Tim Tebow has two broken ribs

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New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow had to undergo X-rays following the team’s 28-7 loss to the Seattle Seahawks three weeks ago. Since then he’s been listed on the injury report with a rib injury and was questionable heading into Thursday night’s game against the New England Patriots.

A league source told PFT that he would be a game-time decision and it was possible he wouldn’t play even if he was active.

That’s exactly what happened Thursday night. Tebow was active for the game but did not play in the 49-19 blowout loss to the Patriots.

Now the severity of Tebow’s rib injury has become more clear. According to Mike Garafolo of the USA Today, Tebow said after the game that he has two fractured ribs.

Head coach Rex Ryan said after the game he was only going to use Tebow if absolutely necessary.

“As the week went on it seemed to get progressively worse,” Ryan said. “He had practiced and things but it just seemed like a couple days ago I was noticing him like, man, you could tell he was hurt.”

Ryan said he thought Tebow got worse as the week went along. He said he noticed Tebow’s breathing on the practice field sounding more difficult than usual and it made him re-evaluate his availability.

“Well shoot, I’m not going to play this kid,” Ryan said of realizing how much pain Tebow was experiencing. “I wouldn’t play my son if it was that kind of situation.

“If we absolutely have to have it to win a football or whatever then we may consider it. But to me that would be the only way that we were going to play Tim. The only way I was going to play him.”

So why was Tebow active and third-string quarterback Greg McElroy inactive?

Ryan said it was because Tebow had taken the backup reps throughout the week of practice coupled with Tebow feeling he’d be able to play if needed during pregame warmups.

“The thought did go through my mind to possibly deactivate him but when he came out here he felt that if he had to go he could get it done and that was my decision,” Ryan said.

27 responses to “Tim Tebow has two broken ribs

  1. Ryan and Tannenbaum need to leave the NFL for good. And Woody Johnson, if you could be fired, you would be. You suck at owning an NFL team.

    This coming from a Packer fan who does not care one way or the other about the Jets.

  2. Bad coaching… Why dress him if he had no chance to play. Rex is a clown and needs to go. Put a lap band on his mouth!

  3. He couldn’t activate McElroy because then they would have a viable quarterback to come in and replace Sanchez.

  4. I’m starting to feel bad for the Jets. The lack of depth on both sides of the ball is glaring, but I blame the GM for that. Rex should hire Norv Turner to be his Offensive coordinator should Rex stay on, and Norv get fired.

  5. WOW. This is getting crazy. Poor Tim, he is like a lighting rod.

    The Discovery Channel’s television show MAYDAY should devote an episode on this Jet Crash. Perhaps Woody should just bring in the F.A.A. as G.M. and Head Coach.

  6. Sooooo you leave a guy active that you have no intention of playing because of an injury and leave inactive a guy who could play? You then say it was because the injured guy you had no intent on playing took all the 2nd team snaps. Soooo seeing he was injured and you weren’t gonna play him you didn’t give the not injured guy any snaps. This brings about the question if Sanchez got hurt what was your plan?

  7. Why would Tebow want to risk serious injury by temporarily subbing for an ineffective QB whose coach says he wouldn’t make a permanent change anyway?

    Especially since he will have a new coach next year anyway, no matter what.

  8. How in God’s name do you go into a must-win game against your division rival, with a back-up QB that you know has broken ribs…?

    Ryan already had zero faith in Tebow as it was.

    Just another sign that this guy has no clue how to run a successful team.

  9. Are there any other backup player injuries that we should know about? I mean this is definitely headline news material because…I dont know.

    I guess maybe Timmy wouldn’t be able to lead the Thanksgiving prayer?

  10. Good ol Timmy. Standing on the sidelines next to the head coach with the look, hey coach put me in I’m ready to take over.

    To me he is creating all this controversy and its getting worse as per the play last night. The Jets heads are not on football. Too much time spent on controversy in the locker room and not enough on the field practice.

    Tebow has been doing the talk show circuit promoting himself and saying he is ready to to whatever the team needs of him. You know he is doing this behind the scenes with a handfull of team mates too. I think he has a way of turning some to his side and then things get ugly, especially for Sanchez.

  11. I love the Jets, I like Ryan, but things need to change big time. They need to bring in players that can actually play. Vlad is horrible why is he still on the roster? Hill can’t catch why is he on the field so much. I swear I see Sanchez pull the ball back and then he realizes who it is and he pulls it back in, just to get sacked. Fire the G.M, the owner and the players.

  12. The reason you leave him active is because you want the Patriots to have to waste some of their preparation dealing with how to handle the Tebow packages (which sounds lewd). I get it and it borders on disingenuous but that’s the only reason he did it.

    If the Patriots knew the full extent of the injury and that Tebow would not play, they would have been EVEN MORE prepared to destroy his team. I’m guessing the Patriots didn’t waste much time prepping for Tebow because they’ve already beaten him handily in the past and with smart leaders like Wilfork and Mayo they would adjust on the fly, if needed.

    (If Belichick suited up an injured player that he had no intention of playing, the haters would be squealing like stuck little pigs.)

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