Fight doesn’t lead to fine for Quintin Demps and Kevin Elliott

Getty Images

For those who think the NFL is inconsistent in the way it dishes out fines, here’s another piece of evidence.

Texans defensive back Quintin Demps and Jaguars receiver Kevin Elliott got into a fight on Sunday, but the NFL didn’t fine either one of them.

It’s not clear why the scuffle didn’t draw a fine (or a penalty flag). It wasn’t as bad as the infamous Cortland Finnegan-Andre Johnson battle, but it was still a skirmish between two players that the referee had to step in and break up.

For all the relatively minor offenses that the NFL docks players’ paychecks for — from choreographed touchdown celebrations to wearing the wrong color shoes — you’d think getting into a fight that the referee has to break up would merit some sanction. But not in this case.