Steve Smith: Panthers-Eagles “battle of the bads”


When Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith is finished playing football, he might have a future in marketing.

Because the veteran wideout had a perfect idea to promote Monday’s game between the 2-8 Panthers and 3-7 Eagles.

“Oh, it’s real exciting,” Smith said, sarcastically, via Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer. “You’ve got the battle of the bads, I guess.

“They’ve got a lot of things going on, just as we do. But all that goes out of the window. You get to be on center stage in front of friends, families. It’s always exciting to be the only show playing.”

Yeah, or something like that.

With both coaching staffs likely playing out the string, and no Michael Vick, there aren’t many of what you’d call enticing storylines for the national audience.

But Smith could at least see the lighter side, joking that if the Panthers played well “so they’ll have that jail filled up in the bottom [Lincoln Financial Field].”

Asked if the Panthers were hungry for a win, he replied appropriately for the Thanksgiving holiday.

“How about malnutrition? Well beyond [hunger],” Smith said. “Searching through the trash, looking for any scraps. I think we’re there.”

So are the people who tune in Monday.

11 responses to “Steve Smith: Panthers-Eagles “battle of the bads”

  1. Another great receiver on a terrible team Ala Fitzgerald.. and Megatron..can’t feel sorry for them because they all took the BIG CASH over the chance to play for a contender.

  2. They really need to include Monday games in the flex scheduling…bad teams…no playoff implications…snooze fest.

  3. Oh oh… The Big Cat’s going to call Smitty into the woodshed for these comments.

    Too bad, too, since Smith appears at this point to be one of the few Panthers with enough pride to work hard for some wins to close out this pathetic season.

    I wish Cam had the leadership qualities and fire of Smith.

  4. i like steve smith as a player. his history otherwise leaves a lot to be desired. it does appear he has matured to some degree in that he hasn’t put any teammates out of football permanently lately.

    that having been said, the poster might have mentioned that the holding pen for the drunks that smith mentioned was at the vet, which is now a parking lot and has been for some time.

  5. Another moronic statement from an uneducated player. Get your facts straight Steve, there isn’t a jail in the Linc, that was a decade ago in the Vet. Sorry pal.

  6. this game is a perfect example for why there should be year-round flex scheduling. there are way too many sunday and monday night duds throughout the year.

    as a realistic panthers fan, i’m sure there are plenty of realistic eagles fans and nfl fans in general who view this game as a waste of time and cable space for sunday night.

  7. On flex scheduling, I agree some games are duds. BUT…I don’t think it’s fair to the fans who buy tickets and go to games to have flexes. In a world where the NFL is trying to get more fans to go to games, I think that would be a big mistake to flex more games.

  8. Flexing a game from Sunday afternoon to Sunday night is one thing. Flexing a game from Sunday to Monday (or vice versa) screws up fans’ travel plans, stadium preparations, etc. Bad Monday night games aren’t going anywhere.

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