Rex says Tebow could have played through broken ribs


Jets coach Rex Ryan says that he — not Tim Tebow, not the team’s medical staff — made the decision to sideline Tebow on Thursday night because of Tebow’s broken ribs.

According to Ryan, Tebow wanted to play and team doctors cleared him to play, but Ryan didn’t want to play Tebow unless starter Mark Sanchez had gone down with an injury.

“I know Tim was cleared to play that game,” Ryan said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “He wanted to play. . . . Obviously, if he was not cleared to play or if they thought he was in serious jeopardy to himself, then he never would have been activated. He never would have been cleared to play. Tim was cleared to play. He wanted to play. . . . People have played with cracked ribs. It was told to me that he could play. But I wasn’t going to play him unless it was an absolute emergency.”

But if Ryan wanted to protect Tebow, why not make him inactive and elevate third-string quarterback Greg McElroy to second string? Ryan says it’s because the Patriots game was so important that he wanted to have Tebow available.

“That’s something that I considered,” Ryan said. “But like I said, [Tebow was] cleared to play. And you’re facing an opponent – it’s obviously the biggest game of the year. And Tim’s like ‘Hey I can play. I want to play.’ And he’s cleared to play. When you factor those things in, it’s like Hey, if we absolutely 100 percent had to have him, then I would have played him.”

Tebow suffered the injury two weeks ago against the Seahawks and played through it last week against the Rams before the broken ribs were diagnosed, so Ryan is right that Tebow could have played through it again on Thursday night if the Jets had needed him. As it turned out, the Jets needed a lot more than just Tebow in a game in which they were humiliated by the Patriots.

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  1. How about an honest, “Why put him in hurt when he lost by a combined score of 86-23 last season when he was part of a better team?”

    He’s the backup that has taken the most reps, so you keep him as your #2 if he can go in case Sanchez goes down. You don’t run frivilous wildcat plays with him.

    This just makes you wonder how bad Greg McElroy is if a hurt Tebow is a better option than a healthy McElroy.

  2. Pro: They can’t look MUCH worse under Tebow, who is admittedly terrible but did find a way to win a playoff game last year.

  3. It has to be a matter of pride as to why they just wont let Tebow play. The Jets were getting stomped, and most teams would let the backups in when the game is out of reach, why give up two draft picks and hold a press conference for a guy you wont let play? worst move in years

  4. Wouldn’t be shocked to learn that the broken ribs story is simply a story. Wrecks simply does not want to play him. As other folks have said for quite a while, his coach has decided that TT is not playing any real role with the Jets. If he didn’t get in Thursday, then when will he?

  5. I could play with a broken arm and leg but it doesn’t mean I would help the team. ha and rex…the loss was hard to fathom? really? I think it is EASY to fathom and I knew the jets were gonna lose. What a stupid decision to bring in tebow. I am a novice and I knew their season was over after I heard that(maybe i am learning at an exponential rate!-ha) pft and the softballs they give us. ha

  6. Both Brady and Sanchez were still in the game last night with a margin of over 30 points late in the 4th quarter. Exactly what were the respective coaches trying to prove?

    And if I’m McElroy, I hold my tongue, bide my time, and pray Woody Johnson comes to his senses and cans Ryan and Tannenbaum, as that seems to be the only way he’ll ever see playing time. If Woody says Ryan will be back next year, I ask for my immediate release.

  7. Here is back up still getting press like a starter. Heck look at the Steelers they have lose both QB’s and starting a what 40 year old back up and none of them get this press. Rex needs to own up as well as TEBOW he doesn’t have it.

  8. Rex Ryan, needs a new career the Nfl does not need your services. You make promises every year and every year is the same garbage result. You and the GM do a horrible job drafting players and signing free agents. You do a horrible job coaching, and cant keep your locker room in check. If I was you I would quit.

  9. I think one of the things that happens is that some head coaches get tunnel vision, and they are unwilling to give some of their non big name players a chance to play, even when their big name players have a history of playing poorly.

    Case in point, Phillip Rivers. He has been an absolute disaster for the last season and a half. He should be benched, and Whitehurst should start, but old Norvy boy insists on putting Rivers back out on the field game after after. Turnover after turnover, Rivers is put back on the field..

  10. I think Rex is doing a fantastic job and knows exactly who should play and who shouldn’t. Of course I’m a dolphins fan so I could be biased.

  11. Snoozer! This is a irrelevant team

    The only reason I watched more than 10 mins of the game last night was for the epic 1st half implosion. Train wreck unfolded last night.

  12. I’m a big Pats fan and of course a JETS hater.. but, the way Jets have played in the last 2 seasons, I kind of started feeling bad for Sanchez and Ryan..

    Ryan – a great defensive mind – should go back to being a defensive coordinator

    Sanchez – should leave Jets and join a different team as a backup QB. Sanchez has been given way too much time to improve/mature.. no use..

  13. jmclarkkent:
    How much longer can Tebow possibly live off of ONE playoff game in which the Broncos beat a 12-4 team that was grossly overrated?
    As a Steelers observer (notice I didn’t say blinded fan), Pittsburgh compiled a 12-win season against a weak schedule and with just one significant win: against New England. The Steelers’ offense ranked 22nd in scoring, and the defense played the Broncos the entire game to run, not to pass.
    The Broncos finished last season with a 1-4 collaspe. That should’ve ended Tebow’s 15 minutes of fame.

  14. Steelerben,

    I just don’t trust the Jets talent evaluation.

    McElroy played in a preseason game and that was the only game that the Jets scored a TD.

    However, we don’t have to understand Rex’s decisions. He shouldn’t coach based on polling of what fans want to see.

  15. So now Timmy has an excuse for all those punt blocks he allowed? Glad to see the media still has his back!

  16. And to all those people who think Timmy’s a “winner” based on that Pittsburgh game last year, what about the playoff game the following week when Denver got stomped? Doesn’t that count?

    And didn’t the Broncos end the the season 1-5 with Timmy at qb just like the started the season 1-5 with Kyle Orton? Does that make them both “winners”?

  17. He’s a fool. He will be gone, and so will Tannembaum. 2 fools. Oh, and Sporano will be gone as well. They hire an offensive line coach to call plays. Serves them right losing!

  18. So the biggest game of the year was not important enough to ensure you had a healthy 3rd QB option. Especially when option two is not even a quarterback.

  19. Tim Tebow is fine and u could tell by the fans reactions that they wanted him. I mean, maybe I missed something but when did 3 touchdowns-of which 2 were turnovers-in less than 50 seconds become playing football? Tebow may not have been able to win the game but he could have gotten the jets more points and not had an embarrassing 49-12 loss.

  20. That’s great news, but what good would that have done? when Sanchez was getting knocked around in a blow out why didn’t Rex bring in McElroy, that would have been an opening to see just what he has, the two ahead of him have absolutely nothing.

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