Report: Suh could be facing a one-game suspension

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Earlier today on The Dan Patrick Show, NFL executive V.P. of football operations Ray Anderson said that the foot to the groin by Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh on Texans quarterback Matt Schaub “appeared to be a little out of the ordinary” and that “[i]t didn’t appear to be a natural football move.”

Mike Freeman of reports that the natural consequence could be a one-game suspension for Suh.

As Anderson said regarding the review process that will begin Monday, “If you’re a repeat offender you really aren’t entitled to the benefit of the doubt.”  This likely means that the league won’t be inclined to accept whatever explanation Suh conjures.  (Maybe he’ll say he saw a bug on Schaub’s pants and was merely trying to squash it.)

Suh, who ducked out of the locker room before meeting with reporters on Thursday, has yet to address the situation.  Freeman suggests that the Lions should suspend Suh on their own.

Before Thursday’s game, I wondered aloud which Lion would perform the new Thanksgiving tradition in Detroit of using a foot illegally against an opponent.

I never dreamed it would once again be Suh.

83 responses to “Report: Suh could be facing a one-game suspension

  1. In all reality he should be gone for rest of year. All respect for Detroit fans but this guy is only helping in giving your team BAD press. you got guys playing hard that don’t deserve this type team mate. One game is not enough to get through Suh’s hard head.

  2. Report: Suh could be facing a one-game suspension
    How? He was suspended two games last year for the same type of play. If he is found to have intentionally kicked Schaub, why would he get a lesser suspension this time? That is not how progressive discipline is supposed to work. If anything he is looking at a 3 game minimum suspension (if found “guilty” by the league)

  3. He must want to be suspended a few games after thanksgiving so he can get his holiday shopping done.

    I found it funny the sports-comedy site i had visted yesterday morning, had a headline.

    “Suh practices new finishing move for this years Thanksgiving.”

  4. Suh kicked Schaub on purpose. The leg kick is pretty obvious. Now I doubt he was actually aiming for the groin – that part is just a coincidence. but Suh deserves a suspension longer than one game. he just isn’t getting the message.

  5. Suh’s dirty, Schwartz is an idiot, Pettigrew is a fake tough guy. The whole team is filled morons. All I need is Bill Callahan to give a presser saying that “Detroit Lions are the dumbest team in America.”

  6. These votes show he is guilty in the court of public opinion. Twice almost makes the Thanksgiving Stomp a tradition. I wonder who he will stomp next year?

  7. A player with no history of doing this kind of thing would get the benefit of the doubt. Suh does not get that benefit. Fool me twice…

  8. I know this will get automatic downvotes because Suh is the popular guy to hate and we need to fire at him for self esteem, but this was unintentional unless the guy has eyes on each side of his head. He wasn’t even looking at him.

  9. I’d like to hear Suh’s response and stated position on the matter before coming to any conclusion. If he didn’t kick him intentionally then I’d like to know what his thoughts are about if he felt the ability to control his legs and why he didn’t intentionally try to hold up on the momentum of his leg when he darn well should have known the QB was right in that area.

    If I was the commish then I’d also ask him if he would be willing to take a lie detector test if he didn’t confess or have a believable story, but the team officials should take him for his word and give him the benefit of the doubt and leave the detective work to the league officials. Those are 3 key questions I’d like responses to at the moment.

  10. I think Suh did this intentionally, but I think it’s hard to prove and even tougher to suspend for.

  11. This clown needs to get taught a lesson. Shut him down for the rest of year without pay and see if he pulls this type of behavior ever again

  12. ONE game suspension would be a joke, just asked the Saints. If the suspension isn’t for the rest of the season. It will be an example of the NFL talking out of BOTH sides of there mouth!! Player safety and being embarrassed on Thanksgiving again must not be all that important.

  13. The kick was on purpose, and the balls were a “lucky shot” The guy’s a scumbag. Someone said this morning that an opposing defensive player needs to take out Stafford with a cheap shot –just like in baseball. I TOTALLY agree!!

  14. Omggg the guy was flipping over another and offensive lineman and suh just let his body fly around. You idiots make him out to be dirty. How come when nobody talks about why suh stomped that dude on packers last year?

  15. If Suh actually did play soccer he should be suspended just for that….

    Leaving the soccer part out. A player with a good rep earns the benefit of doubt. A player with Suh’s rep earns just doubt……

  16. I don’t see how it could be a one game suspension since he’s a repeat offender. If they judge it was an accident, there shouldn’t be any suspension. If it’s judged to be on purpose, it has got to more than the two games he served last season. Logically, you’d think 4 at minimum, with the rest of the season being a real possibility.

  17. Please are you kidding me really.!!!!!! The NFL needs to check itself at the door.!!!!!!!! ENOUGH.

  18. Before Thursday’s game, I wondered aloud which Lion would perform the new Thanksgiving tradition in Detroit of using a foot illegally against an opponent.

    I never dreamed it would once again be Suh.

    What does this mean??

  19. How about when he dragged Schaub down to the ground well after the play in what looked like it may have cause a knee injury… luckily Schaub was fine after that one. This guy needs at least 2 games.

  20. steelers4385 says:Nov 23, 2012 2:37 PM

    Omggg the guy was flipping over another and offensive lineman and suh just let his body fly around. You idiots make him out to be dirty. How come when nobody talks about why suh stomped that dude on packers last year?

    He doesn’t get that benefit anymore. When he went all WWE on Delhomme I thought he was just really intense.

    Then a few more questionable plays arise, with forearm shot, and after last years thanksgiving.

    If he ever hits QB late don’t be suprised if hes considered for suspsension cuz thats what his rap sheet says.

    The Lions can’t keep thier cool.

  21. They should suspend Suh until next Thanksgiving, then when he does a Bruce Lee bicycle kick or something on someone we can suspend him again until the next Thanksgiving, rinse and repeat. Reduce him to a side-show attraction, it’s the only way he makes headlines anyway considering his lackluster numbers.

  22. This has turned into a witch hunt. This isn’t Suh stomping on someone. He was spun around with his head facing down. If you asked an athlete to repeat it intentionally under the same circumstances they may be able to do it intentionally 1 out of 10 times. There is no way to judge whether it was intentional or an accident. Watching it over only made more sure of what I initially thought. Go back and watch the clip. It’s at the 33-34 min mark of the game. He is spinning a 360 and falling down. Bruce Lee couldn’t have done that intentionally. Witch hunt.

  23. Other then this alleged intentional kick what has Suh done that has been dirty since last Thanksgiving?

    Throwing the QB or any other player around like a rag doll is part of the game it is football, it is a violent sport. If you don’t like it or the way he plays go watch some other non contact sport.

  24. Suh you’re too talented for these antics,get back to what made you the 2nd overall pick and a stud as a rookie

  25. I voted yes, Suh did it intentionally.

    I agree w/ the description that it “looked out of the ordinary”. I think a flying body would instinctively land on 2 knees. Watching the video, Suh ends up on one knee making it look out of the ordinary. Shame on him.

  26. People here keep comparing Suh to Albert Haynesworth and I can see why. Suh better hope he doesn’t end up like Haynesworth.

    If you recall, when Haynesworth got hurt last season against the Packers, it was Aaron Rodgers who checked that he was okay and called in the trainers because none of Haynesworth’s could be bothered. They all walked away from him while he was down. And where is Haynesworth a year later?

  27. I don’t think that “kick” was intentional… I am surprised there are this many people that think it was… I think a lot of people that are overreacting because they hear the name “Suh”…

    Lions have had a rough year… Though they took one step back this year, I do think they will take two steps forward next year… I believe the memory of this rough year will drive them…
    Best of luck to all the teams driving towards the playoffs… Have a blessed day everyone…

  28. How do you get a lesser fine for the 2nd offense?
    This should be at least 4 games.

    I don’t wish injury on any player but I can’t say I’d be sorry if offensive linemen started going after this chumps knees until he learns.

  29. As a die hard lions fan I will openly admit he kicked him on purpose. He is crazy! To be honest though, I love it! Football is a violent sport and should be kept that way. The funny thing to me is the play when Logan got crushed on a helmet to helmet was much worse and a lot more dangerous. Nobody cares though because it wasn’t Suh that did it. Nobody cares that Jared Allen is on video punching another man in the groin. He wasn’t even fined. Same think with Brian Robinson and his kick was much worse. I hope he keeps playing this way just to piss off all the people that write ridiculous comments on this site. keep crying

  30. I don’t know if it was intentional, all I know is his leg was coming down and then sped up as he got near schaub. That with his dubious past leaves him without the benefit of the doubt. they’re probably talking a 1 game suspension because it’s going to be pretty hard to prove that he did it on purpose. They should start with 4 and then he can appeal it and get 2.

  31. Suh is just old school period. Nobody got hurt and or was bleeding out. Let him play his style. Todays NFL is full of soft players. To turn back the hands of time would be great!

  32. It’s hilarious that people are defending him because it would be too hard to aim his kick directly to Shaubs groin. Yes, the lucky shot is what makes it accidental. The leg whipping action and extension of his foot towards the QB in no way makes it intentional! Wow.

    FYI: if almost 80% of people think the opposite of you, then you might be the problem.

  33. I know it’s really easy to bash Suh, because he has done so many stupid and immature things over the last couple years, but there isn’t a snowballs chance in hell he intentionally kicked schaub in the groin. He was falling down to his right and had no way to see where shaub was standing. If he did that intentionally, I wouldn’t even be mad, I would say that’s simply amazing. I am a diehard lions fan, and there have been a lot of events that I will 100% say he was culpable for. This particular instance, however, is pretty clear to me.

  34. You cannot punish a guy because you think he did it on purpose. There is no way watching the film can you tell if it was intentional or not. If this was someone else people would look at it, wonder if it was intentional then move on.

  35. allseeingone says: Nov 23, 2012 2:31 PM

    Appropriate punishment would be to allow Schaub one free kick.


    Which he should then defer to a punter to deliver the kick.

  36. Why dont the lions just ship him off to the raiders now instead of waiting another 2yrs and getting nothing for him. The raiders will overpay him and the lions will get alot of draft picks i mean if the raiders gave up high picks for a washed up palmer the lions could really clean up herschel walker style

  37. He is getting a well deserved reputation for being a dirty, classless player. Not a good sportsman. There is a difference between playing and hitting hard, and cheap shots.

  38. If Suh were cut tomorrow, 31 other teams would be trying to sign him before he even got his locker cleaned out. Everyone will hate Suh unless he ends up on your team. If anything, I wish Suh or anyone would kick Scott Linehan in the junk because his play calling is killing any consistency that offense could have. Then again, kicking him the junk would probably have no effect since…well, it’s clear he doesn’t have anything that could be kicked.

  39. If people watch the video, Suh is not even looking toward Schwab when his foot strikes Schwab.

    It is obvious that the sports media is attempting to stir the pot over something that clearly was not intentional.

    BTW, the poll results…worthless…Detroit and Suh only have 31 other teams that are potential opponents who will never support anything the Lions do.

    Suh will get nothing out of this because he did nothing wrong…wait and see.

  40. Ndamnpsycho Sue is a class act that represents the Lions and the city well. An ambassador to represent the very best in sportsmanship.

  41. I must be in the minority because I can’t stand Suh and I think this is the reach to say the least saying it was intentional

  42. I find it really absurd about
    The NFL: Where accidental kicks to the groin must be reviewed, but touchdowns must not be if a flag is thrown.

  43. Suh better be really careful. I’m sure that there is some offensive lineman out there that will take out his knee soon. You live by the sword you die by the sword.!

  44. The guy is a cheap shot artist . He said he didnt stomp on the guy last year it was obvious to anyone with a brain that he did . He should be kicked out for the rest of the year . What does the NFL want to wait till he hurts someone seriously ? The guy is a liar and a typical spoiled millionaire who thinks he is beyond the rules of the game . Wont be surprised to see him as another former player who losses all his millions and crys about it .

  45. You ppl are pathetic. All of you would want him on your team. If you actually paying attention to the play, besides falling because of the Texans player defending the line, his face was facing the ground. Soooo unless he has eyes on the side of the head which would be blocked by the lack of visibility it was intentional. If Ed reed gets a suspension, than it’s reduced why should suh get suspended? Get over ppl and stop hating already. Are your lives that sorry….

  46. I think if Suh had manned-up and took responsibility for his stomp last year instead of the blatant lie he tried to pass off last year it would be easier to believe that this incident was accidental. Lots of players play “intense” but what he does goes way past that line. Very hard to consider this clown a “professional”

  47. This “kick” was the best thing that could happen for the NFL. Very little talk that a bizarre rule gave a team a victory on national television.

  48. In Suh’s defense, he was aiming his cleats at the QB’s facemask but his leg wasn’t quite long enough.

  49. The league needs more players like Suh . The last remnants of the old Raiders mindset before Goodell turns the game and the players into a bunch of girly men who cant hit, block or tackle anymore. The league has turned into fast wide recievers , great Qbs and downfield throws where we get a long reception, a pass interference penalty or a late hit/personal foul on the QB and the drive go ons. You cant take out a receiver, cant headhunt, cant flatten a qb, cant rock a RB in the flat. Its a disgrace. Its not the football I grew up with. I played college football and thats how we played it, the old way. The pure way. We need a new league where they play tackle football like it was meant to be played, not like the lawyers and Goodell want them to play it. Take the dresses off them Rog before its too late.

  50. I have NO IDEA how people can even BEGIN to think that it was intentional. He was tumbling over … in mid tumble, he recognized Schaub was within reach, thought about it, decided to kick Schaub in the jimmy, and proceeded to do so … again, all in mid-tumble.

    You people are basing this off of reputation alone.

  51. md22mdrz: Very simple to conclude. The move of changing the direction of his leg focusing in on Schaub’s groin is not that difficult for a skilled, focused athlete like Suh. You seem to want to dismiss that altogether. And of course, his past history obviously suggests it could easily be intentional.

  52. Please, will the Suh defenders just shut up. Do you not see the exaggerated leg whip and when nothing connects, he comes with an extra push and connect. Did he know it was gonna hit him in the Cojones? No. But don’t act like he was being all innocent.

  53. md22mdrx he kicked 90 degrees to the direction he was “tumbling” to use your words. That just does not happen. You must be a Detroit fan and that is a shame your vision is blurred.

  54. i’m not a fan of suh or the lions (an i live in detroit), but this looked to me like he felt his cleat get caught on schaub’s jersey (it did) and he reacted to that. that said he has not built up any sort of goodwill or benefit of the doubt with the NFL so i would not be surprised to see a suspension and an enormous fine come down. i don’t think this was intentional, though.

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