Rex Ryan: I’ve never seen anything like last night’s nightmare


During a crazy stretch in the second quarter of Thursday night’s game, the Patriots scored on an 83-yard yard touchdown pass from Tom Brady to Shane Vereen, then scored a 32-yard touchdown on a return of a fumble on the second play of the Jets’ next possession, then scored a 22-yard touchdown on a return of a fumble on the ensuing kickoff. In less than one minute, the Patriots outscored the Jets 21-0.

Throw in a Wes Welker touchdown at the start of the second quarter and another Edelman touchdown later in the second quarter, and the Patriots went on a 35-0 run while millions of Americans nodded off into tryptophan-induced sleep. Rex Ryan couldn’t sleep through it, but he called it a nightmare nonetheless.

“Obviously watching the tape, it’s still hard to fathom the one stretch,” Ryan said today, in comments distributed by the Jets’ PR staff. “I’ve never seen anything like it. Coaching football or even following football, I’ve never seen anything like that. It was a game, looking at the tape, we did some good things, especially offensively early in the game and to have that stretch it’s just amazing. I don’t know how else to put it. I think I said nightmare last night and I’ll stick with that because it’s just hard to imagine, but that happened.”

Asked if he has ever seen a team turn the ball over as many times as the Jets did while they were handing the game away in the first half, Ryan says he hasn’t.

“I’ve never seen it. I can’t recall ever seeing that,” Ryan said.

Ryan may continue seeing it, however, in his nightmares.

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  1. It wouldn’t have mattered if Revis played (or anybody else). They were just bad. Two great Thanksgiving games and then this debacle.

  2. Couldn’t imagine that his team could lose by 30 points… they didn’t lose by 30 pts once in October. I know what other fans say but where do Jets fans stand on Rex at this point? Is he still the answer or has he lost it?

  3. I agree with Rex. It was the most bizarre thing I had ever seen. I kept thinking “this isn’t happening.”

    The Jets played pretty well in the first quarter. After the Patriots scored their first TD off Sanchez’s pick, the Jets seemed defeated and the mistakes ensued.

  4. Freddie Krueger is paying back all of the loud NYJ fans that couldn’t stop trumpeting their “team” full of overpaid, under-talented, talk-too-much-bush leaguers.

  5. It was like a train coming down the tracks and you couldn’t get out of the way Rex.

    With the possible exception of Laron Landry and MAYBE one or two others, that team was unemotional and lifeless getting their heads beat in. THAT is on the coach…..

  6. As far as the turnovers are concerned, I don’t think it’s as much a game of disastrous play on the Jets as it was great play by the Patriots.

    The traps they were setting (the first int), the fumbles forced (anyone watch Brandon Spikes when Greene was trying to extend the ball?), etc. Aside from the interception thrown, Sanchez didn’t play that bad. What was he, 26/36 with 300+ yards and a TD? Gonna take more than that to beat a Pats team that LOOKS like (I’m hoping) is starting to come together.

  7. Well, that fumble by Sanchez was probably the funniest NFL moment I can remember. That was pretty bad. LOL!

  8. Both Ryan’s had a day to forget yesterday.If they
    didn’t yap so much I would actually feel sorry for

  9. I think being on the sidelines for professional football and having a team to manage would be a dream scenario. It’s only a nightmare for the guys that don’t know how to appreciate and capitalize on that type of opportunity.

  10. The Jets mailed it in. The seasons over, Rex. I’ll give you a hint for next year (assuming you’re still the HC in NY), cut your losses with Sanchez. He’s terrible. Horrible. Not good.

    Also, quit being such an arrogant guy when you have nothing to stand on.

  11. Bad teams make plays like the jets did last night. The Pats.are a.medicore team on defense and special teams. Didn’t the jets return a kick against them the first time they played.the pats where in a life and death struggle two weeks ago against the mighty bills. The jets are a team killing themselves when it matters most and that’s what bad teams do

  12. The Jets lack imagination and play pretty standard straight up football. They are predictable and in their predictability they panicked. The Patriots are not predictable and they do not panic. If you want things to break your way, do not panic and take all you can from every situation.

  13. Nothing like a good ol’ fashion “Turducken Beatdown” to close out Turkey-day.

    Seriously though, who didn’t see the Pats not looking at this game as a huge statement? 200 wins for coach (vs. the Jets of all teams) and all the talking heads saying “oh oh.. Gronk is out, this could be dangerous.”

    Sleep well Rex.

  14. So this is the new excuse for this idiot? He’s trying to make an awful game by his team into some kind of fluke? The real idiots are anyone who listens to this guy.

  15. We all know where this is headed…Pats win their last 6 in a row, then lose at home to Pitt in the first rd. Can’t beat a good Defensive team when it matters…

  16. dlk47823 says: Nov 23, 2012 4:16 PM

    We all know where this is headed…Pats win their last 6 in a row, then lose at home to Pitt in the first rd. Can’t beat a good Defensive team when it matters…


    Lose to Pittsburgh? In the Playoffs? Like the last two times they played in the AFC Championship games?

    The Pats beat Baltimore in last year’s playoffs, who actually HAS a good defense.

    They may or may not do well in the playoffs, but the Steelers won’t be the team that ends their season.

  17. i was going to comment on ryan and the jets but then saw the pathetic post by bills fan writing that the jets got lucky in week 1. I dont know what game game you were watching but by lucky you must mean humiliated because that whats the jets did to buffalo. Gotta love delusional bills fan

  18. Lost in the whole circus was another Jets fumble, after Arrington leveled Gates, shortly before halftime.

    The Patriots got robbed and should have challenged! The Jets ended up kicking a field goal on that drive, which clearly affected the outcome of the game. LOL!

  19. My favorite game yesterday. So funny. Sanchize looked like he slipped on a banana peel sliding through the legs of his own lineman. Vince you sly dawg you! NFL films will add this to bloopers.

  20. The “nightmare” started the day they traded for their #2QB/RB/ Specialist and it has become “The Never Ending Story”.
    The Jet’s season reminds me of the recent downturn for another green team, after their new backup QB labeled them “Dream Team 2”.
    They have never recovered and both teams should probably start over with new head coaches.

  21. The Jets quarterback turned a handoff into a mouthful of his O-lineman’s ass and a bumbling, fumbling, touchdown for the other team. Almost knocked himself out bouncing off the turf same time, as a kind of flourish. What talent, what skill to do all that in one play.

    I’ve not seen something so inept in the NFL, at least by a player other than kickers, in a long time. So hilarious it almost looked fake, a slapstick script, so well-timed it made me spit my beer out laughing. What do you call such a career-defining move? The ‘Dirty Sanchez’ maybe? Something.

    You know season’s over after that. Sorry Jets fans.

  22. Don’t worry Jets fans, the coaches and players are working hard to provide you with more hilarious entertainment next week. Your season tickets to the Gotham clowns are more valuable than gold.

  23. As soon as Mark ran into Moore’s A$$. I kept hearing circus music from then on.

    I will push on however, because I know there’s going to be changes for next year.

    Thanks Rex! Thanks for making all Jet fans sad to be a Jet fan.

    …Do us all a favor and just keep your mouth SHUT for the rest of the year. Remember to stick a FOOT (anyone’s foot if it sooo pleases you) in your mouth when you’re about to say something stupid.

  24. NFL fans quit buying into Rex’s b.s. a long time ago, doesn’t say much about the intelligence of his players who keep drinkin’ the koolaid does it? or how about woody johnson…..he’s gotta be dumber than a box of bricks.

  25. When I saw that play live, I was laughing so hard that I had tears in my eyes. Btw, did anyone notice after that play NBC cut to a shot of a Jets fan in the stands. Such a random shot. I could swear that was William Hung.

  26. The Jets looked like a comedy act last night, if Rex doesn’t get fired today, he’s as safe as a babe in arms. That was one of the worst exhibition of football at the pro level I’ve ever seen.

  27. This whole scene has got ridiculus with the Jets. That performance last night was a big joke. The Patriots destroyed them after the first quarter, and I have no clue what the Tony Sparano game plan was. I guess he doesn’t have one. Someone is responsible for this debacle. Who is it??

  28. The “nightmare” started the day they traded for their #2QB/RB/ Specialist


    No it started when Browns fleeced the Jets to move up and take a never been NCCA QB with the #5 pick and they got Alex Mack at #22.

    Mack has been to a Pro Bowl, Sanchez has watched a Pro Bowl on TV!

  29. Rex Ryan is doing just what, I believe, most football fans thought he would do:

    He came in talk’n up a storm and making all kinds of noise, played the ‘palyer’s coach’ card and appeared to get players disciplined and in line with what he thinks they could do, and then found out that his own ego/attitude and way of doing things bled through the whole team and that it wasn’t enough to build anything lasting. What Rex Ryan is finding out now is that being the head coach is far different than being the defensive coordinator.

    Two questions remain:
    1)Can Mark Sanchez be re-groomed as the Jets franchise QB?

    2)Who’s the coach of the Jets going to be next season?

  30. I can imagine the Jets were stunned, thinking it was a bad dream. It’ll be a while before you see a team score 21 points in 52 seconds again.

  31. Bearfan54:

    You are so right! I never thought the Bears were as good as their record, but man, that game was SO unlike them it was disturbing. I think they missed more tackles in that game than they had all season!

  32. Woody, Jets fans are tired of this whole mess. Do you like being compared to teams that lose like the Mets, Pittsburgh Pirates, NY Islanders, Jacksonville Jaguars or would you rather be considered among the winners like Patriots, Packers, Giants, Yankees? Take a hard look at your team – our team – and get this ship corrected.

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