Jerry Jones: Comebacks “hollow” without wins


The man with the biggest talk and the biggest television set in Texas said he didn’t think his coach has “lost the team,” but it’s clear Jerry Jones isn’t happy with the way things have gone.

After yesterday’s 38-31 loss to the Redskins, which dropped them to 5-6 and marked the fourth straight home game they’ve trailed by double digits, Jones made it clear he expects success.

“That would be real difficult right now because you would have to point to things like comebacks, and that’s hollow when you are not winning the game,” Jones said, via Tim McMahon of “Or last week, we win one [against the Browns] and we have to come back to win it, but we don’t win it playing well. So that’s hollow right now.”

Talk of coach Jason Garrett’s future is valid, not just because he’s the coach of the Cowboys, but because he’s 18-17 as a head coach.

“I don’t want to be talking about looking through,” Jones said. “Our expectations were to compete for the playoffs and then whatever else we can get when you get there, compete for. We know you’ve got to be playing well when you get there.

“We’ve had some setbacks on some injuries, but that’s not the difference out here right now at all.”

The Cowboys have already been linked to a pair of big-fish names already (Sean Payton and Mike Holmgren) and that talk isn’t going to slow down until or unless they string together some wins.

“Yeah, I expect success,” Jones said when asked if a lack of success could force him to consider changes this offseason. “Now, I don’t have any implied or anything that I’ve said, ‘Success, a level of success, or else.’ I’m not going there and haven’t — and haven’t gone there in my mind.

“I expected to come in here and win today. And I expected to win again and to win again. Under those circumstances, you don’t have to think about those things.”

OK, then. Happy Thanksgiving Jason.

27 responses to “Jerry Jones: Comebacks “hollow” without wins

  1. If you want success, Jerry, then step back, hire a real GM and leave them in charge on draft day.

    Your team just isn’t very good – and that’s your fault.

  2. To All the So Called “die hard” Cowboys Fans:

    Look in the mirror and know that you have done more harm to this team and organization than you realize.

    Keep feeding the monster that is Jerry’s ego and sipping the Kool Aid that every year is going to be different.

    Wasn’t yesterday part of the 3 game home stand (easy part of the schedule) that was to catapult our Cowboys to first place past the struggling Giants?

    Wasn’t our defense supposed to put a stop to RGIII’s mobility?

    Keep throwing the rest of us under the bus and telling us to follow another team. But be thankful you are following Jerry Jones instead of Jim Jones!

  3. Whatever Jerry. The biggest change you need to make is at the GM position but you won’t do that because you are so prideful you refuse to hold yourself accountable for your absolutely horrendous decisions. Until you bring in a real GM and take your nose out of football operations we will never succeed and thus we will be doomed to be just like the Raiders. We will wallow in mediocrity or worse until your demise and then spend at least 10 years thereafter undoing your poor decisions before we reach relevance again.

  4. They don’t have any talent and that sits squarely with JJ himself. But his massive ego won’t allow him to accept that he knows nothing about football and player evaluation so the situation remains.

    And I’m glad because I’m far from a fan of this organization. Go JJ, go!

  5. Jones expects success, but never points the finger at himself…certainly Garrett’s game management and play calling are suspect and rob ryan’s defense is a joke, but the personnel decisions are just as bad…the offensive line is beyond terrible, no safety help in the secondary and the fact that the clueless owner thinks he’s a good gm undermine this whole operation, sucks to be a Cowboys fan…

  6. Jerry…..considering that the Dallas OL has been one of the worst in the NFL for the last few years maybe your GM should have thought about actually upgrading the OL this offseason, that way your QB would not take a beating every week, and maybe you could actually run the ball so you offense would be better in the redzone? You should fire that guy!……oh wait

  7. I get Garrett not being the best coach by a stretch but when he is handicapped with questionable and interfering management what else do you expect? With sub par O and D line what the hell do you expect? The GM constantly drafting players that have had injury riddled college careers, Felix Jones, Demarco Murray, Bruce Carter to name a few and to expect the to be a constant is ridiculous at best. Trading your 2nd round pick in one of the deepest drafts in recent history wasn’t smart move either GM, considering all the holes the needed to be filled. The Cowboys haven’t had a identity or calling card since Jimmy left. Take off the rose colored glasses and look at this team top to bottom for what it is; middle of the pack at best.

  8. It should be pretty obvious that it’s just not working out with Jason. The team is just bad. They can’t score, can’t tackle or pressure QBs. Changes have to be made or you will get the same results a .500 team at best.

  9. As one who grew up in the DC area in the ’60s rooting for the ‘Skins, I am thankful for Jerry Jones, Tony Romo and Jason Garret, who will continue to keep the Cowboy’s from competing into the playoffs.

    Jerry, don’t change a thing. just keep thinking you are smarter than everyone else.

  10. Talk of coach Jason Garrett’s future is valid, not just because he’s the coach of the Cowboys, but because he’s 18-17 as a head coach.

    What was Wade’s record when he was canned?

    Could there be something wrong with the organization?

  11. Someone tell this guy that you don’t get to win just because you want to, you have to have an o line, a better coach, a run game, a secondary, a better qb…

  12. Man, I thought I’d add my 2 cents, but the first two commenters are spot on. This thing is rotten, and it was built by a guy who clearly has no clue how to construct an NFL roster. You do it from the inside out. He has done the opposite and a national audience saw the result on Thanksgiving.

  13. How can a man who is obviously intelligent NOT comprehend that he has had little success as a GM. He is Al Davis incarnate!! The only thing that separates the two megalomaniacs is the suits. JJ’s are tailor made and AD’s were sweat suits.

  14. A few months ago I posted that this was a 8 and 8 team and was shot down because I admitted that I was a Saints fan. What Cowboys fans didn’t know was because the Saints were so bad for so many years I had to find another team to root for during the playoffs and it was the Cowboys. So, I hate to see what has happened to this football team.

    This is all on JJ. And, unless he lets someone else run the team, I’ll say it again, the cowboys will be like the girl that’s a tease. They will always get you excited but you’ll never be satisfied.

    I said this a couple of months ago. Now, maybe someone will listen. Cut bait with T Romo. Trade him now and get as much as you can get for him. I’m not saying the Romo won’t win a superbowl. But, I am saying the won’t win one with Romo playing QB for them. JJ, also make JG hire a OC. He’s not at the level now where he can call plays and manage the game. I think Rob is alright. In fact; I believe that the defense has played well enough except yesterday to win every game.

  15. Cowboys organization is joke!

    It’s a circus : Jerry the head clown. When they come on the field ( I envision a tiny car parking at center stage and a bunch of clowns coming out to amuse everyone)

    This once great org., is now just a joke in the NFL…how sad is that!

  16. Funny, everyone had the torches & pitchforks out for Garrett’s job until he pitched Wade Phillips under the bus.. (& he’s done a pretty good job in Houston as a position coach).. No one but you left to handle the blame for underperformance, but you Garrett..

  17. Hey Jones, you jerk. Its your fault your team stinks. Your football IQ is low. Hire someone and give him the authority, Stay in your box and tell your nitwit kid to zip his pie hole.

  18. yeah,jerry jones bought himself a football team, it’s his toy, and he can break it if he wants to. it’s just too bad that playing god , the way he does, negatively affects so many other people!

  19. Jerrah only needs to look at himself for what is wrong with this organization.He over pays for mediocre talent(Austin,Scandrick,Sensabaugh etc)and then is trapped by the salary cap.He will now undoubtably bid against himself and overpay for Romo.No running game,a statue for a head coach and players who are always hurt(Austin,Ratliff,Murray etc)makes for what Jimmy Johnson said is a country club atmosphere with no worries about losing your starting job.Does anyone think guys who give half efforts like Felix Jones and Miles Austin would be on Johnsons’ Dallas teams?No chance.

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