Ryan: Mark Sanchez still Jets starting QB

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New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan continues to believe Mark Sanchez gives his team the best chance to win.

That’s why Ryan is sticking by Sanchez as the Jets starting quarterback.

“Mark will be the starting quarterback this week and we’ll go from there,” Ryan said.

Sanchez completed 26 of 36 passes for 301 yards, a touchdown and an interception in the Jets blowout 49-19 loss at the hands of the New England Patriots Thursday night. But two costly mistakes by Sanchez in the first half helped the Patriots take control.

With the Jets down to the Patriots’ 23-yard line with the game still scoreless in the first quarter, Sanchez was intercepted by Steve Gregory when the Patriots disguised a coverage at the snap that forced Sanchez to lose sight of Gregory off a play-action fake. Sanchez threw it right to Gregory trying to hit Bilal Powell across the middle of the field to end a promising Jets drive.

Sanchez was also responsible for the botched play that resulted in a fumble and return for touchdown by Gregory in the second quarter. Ryan said Sanchez pivoted the wrong on what was supposed to be a handoff. Sanchez then compounded the mistake by slipping into the back of one of his linemen and putting the ball on the turf. It was part of a blunder-barrage by the Jets in the second quarter that enabled the Patriots to score 35 points in the second quarter.

“It’s hardly on one guy,” Ryan said. “[Sanchez] had a 94 quarterback rating. I thought Mark threw the ball well.”

With the revelation after the game that Tim Tebow has two broken ribs, it gives Ryan another reason to not make a switch under center. Ryan is convinced that Sanchez gives them the best chance to win. It’s why he’s stuck with Sanchez all season despite a season sliding away from them.

“You can’t blame it on just one individual and I think Mark does give us the best chance to win right now and that’s what we’ll do,” Ryan said.

The fact that Ryan could actually be correct shows just how dire things have become for the Jets. New York is now 4-7 with their playoff hopes are all but officially gone.

60 responses to “Ryan: Mark Sanchez still Jets starting QB

  1. Rex may have given the old vote of confidence to Sanchez, but I’m not so sure Sanchez is even confident in himself. His decision making has been killing the Jets all season. On the busted play in which he ran into his own lineman AND fumbled, why not just throw the ball away?

    That was just a terrible gaffe and pretty much sealed the Jets loss last night.

  2. Sorry but I’d stake Tebow with 2 broken ribs over Sanchez any day. That being said, neither Jets QB is going to beat the Patriots with that supporting cast.

    Jets defense got old fast, their offensive line cannot runblock. Zero elite WR’s, Zero elite Rb’s.

    As a Chargers fan, I look at the Jets very similarly. They WERE tough, but losing the ability to do the simple things like RUN THE FOOTBALL, makes any offense 1 dimensional.

    Both need a rebuild of the O-line, and that can take years

  3. the bigger question that needs to be asked…. which week will ryan and tannenbaum be fired?

    falling flat like this, against the team whose rings you have not given any respect, at home, on thanksgiving. the ax has got to be coming soon

  4. Sanchez isn’t the main problem. The Jets have a lot of problems, but he isn’t close to the top five that mess has going for it.

    That said, I wanted to see Tebow play, only reason I kept watching. When I knew he wasn’t coming in I turned it off.

    The Jets suck.

  5. It seems like they have so many problems on this team it’s hard to pinpoint who is to blame. But, I’d look away from the guy who completed 70% of his passes tonight and find the nearest mirror.

  6. Sanchez then compounded the mistake by slipping into the back of one of his linemen and putting the ball on the turf. It was part of a blunder-barrage.
    That was bye far one of the funnies plays I’ve ever seen…EVER! It will be a C’mon man allstar

  7. “You can’t blame it on just one individual and I think Mark does give us the best chance to win right now and that’s what we’ll do,” Ryan said.

    That’s a very sad reality, Sanchez actually gives you the best chance to win.

  8. The Jets need to accept the fact that they are simply not good enough.

    Injuries, poor coaching, poor play, and questionable aquisitions have combined to make the Jets a near laughing stock of a franchise.

    A complete rebuild of the roster and a strong commitment to a unified philosophy is in order.

    That said, Mark Sanchez would benefit from a change in scenery and could still be a viable NFL quarterback somewhere else. Not even Tom Brady could save this team at this point.

  9. Well, this is a sweet thing to watch. The “crash and burn” of Ryan and Sanchez. If Tebow has the brains I think he does, he will get the hell out of there one way or another.

  10. And there you have your problem with Rex as your headcoach jetfans, too stubborn to admit he is wrong about sanchez. Tebow might not be a Brady or Rodgers but you wont find out if he can help salvage your season on the bench. Time to swallow some pride Rex, give Tebow a shot.

  11. I don’t think Sanchez “slipp[ed] into the back of one of his linemen,” exactly. Look at it again: I think Sanchez was trying to get to the line of scrimmage and slide when Vince Wilfork shoved/threw the guy at him.

  12. I really don’t understand the Jets. Why bring Tebow in at all? I mean the talk was it was to motivate Sanchez to do better and make a change if not. Sanchez has looked downright putrid during the season and they still refuse. Now suddenly Tebow has broken ribs. It seems to me that either they never had any intent of starting Tebow and their expensive bluff failed or Tebow really is awful in which case they have two awful QBs and you really need to start looking at the GM and/or whether like Jerry Jones the owner is trying to play fantasy football

  13. Rexxy:

    when you have to say “he’s my guy” every week, that’s a newsflash that he’s actually not your guy…

  14. The fans were calling for Tebow all game, the team & coaches didnt do their job, the least the Jets could have done is give the fans what they wanted….

  15. I wouldn’t be at all shocked if the Jets drafted a QB next April. With every game he bumbles through, Sanchez is getting closer and closer to the “bust” tag.

  16. Why is this a headline every week? Tell us when he isn’t the starting quarterback, although that would really surprise no one!

  17. Besides one bad interception throw and a fumble, I thought Sanchez did pretty good. The Jets aren’t losing because of Sanchez, most the time. It’s the defense.

  18. Rex Ryan has clearly staked his future to Mark Sanchez, and will ride that decision into the ground.

    Four years in, Sanchez clearly has no idea how to be a successful quarterback in the NFL, and will reward Ryan’s faith by getting them botgh fired.

  19. Rex isn’t going to bench his boy toy, no matter how bad he is. The only way to save this franchise is to get rid if them both.

  20. Looks like it might be time to blow this team up.

    Your coach has the team set on the wrong path.. He is more worried about his name being in the press.
    Rex.. Remember there is no “i” in team..

    I feel for the Jet fans out there.. You guys have no core group.. and this year its showing badly..

  21. Everybody talks Sanchez and Tebow. Have you forgotten that the Jets have a quiet, productive quarterback on staff who has won a national championship – over Tebow? Greg McIlroy can SURELY manage a game better than Sanchez, even without a cannon of an arm. I’m amazed that, despite their terrible QB play, he is never mentioned. Oh well. This Pack fan is happy.

  22. I’ve said it a million times- Rex picked up this principle from Billick when he was DC under him in Baltimore. Billick hand picked Kyle Boller in the draft. Said ‘this is my guy.’ And no matter how many invisible shoelaces Boller tripped over, no matter how many ill-adivsed throws got picked off, Billick refused to admit he drafted a bust and would not put in Troy Smith (also former Heisman who sucked in the NFL). Result? Boller and Billick both get the boot. The exact same situation going on for Rex and the Jets. Only difference? Management in NY thought giving Sanchize a 4 year extension was a bright idea this past offseason.

  23. This is a poorly built and poorly coached team. Sanchez is mediocre at best. Jets need to make a ton of changes. The good news is you can turn a program around pretty quick with the right folks up top in a league of parity.

  24. No, Sanchize’s (not a typo) numbers weren’t that bad. But they don’t tell the whole story. He’s terrible. He has no confidence. He has no leadership skills. He looks like a sad puppy coming out of the huddle. I literally thought he was going to cry yesterday!

    You almost have to put Tebow in when he’s healthy. It’s not that Sanchez’s numbers are terrible, but he’s just a horrible leader. Tebow might not be the best QB on the team, but he’s shown that in the right system, he can adapt and overcome…and make everyone else better.

    It’s Tebow time!

  25. I was never high on Sanchez and thought he was the reason the Jets crapped out at the end of last season missing the playoffs. However, its clear this team’s head is not on football.

    Tebow has been a huge distraction and continues to be. Sanchez did mess up a couple of times in the game but this year I’m taking his side for once: his receivers are running the wrong routes, dropping balls left and right, the running game totally sucks, the defense is average at best so its not all his doing.

    Don’t know if some of the players are doing this deliberately as in, if your put in Tebow we will get better and we can all blame Sanchez for our piss poor play in the past. Lets make him the scapegoat.

  26. Who would have thought Pete Carroll would be so right about Sanchez coming out of USC early. I think last night was the last breath of the Jets Dynasty (2009-2012)…2 week 2 Super Bowl titles, and 2 AFC Championship Game APPEARANCES/losses…history will never forget them.

  27. Tebow would have looked awful against the Pats if he had gone in especially with broken ribs. However, if Sanchez starts against the Cardinals and the team is losing and looking bad, I think Tebow will come in because he has a better chance against the Cards.

  28. Geez! slamming up your Offensive Guard’s behind, fumbling and almost gettig knocked out in the process by the blowback, gives new meaning to the phrase; “ALL IN”. Sanchez is not going to happen for the Jets. Tebow won’t either. The confidence of both is shot by horrific mismanagement by Ryan and Sparano. If Tebow has 3 broken ribs, why was he even dressed for that game?! That kid deserved better treatment than he got from that team.

    Give McElroy a chance. He can’t possibly be a worse QB and leader than the leaderless Sanchez.

  29. This was a perfect game to shelve Tebow and bring in McElroy without controversy.

    We need an efficient passer, not a miracle season from Tebow.

    Starting my X-Rex chant if things do t change ASAP

  30. Sanchez has stunk since day 1. He can’t complete a pass more than 15 yards. It’s High or behind or high and behind the receiver.

    McElroy! NOW!

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