Steelers say they believe in Batch


Charlie Batch is in his 11th season as a backup quarterback for the Steelers, and he’s about to start his eighth game. But while he hasn’t had many opportunities to show it on the field, his teammates say they have full confidence that he knows how to run the offense.

“He asks the most questions I’ve ever heard anybody ask in a meeting,” wide receiver Mike Wallace told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “He definitely knows the offense, and that’s why I’m excited about the offense.”

Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders also talked about Batch’s mental approach to the game in explaining why the Steelers think they can win with him under center.

“He’s very smart; he takes pride in the details,” Sanders said. “He’s done it in previous seasons, and I expect him to do it this week also.”

So there are no questions about whether Batch can do the job mentally. But does the 38-year-old Batch have anything left physically? Batch says he’ll go out there and see what happens.

“These opportunities don’t come often anymore, and here I am, getting up there in years,” Batch said. “When you have an opportunity like this, you cherish it.”

From all indications, the Steelers believe Batch will make the most of this opportunity. Even if they hope it’s his last opportunity.

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  1. Charlie should be ok in the dink and dunk scheme. He would probably have some trouble if they primarily threw deep balls.

  2. ravensgrl- Thank you for being the first Raven fan to leave an intelligent comment. I think if they had any belief in Batch they would have pulled Leftwich. He only winced after every throw. Now I’ll open the door for ravenator to say something ignorant.

  3. Saying you believe in your 3rd string quarterback and saying you believe your 3rd string quarterback can take over the game are two different things. I believe that the Steelers believe that Batch won’t go in and mess things up. But I guess it’s all a matter of what context they meant it in.

  4. ravensgrl says:
    Nov 23, 2012 9:15 AM
    I call BS…. if they believed in him, he would’ve been put in for the obviously hurt Leftwich.


    There are 16 games in a season.

    As much as it would have felt good to beat the Ravens, you can’t risk your last QB with an knowledge of the system in a game after him having zero reps on the season in practice. Lefty wasn’t setting the world on fire with hurt ribs, but the Steelers were in that game the whole way. And with the blocking assignments on the line being blown the way they were, Batch is definitely getting hurt in that game.

    Now rolling into Cleveland, which is also a divisional game, Batch has some reps under his belt and Hoyer had better have his nose in the playbook.

    There is faith in Batch because he has gone out and won for the team before. He is an underrated guy. He’s got good accuracy, excellent knowledge of reading a defense and his own offense, and great leadership skills. Yeah, his velocity isn’t great, and I’m not expecting much in the way of a deep game, but that’s not really what this Haley offense is about.

  5. I was at the Rams-Steelers game last year when Charlie started, the dude is a game manager, he wont turn the ball over, he’ll make his throws and let his playmakers make plays. he’s an older version of Alex Smith. Thank you charlie for many years of being one of the most under rated Backups to ever play the game.

  6. steelerben:
    Are you suggesting that Leftwich was made a sacrifical lamb against the Ravens so that Batch could be saved for a rainier day?
    If so, then that proves that Tomlin is an idiot. The Steelers were one play away from victory, yet Tomlin chose to stick with a quarterback who was visibly injured early in the first quarter. That’s simply bad coaching.
    Not running Dwyer more was also a terrible coaching decision. Dwyer never touched the ball the final seven minutes of a three-point game.
    Tomlin inherited a ready-made Super Bowl contender in 2007, and as As those players start to disappear, Tomlin’s true coaching abilities are starting to become more evident. It’s becoming clear that he’s not what we thought he was.

  7. Bobzilla now thinks he is smarter than Tomlin. Never ends with this nut ball! He crawls out of the woodwork when the steelers lose or ben does bad to bash them. When they win hes nowhere around! What a total loser this idiot is!!!

  8. steelerswhatever:
    I realize that objectivity is unwelcomed in your creepy, little world, deep down iniside your parents’ rent-free basement, but I know terrible coaching when I see it.
    All you giddy, little schoolgirl Steelers groupies deserved that loss to the Ravens. As for us astute Steelers fans, we deserved better…
    The Steelers are 6-4 against the weakest schedule in the league for a reason.

  9. I like Charlie Batch and thought he got a bit of a bum deal with the Lions; but let’s face it – he might be on a stretcher by halftime.

  10. cherrybop:
    Your concerns are valid.
    But the last time Batch quarterbacked the Steelers was Dec. 24, 2011, when the Steelers beat the Rams, 27-0. Those 27 points were the most points the Steelers scored in a game over their final five weeks of the season.
    Before you tell me that the Rams stunk last season, keep in mind that the Steelers (with a gimpy Roethlisberger at QB) had produced just 14 points against the 4-win Browns down the stretch.
    Batch may well end up on a stretcher by halftime. But that’s the chance every player takes every week.

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