Nick Foles sounds a lot like his coach


After every loss, Eagles coach Andy Reid says he has to do a better job.  It’s no surprise, then, that after rookie quarterback Nick Foles lost his first career start, Foles took a page from his coach’s post-game playbook.

I have to get better,” Foles said Wednesday.

“I messed up.  I’m not going to make any excuses,” Foles added.  “I’ll learn from it though.  I was able to see what I did fundamentally, maybe decision-making sometimes, and improve on it. That’s what practice is for.”

Foles’ next chance apparently will come on Monday Night Football, given that starter Mike Vick still is suffering from concussion symptoms.  Given that the game will be played in Philly, that may not be a good thing.

“The fans are passionate,” Foles said, displaying prudent tact.  “That’s the one thing I’ve always heard before I was even here, before I was drafted here and I love it.  Shoot, we’re frustrated too, but we’re going to keep working at it.  The fans love this team.  They do everything they can to support us.  They come to the games.  They bleed green.  We know that and I love that.  I love how passionate the fans are.  I love how they live and die with how their team’s play.  It’s hard.  I respect that.  We just have to keep working.

“We have to keep working hard.  The people in Philly are hard-working people and they do everything they can to come to our games so we have to take that in the locker room and continue to work hard, stay together through these tough times and go out there and play as hard as we can.”

The team may stay together, but the fans may not.  Many will be chanting for Reid to be fired.  Others will be clamoring for ESPN’s Jon Gruden to get the job.

The only way to stop it will be for Foles and Reid and everyone else to get better quickly, and for the Eagles to find a way to beat the Panthers.

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  1. As an Eagles fan, I am particularly sad for Andy about how this season has gone. He may never have been in the class of coach as Belichick or Parcells and his downsides have always been frustrating (refusal to run the ball, poor clock management, one key roster blind spot per year, dull press conferences, etc.), but I think that all true Eagles fans recognize how much he cared about winning, how much he cared about his players, and that he has always been a person to admire.

    This is just a terrible year for Andy and I hope that things get better for him. He’s a good person and a good (almost great) coach. If a few breaks had gone his way, he would have a ring. Unfortunately, he never got the great luck and was never great enough to overcome better coaching performances in the clutch.

  2. This guy sounds nothing like Andy Reid. Andy Reid stands still with a stone face and repeats the same thing week after week like a parrot. Foles is showing heart, intelligence, and is saying all the right things a rookie professional quarterback should say. I like this kid. He looked iffy at times but he didn’t get to practice with the 1st team or really practice at all so give the kid a week and we will see if he steps up his game. I mean damn this will only be his 2nd start in the nfl

  3. Please stop with the Jon Gruden talk. If you honestly polled the eagles fan base, i guarantee at least 70% say no to Gruden. We all know what he is as a coach. Sure he can motivate players, but his talent evaluation is no better than Reid’s and has a history of driving franchises into the ground. Just look at what happened to bothe B and Oak after that 2002 superbowl. I dont know who the next coach should be, but i want somebody who can rebuild this franchise. It needs to be blown up and completely “re-branded” and Gruden is NOT the guy for the job. Frankly, neither is Cowher, or any other high profile ex-coaches that have been linked to the birds job.

  4. I am not sure that I am sold on the idea of Gruden being the next coach of the Eagles. Personally, if Chip Kelly does make the change from college to the NFL, I’d prefer to see what he can do with our young and talented team. Much more than what Gruden might be able to muster up anyway.

  5. There are numerous teams in this league with significantly less talent than the Eagles, but their coaches utilize what talent they have in a much more effective manner. Even despite immense talent, Philadelphia has been displaying an inferior brand of football for years now, and the fans are not comfortable with the monotony of it all. Change is a dire necessity at this point.

    In the NFL, you must be capable of cerebrally defeating your opponent. The best group of athletes in the world can’t win if they aren’t put in the best position to do so.

  6. autoriot says:
    Nov 22, 2012 3:06 PM
    I am not sure that I am sold on the idea of Gruden being the next coach of the Eagles. Personally, if Chip Kelly does make the change from college to the NFL, I’d prefer to see what he can do with our young and talented team.
    No. I want Chip Kelly in Carolina.

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