Mike Mularkey: Chad Henne is auditioning to be Jags’ 2013 starter

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Chad Henne is the Jaguars’ starting quarterback for the rest of the season, after Blaine Gabbert was placed on injured reserve. And Henne’s coach wants him to view the final six weeks of the season as an audition to be the starter in 2013 as well.

Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey said after announcing that Gabbert is on injured reserve that if Henne plays well for the final six weeks of the season, he’ll go into next season as the starter. Mularkey said he wants every player on his team to know that he’ll be evaluated going forward based on his performance on the field.

“Every game they play they have a chance to either keep their job or earn their job — every player,” Mularkey said.

That makes sense: Henne is on the first year of a two-year contract, and if he keeps playing as well as he did when he relieved Gabbert on Sunday against the Texans, it would be impossible for Mularkey to claim that Gabbert is the better quarterback on the roster.

However, the whole thing could be moot because it might not be up to Mularkey to choose the Jaguars’ starting quarterback in 2013. Mularkey is 1-9 in his first season as the Jaguars’ head coach, and if he finishes the season 1-15, his first season could be his last.

22 responses to “Mike Mularkey: Chad Henne is auditioning to be Jags’ 2013 starter

  1. quite honestly, I’m starting to think Henne’s failures in Miami were definitively due to coaching after watching the Jets’ offense under Sporano.

  2. As a Jags fan…based on the disgraceful performances that we have been subjected to this year – I think Mularkey should be right up there at the top of the evaluation list.

    As far as I am concerned – he had a very weak track record coming in here….he was another weak decision by GM Gene Smith (who needs to be fired)….and is still the same old overly conservative wimpy play caller he has always been.

    The dude has shown NOTHIN’ since he has been here except trying to win the “good guy of the year” award…which doesn’t mean crap when you are 1-9 and one of the 2 worst teams in the league.
    (We MIGHT be able to take the Chiefs. Might.)

  3. Henne should have been the quarterback for the Jaguars in 2012. Henne would have won more than 1 game by now. As a Texans fan, I am glad it took the Jaguars this long to figure out Blaine Gabbert is not a starting quarterback in the NFL. Maybe after sitting on the bench for a year or two will make Blaine a better player. He cannot get any worst. If he does then he will become Trent Dilfer.

  4. Henne is not the answer either but probably a better starter than Gabbert. Unfortunately I don’t see a franchise QB in next years draft so probably stick with Henne and draft QB in 2014. Being a Skins fan I’m glad we passed on Locker/Ponder/Gabbert and waited til the next draft

  5. Henne is a pretty good QB, didnt have much to work with in Miami. I wouldnt be surprised if he ran away with this job

  6. Blaine is Gene’s pick. No reason to have a new GM tied to Blaine and Mularkey. If we are going to start over lets do it the right way this time. New GM, new coach and players they pick, including the QB. All of those guys need to be on the same page. How many times do you have to look at the successful teams and see how they do it, and then try and reinvent the wheel? Gene Smith’s plan has failed.

    Lets start over and do it right this time.

  7. Henne was dealt a bad hand in Miami. He is capable of being a solid starter in this league. As a Dolphins fan, I hope he does well.

    Plus, his moustache is beautiful.

  8. Didn’t have much to work with? He had Brandon Marshall. And tannehill looks better than he ever did with less. Take it from a dolphins fan jags, henne isn’t the answer, he will follow one good game with 4 bad ones. He’s going to be useful as a stop gap until drafting a QB in 2014, might as well roll it out with Gabby

  9. Said it before and I will say it again. If it had been a truly open QB competition in camp, Henne would have been starting in week 1.

    Not saying that would have made Jax that much better, but certainly better than they are now.

    It was very obvious very quickly that Blaine Gabbert was not a starting quality NFL QB. Why compound the error you made drafting him way too early by throwing away an entire season hoping beyond desperate hope that he would figure it out?

    Khan needs to absolutely clean house and start over at the end of the season.

  10. As a Dolphin fan I always thought Henne got a raw deal. He has issues of performing well when the game is on the line but he is a better QB than people in Miami make him out to be. He deserves this opportunity and I hope he succeeds.

  11. Sparano’s antiquated system and overbearing approach (towards ball protection) killed Henne’s confidence. Henne is a good QB. He has shown that he can put up numbers but Sparano would not allow him to audible. It’s hard to be successful when you look at the defense and KNOW under center that the play won’t work but have no way to change it. If Mularky let’s Henne play his game and allows him to audible, he will figure out that he has a pretty good QB. He has one of the best arms in the NFL and he can escape the rush and grab some yards as well.

  12. The problem with Henne’s performance in Miami was playcalling.

    Many times he’d be on a roll, then the OC would run on 1st down (which didn’t go anywhere), the call the stupid Wildcat on 2nd down, leaving Henne with 3rd and long.

    Also, how many times his receivers (especially Marshall) drop a pass in the end zone? I can think of several and I only watched 3 or so games.

    I’m not saying Henne is as good as Manning or anything, but he’s a lot better than he came across. How much better? We’ll see in the final few games

  13. Pulling for all involved of course! Trusting Shad will make the right choices for the franchise. Let’s get back to our winning ways. I’ll be in my seat either way. Go Jags! Spoil some playoff dreams.

  14. I thought he would win the job in 2012 by preseason. As a miami fan i know hes better then gabbert and will get you to at least ‘in the hunt’ category if he uses all the weapons he has around him which was 10xs better then what he had at miami

  15. Ive always been a fan of Henne. His problem is he’s a bit of a gunslinger and throws stupid interceptions too often. Ill still take those, along with the occasional 80 yarders to Blackmon, ober Gabbert 2-yard checkdowns on 3rd and long

  16. Henne’s career numbers 60% compl, 77 passer rating, are the same as Gabbert managed so far this year. He is 5 years older. In the two games he has taken the majority of the snaps this year, his numbers are nearly identical to Gabbert’s first two games of the season. I fail to see what everyone is getting worked up about. Gabbert is injured, he will undergo surgery soon, so Henne starts. Simple enough. Chad earns over $3 million per season (more than Blaine does), so he better be capable of playing when Gabbert can’t.

  17. Henne is a better option than Gabbart. But that is like saying being punched in the stomach is a better option than being punched in the face.

    Hopefully Khan gets himself a new GM before the draft and gets some good personnel in there using that high draft position. Mularky deserves one more year with better players, and MJD if he decides to stick it out. Wait it out one more draft to find a decent QB and then get back to competing.

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