Thanksgiving night football is streaming at

For the first time ever, a prime-time NFL game will be televised by a major broadcast network on Thanksgiving night.  For the first time ever, that game also is available over the Internet.

The Sunday Night Football Extra feature once again has been cranked up for a non-Sunday night game, with the full experience available on


It includes multiple, user-controlled camera angles and a Twitter-based chat, with yours truly answering your questions in real time, with gravy-stained fingers and relaxed-fit sweatpants.

So even if you don’t have access to NBC, you can watch the game on Thursday night.

No need to thank us.  Just enjoy Thanksgiving, and be sure to tune in.

4 responses to “Thanksgiving night football is streaming at

  1. as a proud cable cutter I love nbc. granted I watch all the games on a variety of sites, but Sunday night games are the only ones I watch legally. the best part is the quality of the video is great especially compared to it’s less legal competitors. I hope by next year cbs and Fox will follow suit so I the nfl can get credit for my viewership.

  2. No need to thank you? Too bad.. THANK YOU NBC.

    I applaud your efforts for pushing technology and you have done a GREAT job in this area where others haven’t (like the DirecTV online subscription I pay good money for and get horrible quality and support).

    Your Sunday Night streams are crystal clear and are perfect on my 27″ Monitor.

    NBC has brought me NFL since I was 9 years old on the old clothes hanger antennae- and you continue to do so.

    Happy Thanksgiving, and GO PATS!!

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