Asomugha knows he hasn’t been “Superman”

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When Nnamdi Asomugha was a younger man, he’d get upset at players he saw on television, the ones he thought were underperforming.

So he’s not going to badmouth Eagles fans who have targeted him the same way.

“If a fan has an issue with that, they’re not going to get me saying that’s wrong or anything like that,” Asomugha said, via Reuben Frank of “I can look back to being a fan and teams I liked and when a player I like comes in and, . . . it’s not working out, being upset about that.

“So I can’t now be that guy and then look at them and say, ‘You can’t be upset that we haven’t won and I haven’t been, you know, Superman on the field,’ even though that’s been expected of me.”

The cornerback has become the very symbol of the Eagles current woes, signing a five-year, $60 million contract to become part of the Dream Team, and struggling just like the rest of them once he got there. He’s been part of a team that’s gone 11-15 since he walked in the door, far below expectations.

That’s hard anywhere, but in Philadelphia, the heat is a little higher than in other places.

“It’s tough,” he said. “That’s one of the things they say, . . . Mentally, how do you handle this sort of situation? Not just the losing, but losing in this environment. Because losing is different here.

“No one wants to lose. You want to win everything that you’re doing, but as they’ve pointed out, as we all know, you’ve got to win here. You just have to win here.

“So I get that question a lot from younger guys, and I just try to talk to them, keep their head in it. When you believe in yourself and believe in your team no matter what’s going on, I’m one of the people that believes it turns around at some point.”

Of course, when it does turn around, it’s likely to include a new coach, and it’s far from guaranteed it will include a 33-year-old corner who’s scheduled to make $15 million next year. But he doesn’t second-guess his decision to sign with the Eagles.

“Did I make the right decision? Should I have gone somewhere else? That doesn’t cross my mind at all,” he said. “This is the place I wanted to be. Whatever happens or has happened, I always have the mindset that there’s something to learn from it and there’s a way to grow.

“And I think especially with what we’ve been through, the type of stuff we’ve been through the last year and a half, what did you learn from it? How can you become a better man from it? That’s going to help you on the field. That’s always been my mentality. I absolutely believe in the decision that I made and believe in this team.

“I don’t even think about that stuff. Whatever happens, I’m built to deal with that situation. Honestly? Being as honest as I can be? It doesn’t go through my mind.”

It’s going through many others, however, and they’re rightly wondering if it was all worth it.

17 responses to “Asomugha knows he hasn’t been “Superman”

  1. Things may not have worked out in Philly as has hoped, but Nnamdi is one of the classiest players in the NFL and I do wish him luck!

  2. Its one thing to “not be superman”, its another to be the worst tackler in the NFL, repeatedly shy away from making hits, and constantly chasing WR from behind like the picture above.

    Every time I see an embarrassing effort by an Eagle, I look at the replay to see if my first thought is confirmed, that its Asomugha, and most times it is.

    He’s been the worst Free Agent corner signing since Larry Brown.

  3. Superman can certainly be included on the list of things he hasn’t been since he was signed. I’d still like to see him play for an actual defensive coordinator though, whether that’s at corner or safety.

  4. So what you’re saying is that after being a big fish in a small pond (AFC West) on a defense that no one ever thought twice about putting 40+ up on, this was suddenly going to be forgotten once joining the “Dream Team”?

    Consider me shocked.

  5. Mustbechris:

    Good point. When a new coach comes in hopefully they will have a better idea how to use the existing players.

    I agree he can’t tackle…but a lot of Eagles have really showed little effort over the last two years. They have no character on this team…no heart. I am excited about a new coach coming in and cleaning house.

  6. He benefited from playing in a terrible AFC West. Really what QB in AFC West do DBs have to fear. Combine that with a lack of talent at WR in the AFC West when he was there and you get a DB that looked great.

    Rivers was the best QB in that division. That ain’t saying much.

  7. He is terrible in zone and gets burned in straight up man coverage at times. How can a new coach help that?
    I don’t care how classy he is because that does the team and the city no good. As far as I’m concerned he should be prosecuted for grand larceny. Dude stole money.

  8. He has not been what we expected when he was signed,but he also plays with the WORST starting Safeties in The NFL. you would be hard pressed to find anyone who would take Allen and Coleman as Starters. Coleman is an absolute JOKE in Coverage,especially in over the top help.

  9. Just another cautionary tale about signing the big money FA. The Eagles have done it twice now with Assante Samuel (with mixed results) and now Asomugha (with disastrous results).

    Assigning a large percentage of your cap to a single player who isn’t your QB is inevitably a mistake. Just ask any Bills fan about their Mario Williams investment.

    I find it amazing that teams keep on making that mistake….over and over….every year. It will be the same this year. Come March, FA will start and in the first week teams will open their wallets and hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent of players who, so very rarely, will play up to the level of their contracts.

  10. The Eagles need to find the next Troy Vincent or Sheldon Brown and the next Brian Dawkins coming out of college and draft them .And then let Nnamdi go play for the Cowboys or Jets.

  11. I think its been more scheme than him being the problem. I see blown coverage every game but because its his receiver that gets the touchdown or big play that goes on Nnamdi. I think with better schemes he would look a lot better but I just don’t think he can come back at that salary next season maybe if he takes a pay cut.

  12. I remember when Packer fans wanted Ted Thompson to break the bank for this guy…. considering that we’ve got Casey Hayward/Davon House/Shields (all for dirt cheap) – blah…. Smug “HAHA” comment – I’m lazy.

  13. Nnamdi hasnt been great but you can’t fault him entirely for that.. if the team actually had a safety who was even just above-average it would make Nnamdi and DRC legit corners, but both of those guys have to make up for the lack of talent and they get caught playing out of position. Corners with zero safety help isn’t much difference from a QB with terrible O-Line protection.. If Nate Allen had Kurt Colemans attitude he would be decent.. they both suck

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