Rex has no beef with Patriots passing, up 49-12 in the fourth quarter

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For the second consecutive game, the Patriots built up a huge lead on Thursday night and kept playing their starters well after it was out of reach. But while Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was injured on the extra point that gave the Patriots their final score in a 59-24 win over the Colts on Sunday, there were no significant injuries for the Patriots on Thursday. And so not many people are talking about Patriots coach Bill Belichick leaving his key players in the game.

But someone did ask Jets coach Rex Ryan about it today. And Ryan said he has no problem with the Patriots keeping quarterback Tom Brady in the game, and throwing passes, well after it was out of reach. What Ryan does have a problem with is the fact that his team allowed it to get out of reach in the first place.

“It’s our job to stop them. That’s what they do. It’s our job to stop them,” Ryan said.

Brady’s last pass, an eight-yard completion to Wes Welker, came midway through the fourth quarter, with the Patriots leading 49-12. It’s odd that Belichick would risk an injury to Brady in that situation, instead of giving some experience to backup quarterback Ryan Mallett. But that’s the way Belichick does things, and Ryan is right: If the Jets don’t like it, then the Jets need to find a way to stop it.

And Ryan is confident that the Jets will find a way to stop it, eventually. Although the Jets have now been swept by the Patriots this season and will almost certainly not catch them in the standings, Ryan said he doesn’t believe there’s a huge gap between the two teams.

“No, please. I’d never say that, ever. No way,” Ryan said. “We got beat by them at their place in overtime. We had some things happen for a stretch in that game that nobody can predict. When you turn the ball over five times, what do you expect the score to look like? That’s it. When you have a couple of blown coverages against a great football team the way the game came out, that was reflected on the scoreboard. To say that this team is that much better than us, I don’t believe that. They’re a good football team, there’s no question. They’re an excellent football team, but to say we’ll never catch them, that’s ridiculous. There’s no chance, absolutely no percent of a chance that I believe that in my heart, no way. I’ll never concede that.”

The Patriots could run up the score over the Jets to 100-0, and Ryan wouldn’t lose his confidence.

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  1. I’d say Rex was out of touch with reality, but it would appear those two AFC Championship appearances some years ago still make him believe the Jets sit at the AFC big boy table. The gap between the Jets and Patriots is a lot bigger than Rex wants to admit. Looks like maybe Brian Schottenheimer wasn’t the big problem.

  2. How many times are they going to interview Rex?

    He really didn’t say anything wrong here. They lost by a big score, leave the guy alone, he has enough internal problems to deal with.

  3. Jets have been horrible for 2 years now, and obviously to everyone, the Jets are pretty much as good as the Pats. Hmm…. He must have pictures of Woody holding another mans feet, in order for him to have kept his job this long.

    I mean really he is a sub-par head coach at best, and he has zero credibility as far as anything he says that relates to football or the state of his so-called team.

  4. “Ryan said he doesn’t believe there’s a huge gap between the two teams.”

    Uh, what? Was Rex NOT paying attention? His team was beaten in all phases of the game last night. When that happens, there is a HUGE gap between the teams.

  5. Is it really odd that Brady was in there halfway through the 4th? I don’t think so. The Pats have struggled in the 4th quarter this year, giving up double digit leads on more than one occasion this year alone. It was 28-0 with 8 minutes left in the 2d quarter. I suppose they should’ve pridulled Brady then.

    The talk about the Patriots running up the score is absolutely ridiculous. This is the NFL. MAN UP!

  6. With the new CBA limiting full-contact practices, I have no problem with the starters staying in the game to work on things and get better. The Pats didn’t even have a real practice because of the short week.

  7. The 2 seasons that the Jets made the AFCCG they barely made the playoffs as a wildcard. Just because a team gets hot/lucky during the postseason doesn’t make them an elite team.

  8. Why is it just an issue when it’s the Patriots?
    A few weeks back Aron Rogers threw 6 td’s vs Houston.
    I didn’t see anyone saying they ran up the score.

    Or another question, why didn’t anyone ask why Andrew Luck was still in the game when it was out of reach last week vs NE?

  9. The Jets have gotten progressively worse as Rex has installed “HIS” players. The first two years under the Ryan regime were still mostly played with Mangini’s players. Ryan shipped out nearly every player with a hint of “good character”. Tanenbaum and Ryan both need to go, but Woody’s main concern seems to be headlines and that’s what they are providing.

  10. Belichick knows, without Brady, he never could run up a score. Might as well enjoy it before Brady gets too old. Tom is starting to look long in the tooth in his press conferences.

    Looking more and more like a house wife of NJ, the way he is always fixing his hair in the middle of his media sessions.

  11. So again, Belichick can do no wrong no matter how illogical he manages his ‘Patriots’.

    Just remember one more factoid: Belichick’s Pats haven’t won a SB since season 2004. That’s seven seasons & counting. He’s just not as good as the media portrays him to be.

  12. “Rex has no beef with Patriots passing, up 49-12 in the fourth quarter.”

    Translation: I’m ready to kiss your rings Bill……….

  13. Ryan said he doesn’t believe there’s a huge gap between the two teams”
    Guess the score isn’t indicative of any kind of gap huh Rexy.

  14. I agree with beerbaron. The Pats didn’t have a real practice during the short week and Brady actually looked rusty during the 1st quarter of the Jets game. Let him get some ‘reps’ out there for cripes sake, he’s a competitor!

  15. Rex certainly has a history of being a bigmouth, and I have often felt that his bravado has put his players in a disadvantageous position. But Rex knows football, and I believe he truly means it when he says it’s the Jets job to stop the Patriots, not the Patriots job to ease up.

  16. It looked to me like the Patriots lined up and ran up the middle on first and second downs, and then passed on third down to try and maintain possession of the ball and control the tempo for the remainder of the game and reduce injury risk for everyone. Quite predictable if you ask me, and the Jets should have been able to stop that. As a matter of fact, from the point that is was 35-0 in the second quarter, the Jets outscored the Patriots 19-14, and when you look at the stat lines, with the exception of points and turnovers, it was fairly even, though the Patriots may have been playing prevent D in the second half.

    Had the Jets simply taken a knee and punted the ball back to the Patriots, they could have then also taken a knee three straight plays and punted the ball back to the Jets. That would have been playing nice-nice. BUT, the Jets kept trying to play hard hitting defense and score more points. Look what they did to Edelman! That certainly wasn’t playing nice. Why is the winning team expected to treat the losing team like children?

    Here’s another angle on this: Why, with the game so far out of reach, and with Rex convinced that Sanchez is their best hope to win games in the future, would you risk him to injury against a defense that could have just pinned their ears back (where did that saying come from?) and gone after Sanchez? (same goes for the Colts and Andy Luck by the way). As a matter of fact, why didn’t the Jets take out ALL their starters and protect them from injury? There was nothing to be gained by remaining in the game. Right? Yeah, we all would have loved to watch that……

    NFL tickets cost big bucks. BB is just giving you your moneys worth. There are no bargains in the NFL, but if there were, any ticket with the words “New England Patriots” printed on it, would be it.

  17. This just in from BB:

    “You tell me when the other team stops trying to score points, and I’ll stop trying to score points.”

    BB has taken enough flak for his recent defenses. I doubt he wants to be a byline on a story about how it was 35-3 at halftime….but ended 38-35.”

  18. ” The 2 seasons that the Jets made the AFCCG they barely made the playoffs as a wildcard. Just because a team gets hot/lucky during the postseason doesn’t make them an elite team. ”


    I feel that way about the Giants.

  19. We have won five straight against his team and he still thinks his yets are as good as the Pats. I think you are a good coach Rex, and I definitely wouldn’t mind Bill hiring you to run our defense, but stop talking. No one expect you to publicly admit that a division rival is better than your team.

  20. RR’s come a long way since he got mad that TB was throwing a long ball late in a game with the Pats up comfortably in 2010 I believe. Thing was, NYJ blitzed TB on that play. So why shouldn’t he try to throw if the NYJ were still blitzing? RR’s always had a lot of respect for BB, but the NYJ players weren’t running their mouths either before or after this game either that I know of. Now that’s a bit surprising.

  21. I’ll never understand the running up the score argument. If you are absolutely sick of getting scored on, STOP THEM FROM SCORING! If you can’t do that, than take your tail whooping and move on.

    I don’t get why people just expect the Patriots to take 3 knees and punt in the 3rd quarter when they’re killing teams. And BTW, they do take their foot of the gas a bit in blowouts…except a lot of times they end of scoring anyway.

  22. Don’t bag on Rex this time. That’s the most sense he’s ever made.
    fxws says: Nov 23, 2012 8:44 PM

    BB’s face is hilarious on that picture.
    Does kind of look like he’s asking if Rex just tooted.

  23. What was that streak of red on Ryan’s throat I saw when he gave his Thanksgiving message on the air? Did he try to slit his throat?

  24. Of course Rex doesn’t have a problem now. He is going to need a job soon, he doesn’t want to pi$$ off any potential bosses.

  25. Rex will be in Cleveland with Gruden next year as Defensive Coordinator.

    Believe it or not, If this happens, the Browns will actually be somewhat relevant again. Possibly a 9-7 wildcard team.

  26. The Pats ran the ball a lot more in the second half, and passed when needed to maintain possession. That’s not running up the score purposefully. They scored 2 TDs in the 2nd half. How many more if they had kept the peddle to the metal and ran more passing plays?

  27. I cannot imagine for a second Rex Ryan moving on to be anyone’s defensive coordinator. His ego is way to massive to be second fiddle to anyone one. And besides there will always be a owner out there that wants to sell tickets and will bring Rex in for it

  28. In successive years, 1978 and 1979, the Patriots beat the Jets 55-21 and 56-3 in Foxboro. There was no talk of running up the score back then. I know, because I watched the games live. Anyone remember Don Criqui (Commentator), Harold Jackson (WR) and Steve Grogan (QB)?

    This league, and it’s fans have sunken to being a bunch of crying school girls and whiners.

  29. If teams don’t want other teams passing when up by 30, they should make no effort to make a comeback and just run the ball on their side of the ball. If you say the game is over and you don’t want the team that’s leading to pass, treat it that way when you have the ball.

  30. I could care less about the Jets and the Pats … but if I were the Jets I’d have just leveled Brady a couple times after the whistle.

  31. Running every play is a great way to get your running back killed. Not only is he dealing with wear and tear but every defender knows exactly what’s coming.

  32. Live by the sword, die by the sword…Heard that somwhere..? Keep talking smack….Pats r gonna roll to the AFCCG!

  33. brokentreehousemusic says: Nov 23, 2012 9:37 PM

    “No significant injuries”… except for the concussion to Edelman, their best special teams weapon since Irving Fryar.

    Edelman got hurt in the 3rd quarter. Are they really supposed to pull starters that early? After proving just a quarter earlier that a team can put up 35 points very quickly? Don’t be ridiculous.

  34. thelastpieceofcheese says:Nov 24, 2012 11:42 AM

    There is a cure for the classless patriots running up the score.

    Opposing team should have a designated head hunter to give brady a head to head or head to knee shot…after the whistle.
    Or here’s an idea …… PLAY BETTER DEFENSE!!!!

  35. ravensdominate says:Nov 24, 2012 9:59 AM

    Rex is a dummy but the Pats are jerks. They’re trying to run it up on people whether they admit it or not.
    coming from a fan of team that pulled off a fake field goal, up by more than four touchdowns. short memory. huh?

  36. Ya, ok Cheeze, the Jets showed a lot more class than that (hitting Brady after the whistle) and kept on trying; they played well, with the exception of that fluky 2nd quarter and they put some hurt on the Pats. NE has the best Offense in NFL history; they can turn the smallest opportunities into 7 pts in a flash, in case you didn’t notice. They will be burying a few more teams going forward, I think. The Jets took this difficult loss with a lot of class and It started with their Coach.

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