Friday morning one-liners

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Bills S Jairus Byrd has continued to improve in his fourth season.

LB Karlos Dansby isn’t quitting on the Dolphins season.

Patriots S Steve Gregory had a happy homecoming on Thanksgiving.

Members of the Jets try to explain what happened on the play that sent QB Mark Sanchez hurtling into G Brandon Moore’s rear end.

CB Corey Graham is excited to have an opportunity to see time in the Ravens secondary.

Bengals DT Geno Atkins is trying to finish the year with the same level of play he’s been at most of the year.

A look at where WR Josh Cribbs fits in the big picture for the Browns offense.

Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley is focused on getting WR Plaxico Burress up to speed to make full use of his size.

A sideline conversation with defensive line coach Bill Kollar set Texans DE J.J. Watt in the right direction.

Rich Gannon is a fan of Colts QB Andrew Luck.

Said Jaguars QB Chad Henne, “There’s always pressure on your shoulders, but, hey, we’re 1-9. You kind of think how much worse can I do. Let’s be loose and let’s play with confidence and let’s see what we can do as an offense. You’re playing for your job, and it’s a tough league and you want to stay in the league but you want to make the most of it and see what you can do.”

The Titans see improvement in QB Jake Locker from where he was last year.

Looking at some of Broncos LB Von Miller’s most impressive moments.

Chiefs QB Brady Quinn will be shooting for a win over his former employers from Denver.

The Raiders practiced without running backs Darren McFadden and Mike Goodson again on Thursday.

NT Aubrayo Franklin was able to return to work for the Chargers on Thursday.

The Cowboys’ chances of grabbing a Wild Card spot aren’t looking good.

A breakout game for WR Hakeem Nicks would be appreciated by the Giants.

The Eagles are turning to the younger players on their roster on Monday night.

WR Pierre Garçon finally returned to form for the Redskins.

The Bears feel DE Corey Wootton has come into his own this season.

Drew Sharp of the Detroit Free Press castigates the Lions for their lack of discipline.

RB Alex Green needs no explanation for the way the Packers used him last week.

Vikings coach Leslie Frazier doesn’t expect recent losses to make the Bears an easier opponent this weekend.

S Chris Hope is helping out on the Falcons special teams.

Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott gets a shot to stop his former boss Andy Reid on Monday night.

The Saints run defense has performed well in the red zone.

Daniel Te’o-Neshiem has helped the Buccaneers defensive line handle injuries.

Cardinals safeties Rashard Johnson and James Sanders are seeing more playing time with Adrian Wilson headed to the bench.

Said Rams RB Steven Jackson, “I want to be part of a winning program, and through my veteran leadership I try to give maximum effort each and every play and take advantage of the opportunities given to me. If they see me do that, I think everyone else will do the same.”

49ers LB Aldon Smith is drawing comparisons to Derrick Thomas.

WR Charly Martin is back with the Seahawks.

2 responses to “Friday morning one-liners

  1. As the former NFL head of officiating said on Fox, the ‘mistaken red flag’ rule called on the Lions’ Coach that negated an automatic review, which would have negated a Texans’ touchdown because the runner was clearly down…IS A TERRIBLE RULE! A 15-yard penalty is excessive enough for wrongly dropping a hankie in the heat of the moment; gifting the opponent a touchdown is beyond ridiculous!

  2. The real penalty isn’t the 15 yards as we saw, the real penalty is it takes away the review.
    Jim Schwartz is too emotional. This isn’t his first screw up from the sidelines. He would make an ok assistant coach somewhere but not a head coach.
    With all the number ones this guy has and they are already out of the playoffs this year, not to mention the salaries on this team and they are already out of the playoffs. You have to lay that on the coach.
    There’s a saying I always believed: ‘a team with a lot of penalties is a poorly coached team’.
    The Vikes have always been a team with very few penalties and mistakes. The Vikes like players from Stanford, Harvard, etc. Players that can think and learn the rules.

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