Matt Ryan hopes he’ll have to face Bucs’ victory formation defense


For those of you who don’t watch Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network (and that number is continuously shrinking), you missed our pre-Thanksgiving interview with Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.

Now there’s a chance to redeem yourself.

Here’s the man who has taken his team to a 9-1 start, thrusting him into the thick of the MVP discussion.  He talks about the Buccaneers’ notorious approach to the victory formation, a problem Ryan hopes he’ll have on Sunday.

Also, the lack of a contract beyond 2013 isn’t something Ryan regards as a problem.  At a time when we hear plenty about the status of Joe Flacco and Tony Romo’s respective deals, Ryan is giving his own situation no thought.

The entire interview appears below.

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3 responses to “Matt Ryan hopes he’ll have to face Bucs’ victory formation defense

  1. Seriously, still making something out of the “play to the very end of the game” theory of trying to force a fumble when playing Defense? Does anyone actually remember the last time the Bucs faced an offense lined up in the victory formation? Last I checked they have won four in a row, and were one or two plays shy of 6 in a row. In the past 6 weeks their balanced Offense is amongst the league’s most productive. Coupled with an opportunistic, fast, big play Defense, the Bucs are poised to give the media a lot more to discuss than a few irrelevant garbage time plays from early fall. They are in the midst of a fantastic turnaround from incompetent/unwatchable to playoff caliber in one season.

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