Jay Cutler’s chances of playing “looking better”

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The Bears had Jay Cutler back on the practice field Thursday, raising hope that they’ll have him back under center for this Sunday’s game against the Vikings.

“I know you all want to know about Jay Cutler. He was able to do some things on a limited basis,” Bears coach Lovie Smith said, via ESPNChicago.com. “So it’s looking better for (him) to get him back on the football field.”

Cutler still hasn’t gotten the official green light from an independent neurologist he needs to play this weekend, but things do seem to be trending in that direction for the Bears. The Bears will obviously do their best to keep the Vikings guessing about what they’ll do at quarterback this weekend, although anything short of ruling Cutler out or listing him as doubtful will point toward Cutler starting this Sunday.

That’s a good thing for the Bears, who really need this game to remain in strong position for a playoff spot in the NFC. The Vikings are a game behind them right now and three other teams are also 6-4 heading into this weekend’s games.

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  1. Without Cutler the Bears will continue to play Prevent Offense with Lovie Smith and Mike Tice.

    JC6 is the only chance of getting into the postseason!

  2. If Cutler plays , he generally has his way with the Vikings. A combination of Vikings poor secondary,poor coaching and aging d-line will allow Cutler a 300 yd plus performance. Vikings could look at game film of the Bears and Giants from 2010 when the Giants sacked Cutler nine times on a Sunday night game and it still would not help them as they just can’t execute. It’s the Vikings.

  3. The Bears shouldn’t scare anybody, they’ve lost to every good team they’ve played and they have a horrid o-line as well as an aging defensive front that is wearing down late in the season.

  4. Cutler better make sure that he is healed enough to play before he goes out there and messes around with a brain injury. If Jonathan Scott going into your line is an upgrade, you have some serious issues. Is Scott or Webb even going to slow Allen down?

    I know people like to talk about his toughness, but is it really worth getting your brains scrambled to shut up some fans or the media?

    Take another game off if you need to in order to come back healthy.

  5. fuglyflorio says: Nov 23, 2012 10:24 AM

    “I heard he drank too much hot cocoa and got a sick tummy.”

    No…you didn’t.

  6. buhbay1c says:Nov 23, 2012 11:30 AM

    The Bears shouldn’t scare anybody, they’ve lost to every good team they’ve played and they have a horrid o-line as well as an aging defensive front that is wearing down late in the season

    Dude get a clue. Melton, Paea and Wooton are hardly aging. Shea McClellin is not aging either.

  7. @dikhurtz……are you still a little hung over from last night? The oldest on the D line is Kevin Williams and I’ll agree with him when it comes to aging,but Jared Allen, Robison and Griffen are hardly aging. AlsoL

  8. The bears gotta step it up..first of all Lovey has absolutely no emotion on the field at all…that has always really bugged me about him. Not saying that makes a coach a bad coach..but i like coaches that get pumped up and pissed off and SHOW IT when these things happen on the field. I can only imagine what its like in the locker room when the bears are getting the crap beat out of them..you could probably hear a pin drop on the floor…to me, that’s not how it should be done, the coach needs to start yelling, getting loud but at the same time trying to put some confidence into the team..i know i played ball for many years and had many coaches..the teams i was on that showed real heart and soul on the field were the teams that had a coach that should emotion..that emotion flows onto the players..it does something magical to the players that i cant explain.

    The Quarterback situation.. Campbell as a backup is just such a terrible move by the Bears..for some reason the Bears never really went after and paid big bucks for a A1 Top Tier Quarterback..they always went with average mediocre QB’s….why? So sick and tired of the same old crap every year….even back 5 or so years ago when Bears went to the superbowl..the entire thing was a fluke thing.

    Get rid of Lovey, get rid of Tice, get rid of Cutler, get one more great WR and a great QB. Cutler..while i try and like him is unpredictable..ALWAYS.

    They had nothing but a super easy schedule for the first half of the season..watch how the Bears really are now that they have a tough schedule..they havent been able to keep up with any top tier team at all this season

  9. @moses74, yup just go out and ‘get’ a great WR and QB, yup just run down to the quickie-mart and pick up some. There is always at least 3 or 4 great WR’s and QB’s out there to just grab up… DOLT!

  10. I give you credit dikhurtz, after Da Bears fiasco Monday night TV and to talk smack, you are onto something, or on something!
    Alert the media, if your QB – Cutler plays, expect Allen to unleash his beast. He’s aching to put Cutler to sleep! Don’t worry about the age of anyone, they are all coming off their bye week and well rested. If Cutler ends up in la-la land, wearing diapers in his 40’s, who’s to blame? Lovey don’t care, he’s got his health and nice pension. Bear’s fans will soon forget and move on.

  11. “Dude get a clue. Melton, Paea and Wooton are hardly aging. Shea McClellin is not aging either.” Yes, you’re completely right. They’re just totally overrated and ineffective against REAL competition.

  12. Sometimes I wonder if people are watching the same teams play as I am .. Or are they just such a homer they’re delusional … The bears are beasts .. I will agree they’re not the same when Cutlers not on the field we play them twice a year an as a VikeS fan I have much respect for the team

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