Patriots roll all over Jets in the first half


It’s fair to wonder if the 35-3 Patriots lead at halftime of Thursday night’s game with the Jets has more to do with the Patriots playing well or with the Jets doing their best impression of  a ship filled with dynamite getting hit by a flaming comet that’s pierced our atmosphere.

The Patriots turned four Jets giveaways into 28 points and Tom Brady hit Julian Edelman for a 56 yard touchdown pass to make it 35 before the teams headed back to the locker room for the break. All of the points came in the second quarter and 21 of them came in a 52 second span that eliminated all hope for a Jets victory.


There have been chants for Tim Tebow at the Meadowlands, as the fans in attendance seem somewhat less amused by Mark Sanchez’s latest flop than those of us who have watched him run into guard Brandon Moore and fumble about 15 times while nibbling at what’s left of the pumpkin pie. Whether because of a rib injury or the coaching staff’s general disdain for his abilities, Tebow hasn’t played on offense yet in this contest.

Brady has hit on 8-of-14 passes for 198 yards and three touchdowns and the Patriots might let him hit the Thanksgiving buffet a little earlier than anticipated if the Jets’ field goal with two seconds left in the half doesn’t foreshadow an offensive explosion for the ages in the second half. In other words, someone remind Tommy to leave a little gravy for the rest of the team.