to watch him do that against such a great defense. Km on the Kaepernick bandwagon for now

  11. I love the comments both ways. These are not competing.stories. Harbaugh is going to watch Kaep practice and see how he performs and how Smith looks. He wants 2 positive observations then he would try Kaep

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