Suh avoids reporters after not avoiding Schaub’s groin


Last year on Thanksgiving, Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh stomped on the arm of Packers guard Evan Dietrich-Smith.  After the game, Suh offered up a lame excuse during a session with reporters.

My intentions were not to kick anybody, as I did not,” Suh said at the time.  “[I was] removing myself, as you see, I’m walking away from the situation.

This year, Suh’s foot found the crotch of Texans quarterback Matt Schaub.  It sure looked like no accident.

After the game, Suh didn’t risk saying anything that could and would be used against him.  According to the Associated Press, Suh exited the locker room without making himself available to reporters.

Schaub wasn’t as evasive.  “I really don’t have anything to say about that play or that person,” Schaub said.

After further review of the video evidence, it looks like Suh gave an extra little shove of the foot into Schaub’s nether regions.

Given Suh’s history, he likely will be hearing from the league office, again.

99 responses to “Suh avoids reporters after not avoiding Schaub’s groin

  1. It was obvious that he intended to kick him. I don’t think he started out with that intention but it seemed that when he realized he was within kicking distance he extended his leg Eve further.

    Dirty play by a dirty player.

  2. Low class play by a no class player. Suh, you could be the class of the league with your physical attributes. Instead you insist on being a total a-hole. How proud you must be. Loser.

  3. Sorry, I think its about time some opposing defensive player lays a cheap shot on Matt Stafford.

    It happens in baseball and hockey – players policing themselves – it works.

  4. Not an accident. He whipped his leg around then dropped his foot down to groin after making contact higher.

    Fine him, suspend him, nueter him, whatever. I have no respect for a man that kicks another man in the groin. And he should have to pay each of us watching the game $1 for making us feel Matt’s pain. Man fine.

    Hope it bankrupts him.

  5. Looks like NFL has chosen a new poster boy for Goodell safety crusade. Of course the next borderline call James Harrison has, NFL will be back on Harrison’s case.

    How in any way shape or form anyone can say Suh intentionally flipped over, and as he came down swung his foot with precision as to his schaubs groin?!? Well that’s a bit of a stretch.

    Yet Ed reeds given the benefit of the doubt why?

    Goodell please look up the word consistency, because obviously you nor the league understand it.

  6. I’m astounded by the sheer amount of people that think this guy has eyes located at multiple points of his body so he could accurate deliver this kick.

    A few years ago I was messing around in my living room with family, and ended up kicking my own mother in the chin. My situation was startlingly like Suh’s.

    I know how it feels to blamed for an accident, too, bro. I know it feels.

  7. Anyone that thinks it was intentional can feel free to set up a mannequin, dive head first like Suh was doing, kick your foot out to full extension at an awkward angle, and try to hit that mannequin in the groin.

    It’s just not going to happen.

  8. For God’s sakes, people, look at the tape. Suh clearly saw where Stafford was out of the corner of his eye.

    That kick serves no purpose if Staffords nuts aren’t there.

    It was intentional, and Suh has lost any cause for reasonable doubt a dozen cheap shots ago.

  9. The only thing intentional was the holding call that wasn’t called as Suh was being pulled to the ground.

  10. Not surprised. Their hot head coach lost the game for them. You can’t dismiss it as an accident with the premise that Suh couldn’t possibly aim that well. I’m saying the groin shot could have been a lucky location for Suh, but he absolutely intended to kick Schaub anywhere his foot could reach.

  11. sure he may not have been aiming for the groin but he was trying to make contact that’s for sure. his feet were in the air??? what purpose would kicking the air have??? he lost the benefit of the doubt a long time ago. keep saying he’s innocent, when he’s cost you enough games you can appologize to the rest of us for being a dumbarse.

  12. Any future contract with Suh should be large, as he is a great player. One million should be deducted from his contract for every 15 yard penalty he is blatantly responsible for, and three million for egregious acts like this.

  13. I am not a fan of either team, I do not think he kicked him on purpose! How can a 300+man,upside down, look out the corner of his eye, and how knows what he sees inside of a helmet, and kick someone in his privates? Perfectly? Suh has had many bad plays so now the only thing people focus on is something bad and blow it up! If this was DeMarcus Ware, a jacksonville jag or a cleveland brown, would anything be said?

  14. If schaub had gotten flipped over into Suh and groin kicked him, there’d be no article here. This is Suh’s reputation blowing an accident out of proportion.

  15. Listen, I doubt Suh intentionally kicked Schaub IN THE GROIN. I really don’t think his aim is that precise. However, he certainly kicked Schaub INTENTIONALLY. It just happened to hit Schaub in the groin. The leg was falling naturally, and then from the knee down it suddenly whips out toward Schaub. Definitely intentional.

  16. When I was watching the game earlier today, it looked like an accident. When you watch the tape, it’s pretty clear that he was kicking at Schaub. Whether or not he was aiming at his nuts would be hard to guess, but he was clearly trying to make contact with his foot.

  17. Another sheep call saying Suh is dirty for a hit that resulted in the player who got hit finishing the entire game, and not missing a down. Suh should just put a helmet in his knee next time. Or put the crown of his helmet under his helmet like JJ Watt did.

  18. This yoyo is making the Bucs look brilliant for not trying to move up & just sitting back to take McCoy.

    Suh’s an awesome talent but has needed guidance from the start, and hasn’t gotten any.

  19. How many sacks did Suh have? tackles? Any legitimate football stats at all this game? Suh is a bust. So all he can do is kick people after the whistle. Pathetic is as pathetic does. Inept incompetent Suh.

  20. Obviously tryin’ to kick him somewhere and got lucky with the nut shot.

    He’s just an idiot wrapped in a moron……..

  21. So Watt tries to take Stafford’s head off with a helmet to helmet shot to the chin…That’s OK. But that Suh does something and he’s dirty?

    Football fan FAIL on this one.

  22. Dirty play from a dirty player…classless piece of trash. For those of you that don’t think it was intentional, why do all these crazy “accidents” keep happening to the same guy. Remember how he adamantly denied last years incident? If it looks like a pig, smells like a pig, and sounds like a pig, chances are its a pig

  23. I never imagined the Lions could have so much hate coming from other teams and their fans. But anyone who thinks this was intentional is blind or ignorant. Get real and stop reaching people.

  24. frank booth has it right on the money!

    He might not have been trying to kick schaub in the nads, but he was trying to make contact with schaub. He wanted to kick him and hurt him.

    Suh is a bum. Roger should take that 1 year deal on Vilma and triple it for Suh. Or just give him a lifetime deal. Where do they draw the line with him? Repeatidly levying fines on him sure doesn’t seem to adjust his attitude. It’s about time they give him an early offseason. This guy doesn’t deserve the PRIVILEGE of playing in the NFL. He’s a bum. When he’s getting his butt whooped, that’s when he really starts to play dirty. There’s no place in this league for stuff like that!

  25. Yeah just another knee jerk reaction by someone with the Lions.

    Like Schwartz throwing the flag immediatly after the TD.

    Suh might just be starting his own Thanksgiving Day tradition by trying to kick someone every year.

  26. Sorry, I think its about time some opposing defensive player lays a cheap shot on Matt Stafford.


    This wrong on so many levels. I bet you secretly wish Suh played on your team.
    Also you really think Stafford dosn’t gets enough cheap shots?
    Everyone thinks he is made of glass and one hard hit will break him.

  27. I am neither a Texans nor a Ravens or Steelers fan but the NFL thinks nothing of coming down on players like J. Harrison and Ed Reed, who it never appears like they are intentionally trying to harm but do play with a tenacity that gets them in trouble with the league. Their “hits” are hard but definitely within the scope of the game which is a violent game whereas Suh’s actions are always AFTER the play. Suh’s dirty actions need to be addressed by the NFL in a very significant manner. If anyone deserves to be suspended it would be Suh. He continues to prove that he has no regard for the rules of the game. With players like Suh….LeShoure….Fairley and Titus Young, the Lions will never smell the playoffs again.

  28. after seeing the highlights of all of the incredibly blatant intent-to-injure plays this guy has had in his short 2.5 year career, i think the league seriously needs to consider threatening long term suspension. he is not a football player. he is out of control

  29. I’m thinking two game suspension from Goodell…might have been one or even just a fine any other week but not on Thanksgiving…again.

  30. I didn’t see the play but I sure hope he didn’t loose it again. . If he did, I think the Lions are in a corner here in a bad way. . Lets see and hear the facts

  31. I mean honestly i think its a act of frustation. In college if you rip the guy down with full force nothing is called but in the NFL they so little target to hit the QB. I mean i think he took his frustation out on that and for the fact hes doubled anywhere he goes. Honestly of that were michael vick people would act like its another play because the guy takes some shyt like that or real late hits and doesnt bitch much for it nor do refs call it and also because after all players wear cups. I think Schaub acted allot and that Suh did kick intentionally at Schaub just didnt aim toward anything specfic

  32. Yay another opportunity to put a split second play under the microscope and debate about whether it was intentional or not. The real story should be why the offensive lineman wasn’t called for holding after he Suh trucked him into the dirt.

    Good job on your tainted win, Texans. You guys are the most legit 1-loss team I’ve ever seen!

  33. HUGE Lions fan , just watched the video , it was COMPLETELY intentional. His leg was flailing downward , ya know due to gravity , he then thrust it upwards , catching Schaub in the schaubs. I’m so sick of this guy , please leave the D ASAP and take Pettigrew with ya !

  34. bargainstown says:Nov 22, 2012 8:40 PM

    This wrong on so many levels. I bet you secretly wish Suh played on your team.

    I don’t get why so many people say oh you would take him on your team.

    I personally wouldn’t want some loose cannon, that can’t keep his emotions in check, who gets foolish flags and terrible times.

    At some point it not keeping yourself in check will be counterproductive.

    Like when your suspended after kick someone last year on Thanksgiving, we will have to wait and see what this holiday review will have in store for Suh.

  35. I’m not sure who’s the bigger fool – Suh, who never seems to miss an opportunity on or off the field to show the world what a classless POS he is, or his idiot supporters/enablers who continue to blindly worship him through their Honolulu blue-colored glasses, thinking that anyone who attempts to criticize him secretly wishes he were on their team.

  36. Suh is a poor excuse for a man, much less a professional athlete.

    His whole body should be spray-painted yellow, and he should wear a shock collar for the rest of his life.

    Humanity is worse because he exists.

  37. Suh is dirty and that was an intentional kick to somewhere on Schaub’s body. The question is is how many coaches in the league besides Schwartz would put up with this scumbag? This is the first Lions game I’ve seen in full for a couple of years and it seems like there are a disproportionately high number of Lions which show the class of a primate. They are they most undisciplined, least respectable team in the NFL and their coach is the lead buffoon. You Lions fans must be proud, huh?

  38. Suh is a total creep.Cheap shots continue. Suspend him time after time and maybe he will wake up. He is a talented guy but I guess you can’t teach class.

  39. Non-Lions fan: “That looked like a dirty play from Suh.”

    Lions fan: “That was some old-fashioned hardnosed football from Suh! If you don’t like it go watch ballet!”

  40. Maybe the Texans were secretly untying Suh’s shoes after plays.

    As somone else pointed out earlier, why do these “accidents” keep happening to this bum. As I have stated before, the discipline problem on this team starts at the very top. This team reeks of it.

    On a side note, I am thrilled that the game might have turned on the little corporal’s petulent use of his red hankey.

  41. I don’t think he was intentionally trying to kick him in the nards, but there is no doubt in my mind that this peice of garbage did intentionally try to extend his leg and kick Schaub.

  42. Suh will be asked if he intentionally did it.. Suh will deny any wrong-doing. Case closed. Absolutely nothing will come of that play because the NFL cannot possibly make a ruling on Suh’s intentions. Suh was in motion and appeared to make the move on purpose, but try and prove it.

  43. This is stupid! Sure the stomp last year was intentional. But I’d love to see of hear a good explanation as to how he should be expected to pull his leg up while falling, being the big guy that he is, and he can’t even see what’s happening!!! He wasn’t even looking at Schaub! Give it a rest!

  44. dtown53121 says:
    Nov 22, 2012 8:53 PM
    just another example of a man who would be in jail if not for the nfl


    Or on the back of a garbage truck !

  45. Suspended a game on Tuesday, suspension retracted on Wednesday. This guy makes Hines Ward, J Harrison, Suggs, et al look like Morher Teresa and the Little Sisters if the Poor.

  46. He’s dirty. Serious anger issues with the intent to hurt. We will see this play out long after his football career is over.

  47. This is why Roger Goodell wants to suspend Jon Vilma for 16 games and basically end his career. Someone has to pay for Suh’s crimes, and it might as well be a player from a smaller market than Detroit who is more intelligent and therefore threatening to Goodell. As for Suh, how about a 1 game suspension subsequently reduced to a small fine.

  48. Suh’s actions are completely immature. However I must be very immature because the clip came on NFL network like 10 times already and I laughed so hard.. what a jerk! Positive he will be suspended though. There’s no room for this behavior in the NFL..

  49. I keep saying it and he continues to prove me right:

    Suh = Haynesworth. It’s only a matter of time before Suh is out of the league as well.

  50. I used to feel sympathy for the Detroit Lions. Suh has eradicated that in a hurry. Hope they have another win-less season next year.

  51. It’s not like Suh is a good player or anything. This guy has been getting pushed around by every interior lineman since his rookie year.

    I hate the Bengals but Geno Atkins is by far the better 4-3 DT. In fact I’d say about 5 4-3 DT’s are better than a boy named Suh.

  52. I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt but that looks intentional. The one angle it looks like an accident but the one you mostly see you can see it perfectly …. Your leg should kick out like that unless you have nerve problema or something.

  53. Every single game I’ve seen Suh play in, he’s been dirty! Same with Schaub yesterday…a dirty, very intentional kick by Suh. The guy is a dirty player and always will be!

  54. Suh is a dirty player, You cant even put him same sentence as players like Ed Reed or James Harrison. Kicking a guy while hes down and then swinging your leg when you fall to make contact are not football plays. There is a reason Suh was voted dirtiest player in league for 2nd yr in a row.

  55. Even Mike Tyson never kicked an opponent in the crotch. It’s just the lowest “low blow” of them all. Sorry for pun, but it’s just something men don’t do to each other unless they are pieces of trash.

  56. just another example of a man who would be in jail if not for the nfl


    Or on the back of a garbage truck !

    Why do I have this image of Suh, kicking and stomping garbage cans, running through my head.

    Bottom line, Suh’s behavior will never change as long as his coaches continue to sidestep it and the Lion sheep (Yes, I am talking to you fans.) condone it.

    Million dollar talent does not trump a 10 cent head.

  57. l1onhe4rt says: Nov 22, 2012 7:45 PM

    You swear he plays for my raiders or something …..

    Give him a couple years. He might be.

    Suh’s contract is up in 2 or so years, and I think Detroit’s going to let him walk. And I can think of very few other organizations desperate enough to welcome Suh except the Raiders…

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