Carson Palmer’s return vs. Bengals blacked out in Cincinnati

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So much for attendance increasing and blackouts declining in the NFL.

Although the NFL boasted early this month about blackouts being on the decline, three of Sunday’s games will be blacked out in their local TV markets.

We’ve already noted that the Chargers are blacked out in San Diego and the Buccaneers are blacked out in Tampa on Sunday, and now comes word that the Bengals are blacked out in Cincinnati as well.

As Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer points out, that means Carson Palmer’s return to Cincinnati will only be seen by those in attendance, and not by Cincinnati fans who want to watch the Bengals take on the Raiders on TV.

This is the Bengals’ second straight blackout, although the news isn’t all bad for the Bengals: Their overall attendance is still up from last season, and their next home game, December 9 against the Cowboys, has already sold out.

19 responses to “Carson Palmer’s return vs. Bengals blacked out in Cincinnati

  1. So, the guy that refused to play for your team to go and play for a worse team coming back to town isn’t enough to make you spend money you don’t have, right before the holidays, to go watch a blowout game?

    The Atlanta at Tampa Bay game is a little more surprising, but has something in common with the Cincy game. The economy sucks and people don’t have money for this luxury.

    As far as San Diego? Why bother paying for tickets to go watch a terrible team lose out their final season in San Diego before moving to LA. The game is being televised there, isn’t it?

  2. to go watch a blowout game
    Probable blowout game. These are the Bengals, who are fully capable of losing to anyone (Cleveland), and the Raiders, who come up with a good one once in a while (Pittsburgh, sigh).

  3. All of these teams are moving to LA …. That’s what blackouts mean ….

    They’re all moving to LA now.

  4. I guess deep down Bengals fans realize that Carson Palmer felt the same way about Mike Brown as they do now.

    steelerben: “A blowout game”?

    How quickly they forget. SMH.

  5. joetoronto says:
    Nov 23, 2012 1:13 PM
    I guess deep down Bengals fans realize that Carson Palmer felt the same way about Mike Brown as they do now.

    steelerben: “A blowout game”?

    How quickly they forget. SMH.


    No, I haven’t forgotten the Steelers lost to the Raiders. That still doesn’t change the fact that the Raiders have shown themselves to be a team that gets blown out.

    Week 2: L 35-13
    Week4: L 37-6
    Week 10: L 55-20
    Week11: L 38-17

    Being blown out in a third of your games, being a west coast team coming east, and having a lack of defense against AJ Green all add up to trouble for the Raiders.

  6. Everyone is talking about how amazing the Bengals are now and gaining momentum…not quite. They’ve won 2 straight against struggling teams (Chiefs and a Giants team without a passing TD for 3 straight weeks, 2 of which ended in an L) after losing 5 straight. I predict they get back into their losing ways. Sorry Bunguls fans but Palmer comes out on top Sunday.

  7. I’m happy for cinci dumping him and sad for the raiders paying him all that $ for crappy play. The espn guy said he throws for a bunch and throws 3 td’s but then always throws 2 int’s. It must be SO frustrationg for you loyal raider fans. signed, understanding in mn(we have ponder-ha). Enjoy the sun Cali, we’re screwed here in mn with snow and cold. uh

  8. I’ve got red zone so I’ll get to see all of Cincy’s scores, goodell hasn’t figured out how to take that away from me yet. I won’t be seeing much of Palmer I’m guessing though.

  9. one gives a rat’s tail about Carson Palmer in Cincy. It’s all you “other” people making a big deal out of it!

  10. When the stoves too hot, get out of the kitchen. Palmer quit on his team. no excuses. His nickname was pick-6. Sounds like it still is.

  11. I’m just hoping that IF my Raiders win, that Palmer doesn’t take a victory lap ala Jeff George (years ago in Atlanta for you toddlers). Sadly, Palmer could have a career game and still lose with the lack of any running game or defense.

    Also, maybe it’s time for teams to consider building smaller venues unless they’re trying to push for a Super Bowl.

  12. Let me guess. Were the unsold tickets in the less than desirable and overpriced upper corners and upper endzones?

  13. bengal fans are over it. Palmer has always been just good enough to break your heart. He’ll never be in the playoffs and he’s with another badly managed team. He’s irrelevent.

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