Failure to communicate is killing the Philly defense


Under new coordinator Todd Bowles, the Eagles’ defense has gone from bad to bumbling.  The team hasn’t won a game since Bowles supplanted Juan Castillo, and the defense has looked increasingly shaky.  

The low point came last Sunday, in a blowout loss to the Redskins.

The problem, according to Bowles, is miscommunication.

“It shouldn’t [happen], especially on the plays we gave up against Washington,” Bowles said Friday, via Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News.  “We addressed that in the meeting. That should not happen. There’s got to be communication on every play.”

The problem is that there isn’t, and that the situation isn’t getting any better.  Bowles thinks it is.  We think.

“I think everything is corrected, every week, all the time,” Bowles said.  “Players are going to make mistakes, just like your children.  You don’t want ’em to happen, you can go over ’em and go over ’em. We have a responsibility to correct, they have a responsibility to get it right.”

Both are failing in their responsibilities, which underscores the fact that plenty of changes will be coming to Philly when the season ends.

23 responses to “Failure to communicate is killing the Philly defense

  1. I would love to see what the late jim johnson could do with this defense. Im starting to think alot of reids success had alot to do with JJ.

  2. Let’s be honest: the defense has been going down hill since 2002. It’s time to stop crying about Jim Johnson being gone. I liked the guy, but his defenses were undersized and overrated.

    More relevant for the moment: Bowles thinks he has corrected the problems every week? And then they go out there and play worse? He should think before he speaks.

  3. Does any of this matter anymore?? I mean every eagle fan could care less about this season anymore. They are a bad team, there are no excuses. This is a product of Andy Reid’s past 14 yrs drafts.

  4. Really?

    “Players are going to make mistakes, just like your children.”

    Yeah, but my kids don’t make MILLIONS to ensure that it doesn’t happen over and over again…

    Time for Jeffrey Lurie to clean the Bird Cage!

  5. Why is there always an excuse with the Eagles? Why can’t it be,like a lot of 3-7 teams that were 8-8 the year before, mediocre talent. Try that Florio.

  6. What excuse are you talking about? That they dont communicate? Two pro bowlers in the secondary, two more up front. I dont think its mediocre talent. It is what it is. Vick and his over hyped cronies brought this ship down.

  7. Talk about a train wreck! Definately time to do some MAJOR housecleaning….the coaching staff AND players must be held accountable for their screw ups. In the “real world” most of us fans live in, there are consequences for repeated failures to perform your job….it’s called getting fired.
    I sincerely hope Andy Reid takes a year off from coaching in order to give himself a real chance to start healing from the loss of his son.

  8. It’s a very natural reaction to say, “the Eagles are losing because of this…or they’re losing because of that, but the reality of the situation right now is that there are problems that need to be addressed from TOP TO BOTTOM. The Eagles need someone to come in and help change the culture of this team…into a culture that more adaquately reflects Philly itsef. Tough, gritty, hard-working men who fight hard for the guy next to them..

  9. I have been saying this for a while now… andy reid was only successful because of Jim Johnson!!! Jim Johnson covered all of reid’s mistakes.

  10. The Eagles have assembled the greatest collection of worthless players since the early period of the Danny Snyder reign of terror on the Redskins.

    The Eagles need to get rid of everyone on defense and to start over. Even though I despise the Eagles, it hurts to see them so wretchedly bad.

    Well, almost hurts!


  11. Birds need a veteran dominant safety like Dawkins to hold the back end together…….neither Coleman nor Allen will ever be that! Dip into the FA pool this off-season, though I’m not sure who will be available.

  12. I’m a woman who never played real football, just rough neighborhood games in my tomboy days. I did, however, play organized soccer and softball for many years. It seems to me that in any sport, after a certain length of time, no matter what, you KNOW what to do to make a play in a certain situation. I understand the role of the coach is to get the best out of the players and motivate them, but shouldn’t the players know what to do by the time they reach the NFL? If the Philly defense sucks (and I’m glad that it does) isn’t it because the players aren’t making the plays? Am I missing something here, guys?

  13. Jim Johnson’s defenses were a frustration of bend-but-don’t-break, then stop the other team in the red zone (or hope the other team stops itself).

    The real credit should go to Brian Dawkins. The birds haven’t been the same since he left.

  14. If I was any of the Eagles defensive staff I would be offended if I was compared to a child. Granted this season has been abysmal but these are men not children. What needs to be done is that the whole regine needs to be replaced. Everyone seems to be just going through the motions and has no pride or honor. That is when a proven vocal leader needs to address the team….we haven’t had one since B-Dawk left.

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