Kubiak on Suh kicking Schaub: I didn’t like it and I let the ref know


Texans coach Gary Kubiak was not happy when quarterback Matt Schaub got kicked in the groin by Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh on Thursday.

Probably not as unhappy as Schaub, but still.

Kubiak said at his press conference today that he wouldn’t address whether Suh had kicked Schaub intentionally. But Kubiak strongly implied that he thought it was a dirty play.

“I won’t go there,” Kubiak said. “I didn’t like it. Obviously, I let the official know.”

Suh himself hasn’t addressed the incident, but Lions coach Jim Schwartz said he doesn’t believe Suh did it on purpose.

So did Suh, who’s widely regarded as the dirtiest player in the NFL, purposely put his foot in Schaub’s junk? Or is Suh getting a bum rap because of his reputation? We’ll let PFT Planet weigh in.

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  1. I don’t think he did. Someone in a previous article said they could see him peaking out of the corner of his helmet so as to aim. Watch the video. His helmet his slightly angled that to the left, but it would have to be the left… and up for him to actually see.

  2. Of Course Suh did it. The problem he now has, is that even if he didn’t intentionally, he will never get the benefit of the doubt. This guy needs some sort of mental help; he’s not right.

  3. Ad a Huskers fan I can’t even defend him anymore. I didn’t see the play and have no idea if it was intentional. But with him, he has to make sure he’s not in the position for anyone to wonder or doubt him

  4. I think he meant to kick him, but when youre not even looking at someone, its pretty hard to aim for junk.

    So yes, but…no.

  5. As a Lions fan, I have tried to use every ounce of bias that I can to convince myself that it wasn’t on purpose. Just being honest with myself though, at best I can say that he didn’t purposely aim for the groin. It seems pretty obvious though that there was a little extra kick at the end.

  6. doesn’t matter if he did it on purpose or not. this is America. you’re guilty until proven innocent. then if you are proven innocent you’re still treated like you were guilty for the rest of your life. ‘merica

  7. Yes, he did it on purpose and yes, there is something mentally wrong with him.

    He probably is a psychopath (not a murderous psychopath lol!) in which he does have the capacity to express empathy, which means he cannot put himself in another person’s shoes. People like this cause havoc in our society.

  8. When does this stop, when it becomes criminal or ends someones career?? NFL end his season before he ends someone elses!

  9. I can almost guarantee he gets fined for that. I’ve watched the replay a billion times this morning. It seems like maybe he intentionally put his leg up maybe in the hope of knocking the ball loose or something which is actually smart. But in NO WAY could he have intentionally kicked him in his nuts. Front of his helmet is facing squarely down to the ground when it happened so there’s no chance he could see where his foot was going.

  10. I would say he kicked him on purpose but there’s no way he knew it was going to be the groin. It looks like he kind of decided he needed to do anything he could to disrupt the throw and he made an extra little kick to hit him, I’m pretty sure though there’s no way he could have been good enough to get the groin on purpose the way he was being twisted down.

  11. It is beyond dispute that he intentionally kicked Schaub. More than likely wasn’t aiming for any particular area, it was just a bonus in Suh’s mind that he connected with the part of the body that he did.

    In the big picture, it doesn’t matter if Suh intended to kick Schaub in the groin or anywhere else. What does matter is the sole intent of Suh’s action was to injure Schaub. It had nothing to do with football.

    He needs to again be suspended. The guy is an embarrassment to the NFL. Suh’s either got serious anger management issues, or is a coward. Perhaps both.

  12. Suh is his own worst enemy, and has little regard for his actions or how they affect his teammates and fans.
    The only thing allowed to be kicked in the NFL is the ball. This is much like a trip or leg-whip and is an illegal play IMO. I don’t think he aimed for the nards, but he did extend the kicking motion with an intent to hurt or inflict pain. The problem with this guy is that he doesn’t know when to stop. He always goes a little further with his hits than most players and he needs to be taught a lesson.
    I believe he should be handed a 4 game suspension forfeiting all pay for those games because he is a repeat offender, although it may take more than that.

  13. It’s too bad that narrative the media wants to push about him “possibly” kicking a guy is overshadowing the real story from this game–the atrocious officiating.

  14. Bruce Lee couldnt have aimed that kick better,he knew there was a Houston player close so he took action.its the Suh way after all.

  15. I think we are talking about two different things here.

    Did Suh aim for the nuts and purposely go for the groin? No.

    Did Suh give an extra flicker/leg extension to hit Schaub? Yes.

    Unfortunately, it happened to be in the nuts…it was an intentional kick and a very dirty play.

  16. Suh’s a piece if garbage and his coach is no better for not reeling him in. I was happy for the long-suffering Lions’ fans who were finally seeing some winning after so many seasons of misery. No more. Until they learn sportsmanship I’d prefer to see them lose them all.

  17. It amazes me that Suh seems to be the only player that doesn’t know there are cameras all around the field. I don’t think he was planning on kicking him in the nards, but he was trying to use his legs to disrupt the play and when he saw where his foot ended up he gave it a little extra extension.

  18. @toddbronson1

    Yes because the Lions were totally clutch in the multiple opportunities they had to put the game away after the fact…

  19. he wasnt trying to kick cutler he was trying to kick the ball loose which is actually smart is actually one of the dumbest comments ever posted

  20. You think Jim Harbaugh or Sean Payton or Tom Coughlin would have bite their tongue when their QB got intentionally kicked in the sack? Hell no. Way to stick up for your QB, Kubiak. Of course as a fan of the Texans we expect nothing more.

  21. He also tried to intentionally hurt Schaub later in the game after a tackle that he went “extra” on after the whistle – looked like he wanted to break Schaub’s neck. I love big hits, but not big idiots trying to hurt guys. Suh certainly didn’t get enough hugs as a child…

  22. Suh-sies past history and the fact that he was voted the NFL’s dirtiest player by his peers is all anyone needs to know when determining whether the idiot should receive any benefit of doubt. Suspend him for the rest of the season…..besides, it’s not like he’s playing at even an average level compared to other DT’s. I don’t think J. Schartz has what it takes to be a successfull NFL coach but I can guarantee you this, if he is ever going to be successful, he will have to instill discipline with his players whether it be on field or off field actions. Sending Titus Young home was easy but does Schwartz have what it takes to send Suh-sie home? I bet not.

  23. If you talk to most NFL players, they think Suh is a punk but not trying to seriously hurt anybody out there. He is immature and has serious impulse control issues, which could be dealt with by a competent coaching staff. It almost seems like Suh is coddled and enabled to act like a child, and one look at Schwartz during a game tells you all you need to know about the lack of control and accountability in Detroilet.

  24. Look, the guy played soccer growing up, he knew what he was doing. Plus he disappeared after the game. Why disappear if you are innocent? There is NO PLACE in the NFL for guys like him. None.

  25. Suh got cut on the play and his momentum carried his legs forward. Maybe if the texans O-line had some cajones and didn’t just cut the legs out from under the D-linemen things like this woulnd’t happen

  26. He was trying to disrupt Schaub’s throw by kicking him anywhere he could, he just happened to get lucky and hit him in the nuts. Suspend this clown!

  27. Last week,

    Suh attempted to pick up Arron Rodgers and drive his head into the turf but the other Packer players stopped him.

    Before the kicking incident, Suh was constantly hitting Schaub after the ball had been thrown and hitting Schaub to the ground..constantly. When it was clear he could have, and should have stopped.

    Then he purposefully kicks Schaub in the nuts. Look at the Packers game last week, look at the Texans game BEFORE the kicking incident, and then look at the kicking incident.

    Then you’ll see that Suh is out of control and needs a 6 game suspension.

  28. mz1394 says: Nov 23, 2012 11:50 AM

    “he wasnt trying to kick cutler he was trying to kick the ball loose which is actually smart is actually one of the dumbest comments ever posted”

    Cutler? You do know that the QB in question is Matt Schaub, right?

  29. His coach skunk shwartz doesnt believe that the kick was intentional? Just like he didn’t know the rules about challenging on a scoring play? Get real loser !!!!!

  30. Pretty obvious kick. He did look to the side as he started to fall but I dont think he aimed exclusively for the groin. He just wanted to get something in on the QB. Your leg doesnt kick forward like that as you are falling. It just doesnt. Give him another 2 games at least and make a 2 year suspension for his next offense. He needs a serious deterrent since the others havent worked.

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