Redskins pouring it on, up 21-3

Getty Images

The Cowboys are getting embarrassed early, and they’re getting a little chippy.

Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins punctuated the indignity of getting taken to the house by a sore-footed Pierre Garcon with a cheap shove through the back of the end zone.

The 59-yard touchdown pass-and-run made it 21-3 just before halftime, as the Redskins have reeled off three unanswered touchdowns.

Robert Griffin III has already thrown for 191 yards and two touchdowns, quickly overcoming a sluggish start.

The Cowboys early deficit is nothing new. As pointed out by Jean-Jacques Taylor of, the Cowboys have fallen behind in all five home games, 7-0 to the Buccaneers, 24-7 to the Bears, 23-0 to the Giants, 13-0 to the Browns now by 18 to the Redskins.