Chris Johnson proving he has value, to Titans or others


The Titans have a big decision to make on Chris Johnson next spring.

But the way he’s running lately, he’s proving he has value to others, even if the Titans don’t want to continue to pay him.

Johnson has overcome a slow start by averaging 117 yards per game since Week Four, making obvious that he still has something to offer.

“It’s something I don’t try and think about a lot, but it pops into my head and you know there have been things said or whatever,” Johnson said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean. “But it is a situation where if I am here I’ll continue to do what I do, and if I’m not, I’m sure there are 31 other teams out there that would love to have me.”

Of his $10 million in 2013 salary, $9 million becomes guaranteed on the fifth day of the league’s waiver period. When he was slow out of the gate, the Titans writing that check might have seemed a long shot, though he’s tried to block it out of his mind.

“When you get the big contract and stuff … people expect you to go for 2,000 yards every year,” Johnson said. “I am sure whatever my number is at the end of the year, people are still going to have things to say that I didn’t go over 2,000 yards or whatever.

“It’s a situation where you really can’t buy into that. You just sort of have to block those things out and do what you have to do.”

Johnson has 862 rushing yards so far, which is on pace for the second-highest total of his career. When the high is a 2,006-yard season, that’s not bad.

10 responses to “Chris Johnson proving he has value, to Titans or others

  1. A star RB can be the last piece in a championship puzzle. But if you’re as far away from that as the Titans then it’s just a waste.

  2. There are 31 teams that would probably love to have you for the veteran’s minimum.

    There are zero teams that would love to have you for $10 million dollars.

  3. The Titans have the cap room and then some to afford $10 million. I say pay him one more year. Who knows, we might get lucky and make a playoff run next year and it would be good to have him on the team.

  4. Hey CJ, the reason people EXPECT you to achieve like that is because you held out saying you DESERVED to be paid like that. What a concept, earning your money and being criticized when you don’t.

  5. I don’t get the people that still act like he’s underachieving. After the horrific start Weeks 1-3, he’s averaging 116.7 yards a game at a 6.0 YPC clip. That includes rushing for 100 against Houston, Chicago, and Miami – all of which hadn’t allowed a 100 yard rusher in their previous 18+ games prior to playing Chris Johnson. He “lost his explosiveness”, but had as many or more 80 yard runs in his last 4 games as every player not named Barry Sanders had in their career.

    Looks pretty good to me.

  6. good call stephen031, I just keep havin to back up CJ…All I read on comments is how selfish he is, how he stole the money, and he needed to shutup about rushing for 2,000 yards…but when I go to the Titans website I read how he hands out turkeys to the community or visits children in the hospital willing to help out in the community to me that reads alot into a player….It bothers me that a person can receive so much hate for a person who simply got what he thought he deserved plain and simple its that kind of biz that pro’s are in where your contract is not guaranteed nor your job so you have to maximize while you can and I see nothin wrong with that you guys can hate on Chris all you want but I see a good dude outside the lines and a hard worker inside the lines who stays out of trouble away from the game unlike some guys we tend to put on pedestals.

  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I made this screen name during the time Chris Johnson was holding out, and I believe strongly, that the same applies, CJ is in line for many team records for nearly all rushing stats and he has the NFL record for 80 yards or longer runs in his career, and he is in position with a few good years to rank up there stats wise with some all time great runningbacks….I hope the Titans make a smart move on Chris Johnson’s behalf, as he is their most dynamic player when he has average to good blocking up front….go Chris Johnson ! Go Titans !

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