Ray Rice apologizes to those upset by him taking a Terrible Towel


Earlier this week, we passed along Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley’s Twitter response to Ravens running back Ray Rice carrying a Terrible Towel off the field and wearing it on his head at the end of Sunday night’s game between the teams.

Woodley compared Rice to past players who have stomped, spat or otherwise used the towel for purposes that have run afoul of the Steelers and their fans. He told Rice that he had made a bad move and the whole thing seemed destined to be a storyline in the second meeting between the teams in Week 13. Rice responded to Woodley on Wednesday, but he didn’t throw any fuel on the fire.

Rice said he traded the gloves he wore during the game to a Steelers fan for the towel because he wanted to add it to a collection of memorabilia he’s started building to commemorate his career in the NFL. He said he got why Woodley and others would be upset by someone treating a towel with disrespect, but that Rice said that he has no such intent because of his respect for the Steelers and because he wants a memento of the Steelers-Ravens rivalry he’s been such a big part of in his career.

“I apologize to those who saw it as disrespectful. For me, I thought it was a pretty cool gesture, exchanging my gloves with a fan and walking out with it. Obviously, getting a victory there was cool and I leave it in the past. Their fans are great, the organization is great and the rivalry is always going to continue to be great,” Rice said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “To have something in your basement to know what the rivalry is all about is pretty cool. I’ve been exchanging jerseys with guys. My basement is geting pretty colorful down there with other teams’ stuff. [Having the towel was] not maliciously, just more out of respect.”

That should pretty much be the end of this little kerfuffle, other than to say that Rice’s basement does sound like it houses a pretty cool collection.

59 responses to “Ray Rice apologizes to those upset by him taking a Terrible Towel

  1. Assumptions can be very dangerous thing…because it can lead to speculation which will lead to gossip and if it’s gossiped enough, it will become a fact even if it’s not a fact.

  2. Ray Rice is a class act, he didn’t do anything wrong here. I think the Steelers are just trying to make something out of nothing…

    Can any Steelers fan please tell me what the issue is with what he did?

  3. Rice is wise to apologize. You don’t blaspheme the holy Terrible Towel. Other teams try these lame imitation flags and hand them out to fans only to find themselves surrounded by Steeler Nation.You see it in nearly every stadium in the NFL.

  4. Class act from what appears to be a stand up guy. Thanks Ray for showing at least the raven players show respect when their fans can’t. You have my respect as a person and an opponent .

  5. He is liar. He totally meant it as disrespect and the fan that gave him his terrible towel is a moron. You shall pay for your transgressions rice. You thought it was bad when you had 20 carries for 40 yards? You wait til we put you out for the season next game! The ghost of Myron cope shall bestow upon you wrath to which is not comprehendable!!

  6. The truth comes out! Steeler fans trying to make something out of nothing. Ray Rice is a classy dude. Does much for the community in Baltimore and New Jersey. No disrespect intended. In fact, rewarded a Steelers fan with his gloves in exchange for the towel.

  7. Big deal it`s just a towel . I know a bunch of Steelers fans here in western Pennsylvania , and they didn`t think it was the end of the world .

  8. All the Steeler fans that want to believe Ray Rice was disrespecting the holy, awesome, super duper shiny, amazing, terrible towel are just jealous that the Steelers didn’t win.

  9. Is this really a story? steeler fans are hoping for a jinx or something, anything that will give them hope.

  10. Surrounded by steeler fans at M & T…no way

    Steeler fans gettin’ the crap beat out of them at M & T…DEFINITELY.

    Only ten days until the golf carts start carrying steelers off the M & T turf just like OLD Byron…Batch will be lucky to come out alive.

  11. anpsteel says:
    Nov 22, 2012 8:54 AM
    I could be wrong here- but it certainly looks like he has his gloves on, in that picture.

    He doesn’t have gloves on in that picture. His wrists are wrapped in tape you dope.

  12. @steelersownyou- you fit in right with woodley as a disrespectful lousy loser. If you had half the sportsmanship that ray did, you would suspend yourself from posting on this for at least 10 years. Your commentary would not be lost and the site would dramatically improve.

  13. Despite the outcome Woodley had a better game then Rice. Rice is a great player. He will always be held back by poor game planning.
    That game really shouldn’t have been that close. Especially with the Byron statue behind center.
    Steelers season was done when Ben went out.
    I would be concerned if I was a Ravens fan.

  14. Who cares if anyone is mad. The Terrible towel is fair game to anybody that wants to spit on, stomp on, or use to wipe their rear ends with.

    Maybe Pittsburgh should come up with an “Overrated Towel”, because that is what they are every year.

    Perfect example of why many believe that the Steeler fans are the most obnoxious. Cry me a freakin river, “oh someone took my terrible towel”

  15. what a liar. another ravens player had a towel too and they were both waving them as they left the stadium to mock the fans and steelers players. this will come back to bite them.

  16. steelersownyou says: Nov 22, 2012 8:57 AM

    He is liar. He totally meant it as disrespect and the fan that gave him his terrible towel is a moron. You shall pay for your transgressions rice. You thought it was bad when you had 20 carries for 40 yards? You wait til we put you out for the season next game! The ghost of Myron cope shall bestow upon you wrath to which is not comprehendable!!
    You are an idiot! You are threatening that your team is going to “put (Ray) out for the season.” That is pretty immature even for a Steelers fan. Ray respects his fellow players win or loose and the Steelers players even more so because of the great rivalry the two teams have going. Most football fans, professionals, etc. consider the Ravens/Steelers battles one of the best rivalries in the game. Enjoy the game and try not to be such a dick.

  17. Steeper fans are classless. To call out Rice, one of the most humble down to earth and giving individuals shows how much intelligence their fan base has. I’d be ashamed of this team if I was a steeper fan. Even when they lose, they still think their team is relevant. Note to all, you are way behind in the division and the bengals are coming on strong. After Pittsburgh loses to the Browns, they will be virtually out of the playoffs given their reg season record in Baltimore.

  18. If you do want as “memorabilia”, why walk around waving it and put it on your head?….put it in your pocket, be quite, and go about your business. Still does view well when you do that.

  19. It’s obvious Ray took a beating in the game by the Pittsburgh defense (40 yards total !) and is now backpeddling in the hopes that he calls off the Steelers defense for the rematch that he doesn’t have a repeat of his pathetic rushing performance. Nice try Ray, it won’t work. Here’s to you (and Flacco) getting pounded again by the Steelers defense.

  20. @ steelfla
    what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  21. As a Steeler fan I hate to say this but what is a Steeler fan doing giving up their towel to a Raven. You should be ashamed. And shut up Woodley cuz you are highly overrated

  22. I’ve never heard anyone else say this, so I will……While watching the game the other night, it dawned on me that Ray Rice looks like he could be Byron Leftwich’s kid brother….Seriously, google images of both and you’ll see, they look like brothers!

  23. Tempest in a teapot. Brought to you by: social media.

    Rice’s gracious words and explanation about his collection of opponents’ paraphernalia is the most interesting thing about this story. Hope a sports writer from the Baltimore Sun takes a camera and heads over to Rice’s house.

  24. Let me help the whining , uptight, mouth-breathing Steelers fans out (no disrespect to the five Steelers fans on Earth who are smart enough to figure it out for themselves): see those things on his hands? Those are gloves. See that thing on Rice’s hand? Obviously not a glove.

  25. Crap. On Kruger’s hands. Kruger is wearing gloves. Rice isn’t.

    That’s what I get for posting from a phone.

  26. Steeler fan and season ticket holder here. Over the years I’ve come into the possession of 10 plus terrible towels and to be able to trade one of those towels for a star players game gloves…I say hell ya!!! I’m still not quite sure how Rice disrespected the towel by wearing it on his head, it’s not like he stomped on it on the sideline or spit on it. Now shut up you make us look bad! “Here we go!!!”

  27. I wish people would quit acting like a little yellow towel used by the fans of a sports team is somehow on par with the American flag.

  28. I hate the ravens, but rice seems to be all class. Its a shame he plays for the other team in the best rivalry in sports!

  29. Before anyone starts bashing the Terrible Towel please keep in mind that all the proceeds from the sales of Terrible Towels go to benefit a school in PA that cares for people with physical and mental disabilities. The creator of the towel – Myron Cope – gave the rights to the towel to the school in 1996. The sales of the towels have raised millions of dollars for this school. I guess my thoughts are there are a great many people posting responses here about using the towels as toilet paper and on and on with utter nonsense – some of us need to grow up and act like adults. Whether you like the Steelers or not, or Steelers fans or not….grow up, have some class, and realize that this towel means a great deal to a great many people because of the money raised to help less fortunate people.

  30. “what a liar. another ravens player had a towel too and they were both waving them as they left the stadium to mock the fans and steelers players. this will come back to bite them.”
    No, it won’t. It’s a freaking towel, and nobody besides obsessed steeler fans will even remember this in a year or two.
    Your just grasping at straws. The ravens have pretty much dominated the steelers recently, so the steeler fans have to find SOMETHING to talk about besides losing to their hated rivals.

  31. Where is Lamar Woodley apology? Accusing Ray Rice without any evidence.

    Larry Foote, yes, the same guy that plays for the Steelers say it best: Lamar Woodley needs to shut up and play football.

    If you have a problem with that, Lamar, you should have won the damn game.

  32. Ray Rice has been a class act since entering the league. I don’t think that there was anything meant by it. Stop being such homers…trying to make something out of nothing just because you lost. And You can argue all you want about who had a better game between Woodley and Rice but the bottom line is that Balt beat Pit. Football is a team game and I’m sure if you asked any great player what is more important, personal stats or wins, it’ll always be wins. Please remove head from rear end and think before you speak

  33. Anyways I still remember That pass in the endzone in the afc championship game or that missed field goal? Things I’m thankful for on Thanksgiving

  34. As a western-PA raised Steeler fan, it’s still easy to like Ray Rice. Nice kid, brings a solid all around game and is a fighter. Ray Rice. is alright. But he better buckle up next go ’round.

    As for Woodley, he too handled this well. He didn’t go all spazmo, and have a T.O. (“That’s my quarterback”) type of moment.

    Two hard-nosed smashmouth teams that really bring it, especially when they butt heads together. We always want to beat Baltimore, but we can still respect them.

    Here, Rice and Wood were both cool in this instance, and each of these guys have always been solid in their careers prior. No need to hate on one or the other based on jersey colors.

  35. Nice gesture by Rice. Of course this proves beyond a shadow of doubt that the curse of the World Famous Terrible Towel is true and he is tring to prevent the inevitable. Unfortunately for the Ravens, history proves it is too late, the damage of the desecration is done and can’t be reversed. Myron said so.

  36. The only person who should apologize is Mike Tomlin for his poor and idiotic coaching decisions against the Ravens.

  37. Rice was wise to issue an apology. This rivalry doesn’t need more fuel for the fire. As a Steelers fan, I found it disrespectful. Like Woodley said, If your not a Steelers fan don’t wave the terrible towel.

    “C’mon Man”

  38. Ray Rice needs not apologize to the garbage that is Steeler Nation. We the Ravens own them. They are old and pose no threat to Raven Nation. May god have mercy on their souls.

  39. I live in baltimore and I was told by several fans (before reading this story) that a Steelers fan threw a towel at him which is why he put it on his head, which in their head was justification for him putting the towel on his head.

  40. Maybe Ray should also find a poster with 6 Super Bowl rings on it. Since thats the only way he will ever add one of tthose to his collection. Then he can say “theres the terrible towel from our division rivals, and theres how many rings they have. Wheres my ring you ask? I never won one. But we beat them in the regular season a few times.”

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