Multiple NFL execs ready to review Suh kick


As expected, the NFL will commence on Monday its review of Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh’s foot to the groin of Texans quarterback Matt Schaub.

As Jarrett Bell of USA Today explains it, plenty of executives will have their fingerprints on the case arising from Suh’s cleat marks.

The process will begin, as it always does, with league vice president Merton Hanks.  But NFL executive V.P. of football operations Ray Anderson and two other execs will review the case:  Joel Bussert and Ronnie Hill.

In a series of interviews and on-the-record remarks, Anderson has hinted at his view of the case.  He said on Friday’s edition of The Dan Patrick Show that the play “appeared to be a little out of the ordinary” and “didn’t appear to be a natural football move.”

Said Anderson to Bell:  “From my personal point of view, it was unusual, to say the least.  Don’t know if it was a football move I’ve ever seen.”

Anderson is right.  Though it likely wasn’t premeditated — there’s even a chance Suh had no idea that he was hitting Schaub in the, um, schwaub — Suh’s leg moves in a way that suggests he was taking the opportunity of having his foot in the vicinity of Schaub to give Schaub a nudge with it.  It just so happened that Suh got lucky, or as the case may be unlucky.

After the NFL makes its decision, Suh will have the ability to appeal the case to Ted Cottrell or Art Shell, who are jointly hired and paid by the NFL and the NFLPA.  And while Cottrell reversed last week’s attempt to suspend Ravens safety Ed Reed, the process has resulted in the past year in the affirmation of suspensions imposed against Broncos linebacker Joe Mays (on a hit that removed Schaub’s helmet, along with a piece of his ear), Steelers linebacker James Harrison (for nearly removing Colt McCoy’s helmet, along with his entire head), and Suh for his First Annual Thanksgiving Football Foot Stomp.

Given Suh’s history, many expect another suspension.

78 responses to “Multiple NFL execs ready to review Suh kick

  1. This is so stupid. There is a huge debate on whether or not the kick was intentional. I personally don’t believe it was intentional, at the very least to kick him in the man region. The play was moving fast and his head was facing the ground. I don’t believe there is a human who has complete body control to fall to the ground, twist, and place a proverbial foot dart on Matt Schaub’s groin.

    Was Suh trying to give Schaub a little kick? Maybe. The point is, no one knows what the intention was besides Suh. To suspend someone on the basis that they may or may not have acted inappropriately is ridiculous.

  2. I dont see how action can be taken against him for this move. There is nothing conclusive to use even if everyone feels it was intentional for good reason.
    However, this does add to his reputation and will make the punishment that much greater the next chance they do get.

  3. I’m a Packers fan and think he’s a piece of garbage. But I honestly find it hard to believe he’s getting suspended over this play

  4. If anything at all comes of this, we’ll all have a great deal more time on our hands on Sundays in the not too distant future. Thankfully the college game has remained pure and incorruptible. In the name of the NFL Ticket don’t do it

  5. From what I saw…Suh’s leg just happened to end up in Shaub’s groin area AND after Suh took a peak from the ground to see where his foot ended up…made a definite effort to kick Shaub’s wiener.

  6. Here come the apologists to say that he’s a model human being that no one should ever thing negative things about.

    We call these people delusional, depraved beings that are unfit to breathe the air the rest of us breathe.

  7. I wonder if they will have time to review the multiple helmet to helmet hits caused by the Texans defense? Seriously, if this were any other player this wouldn’t be such a big deal.

  8. It was such a dirty play there wasn’t even a flag thrown. I wonder if Watt is going to get fined for hitting Stafford helmet to helmet?

  9. Deserves it. He’s already been suspended before for this kind of play so it needs to be a larger penalty. Im thinking 4 games.

  10. Ban the Suh pig for the rest of the season and if he dares look even cross-eyed in 2013, ban him for the season. If that doesn’t work, end his career and send him packing for good.

    The NFL does not need neanderthal’s like Suh pig on the field.

  11. How long is the league going to put up with this jag off?
    There is a difference between playing play and being dirty and Suh has crossed that line several times now.
    He is a repeat offender and only the WWF idiots can condone his play at this point.

  12. “Suh’s leg moves in a way that suggests he was taking the opportunity of having his foot in the vicinity of Schaub to give Schaub a nudge with it.”
    – I agree with the above.
    My only question is how much time had the play been whistled dead before the Suhs leg went spastic?
    There was no doubt about last years T-Day foul because we saw the end of play on the same close up view.

  13. Duh…. there is a difference between playing “hard” and being dirty
    Have some more vodka while you are at it.

  14. Children all over America were having Thanksgiving, and they get Suh as an example of sportsmanship in the U.S.A. Every kid in every schoolyard in the world recognized that move. It was obviously a crime of opportunity, trying to get the last lick in, but he surely knows all eyes are upon him. He evidently doesn’t care, and is thumbing his nose at the commissioner and the league. This foolish man-child should be suspended at least 2 games, before someone breaks his leg in retaliation.

  15. This will be the fifth time Suh has been disciplined for on-field conduct.

    He’s not going to change, he’s not going to learn anything, he’s not going to act any better. Can we just ban him and be done with it?

  16. kick this scumb bag out for the rest of the season. he continues to try to hurt other players. Suh is a low life off the field and a dirt bag on the field. Offensive linemen should go after his knees with chop blocks. Take him out before he do it too somebody else.

  17. Well this is an easy decision if Suh refuses to speak when questioned. They should fine him the max and suspend him for what appears to be an intentional move with no confession or remorse. That way he can then explain his actions and ask for a leaner sentence upon appeal if he chooses to speak up about his innocence at that point.

    I still think it is in Suh’s best interest to make a clear statement about precisely what happened prior to Monday. In this case, as is in most cases, honesty is the best policy.

  18. Of course he didn’t “kick” Schaub.

    Same as he didn’t “stomp” on anyone last Thanksgiving. He was merely “walking away”.

    When it’s the same guy having to make excuses over and over again, it’s never a random occurrence.

  19. And…the witch hunt continues! Get a life NFL and media. How can you possibly determine that Suh’s non “football move” – whatever that means – was a) intentional and b) intended by Suh to cause harm Schaub. This laser focus on Suh’s play is out of line. I mostly blame CBS and their cued montage they had a half to support their already conceived notion that Suh is a “dirty player”.

  20. It should be reviewed and he should be suspended. The Lions are the most frustrating pro sports team on the planet. I mean I hate the Bears, but you can always count on a wicked defense out of them. You can’t count on anything with the Lions.

  21. I say that it takes more than a big man like that to premeditated a move like that falling over a guy and say hey I’m gonna hit Schaub in the dick when I fall. NFL get a life, you haven’t picked on Suh all year and now you think you have a case and say it premeditated? You guys are idiots in all ways. Then you fine a guy for a guy for a very minor head shot for $523,000 and he makes 6 million. That’s how much you charged for the scandal for a whole team that makes $950 million. NFL you are no more crooked than some of these players out there. I fine you as a league that’s not suppose to be as crooked as the government $120,000,000 to all is fans that are tired of you

  22. If this wasn’t Suh this would be a non issue. Im not a Lions fan and could generally care less about Suh but I am sure all the “Suh is the dirtiest player ever” people will come out of the woodwork to chided him for being a terrible human. Pathetic.

  23. I’m alreadylooking forward to the Third Annual Thanksgiving Football Foot Stomp. Great sport needs great stories, and great stories need great heroes and great villains, and Suh’s a keeper.

  24. It’s difficult to make any kind of football move when being pulled to the ground by an offensive lineman while trying to get to the QB. Trying to keep balance and trying to spin out of a hold is likely to cause awkward moves.

    Had he not been pulled to the ground Suh’s intent would have been rather clear, and the football move would have been a sack.

  25. I cannot believe some people are saying this kick was not on purpose. Where his foot ended up may have been an accident but its plain to see he tried to extend his leg and do some damage to Schaub.

    Those of you saying that PFT is too hard on the lions and Suh, need to wake up. He’s a dirtbag and he deserves every bit of the bad press he gets.

    Subway really needs to drop this loser from their commercials, I’m guessing it won’t be long before they do.

    And just so you know, I thought the hit on Cutler was fair. Ruthless but fair.

  26. I have never seen a quarterback getting hit in the upperthigh reigon get so blown out of proportion. The writer-who-cannot-be-named has made his disdain for the Lions quite palpable, but you would think that he would have something better to do on this Thanksgiving day weekend. Maybe next time Suh is getting tackled/held by an offensive lineman he will ask him to nicely set him down away from the opposing qb.

  27. Get this insane, violent criminal out of the NFL right now before he murders someone.

    His presence is a disgrace, an insult to the values of character, discipline and teamwork the NFL claims to teach and preach.

  28. The real question is, what is it gonna take to get through to this guy? He’s trashing his own career, and making the NFL look very foolish. They need an “iron fist” approach, and if that doesn’t work, give him the Greg Williams……………..

  29. Not condoning Suh’s action, but Schaub should also get fined for not wearing a cup.

    You get hit by 300 pound people for a living. You wear protection over 80% of your body.

    And that’s the area you don’t want to protect???

    I would rather wear a cup than a helmet.

  30. Indisputably, Suh kicked Schaub on purpose. That doesn’t necessarily mean he kicked him in the groin on purpose. In fact, if he did kick him in the groin while his head was in the opposite direction, I will give him so props for that. But he did indeed try to mule kick Schaub, in hope that he’d get a hopefully not noticeable cheap shot. Personally, I’m not a fan of Suh, but I don’t fully blame him for his cheap behaviors. Ultimately, a players actions on the field reflect on the coach. Suh repeatedly has done these kind of tactics without any discipline from his coaches. To sum up Jim Schwartz, he illogically threw a challenge flag out of anger…even though he knew the consequences. Thus, if your coach has a problem with anger, chances are his players will too.

  31. I have watched that 1001 times and I’m not sure how anyone could up with anything concrete or conclusive regarding this.. His head was down and it appeared to me that he was just merely extending his leg. People do do that sort of thing ya know when they are off balance. Like I said, not sure how anyone in New York could come up with anything different. It’s too inconclusive in my book!

  32. Suspend him for at least a game. Tell him that you are serious about him being a cheap shot punk and if he does it again, expect a suspension for the season, and if he does it again, he won’t be receiving a paycheck from the NFL ever again, because he will be banned from the NFL. I like seeing hard hits and all that, but I don’t like seeing cheap shots. Send him a clear message that his antics (not the way he plays) will not be tolerated any longer.

  33. It looks like he deliberately did the little kick out with his foot as long as he was there, because he drew his foot back immediately following the hit. Had it been natural momentum from rolling over or being pulled down I would think his leg would have stayed out more extended. Really tough to tell if it was intentional or opputunitistic with a lucky shot where it landed.
    With Suh’s reputation I’d say he may get a spanking for this one.
    The charities must really like him for his contributions.

  34. So let me get this straight. Violent football players acting violent….what;s next, Nascar drivers making lefts?
    How about suspending the Texan (Watt??) who shoved his helmet up Stafford’s chin.

  35. This guy is the dirtiest player in the league and it’s not close for second.

    It should be 2 games, but our fine legal system has neutered the leagues power to a point where I’m skeptical anyone will ever serve another suspension.

  36. This guy Suh just doesn’t learn! Come on 2 years in a row on a national stage. There is certainly something missing in the wiring of his brain. In my opinion he she be suspended for the remainder of the season and then go through testing in the off season in an effort to see if mentaly sound enough to be apart of this organization.

  37. The media keeps hyping the Suh accidental kick to Schwab’s crotch, trying to gin up support against Suh.

    I invite anyone to watch the video…you will see that Suh’s head is turned toward the ground that he is about to hit…and in no way shape or form, looking at where his foot is going.

    Clearly an accident, yet for some reason “some” in the media try to make it more than it is.

    If it was JJ Watt accidentally kicking Stafford’s crotch, would the media make anything of that?

    I seriously doubt it…

  38. Suh is clearly an extremely good football player who appears to be intelligent as well. His decision making while driving and playing football is terrible.

  39. Sit this guy down for the rest of the season!! He’s a dirty player that they have to teach a lesson…… Before he really hurts someone! (stomping on players, illegal hits, hit and run car crashes, now kicking another player in the nuts!!

  40. Great. I hope multiple NFL execs are also lined up to take a look at JJ Watt’s brutal helmet-to-helmet on Matthew Stafford from Thursday. God forbid the NFL actually prioritizes the dangerous hit rather than the wild leg flail.

  41. Suh you disgust me, this guy is such a loser, I hope they suspend his ass forever. The game does not need this, we as fans respect and love this game too much for an idiot like this to ruin it.

  42. My sense of it is that Suh intended to hit Schaub with his foot, but not necessarily in the groin. Suh’s head is on the ground such that the odds are extremely high he couldn’t see where Schaub was and just guessed where he might be. The foot thrust or foot stab manuever could just have easily been an attempt to hit Schaub’s arm in an effort to dislodge the ball.

    In sum, yes, an intentional act, but not necessarily an intent to strike him in the groin.

  43. I thought it was unintentional until I saw a website (can’t remember where) where the video is slowed down…..then you can see that it was intentional……..I’m not saying that Suh was going for the gonads per se, but he definitely intentionally made contact (you can see a little flip of the ankle) while his foot was in Schaub’s vicinity. Dirty player…..and stupid, doesn’t he realize that all eyes are upon him? Get rid of this clown before he really hurts someone. Maybe he should go in for cage fighting instead of the NFL!

  44. For those of you saying this was an accident, then why hasn’t he come out and said so? If the kick was not intentional then you shake Schaub’s hand after the game, apologize, and go to the podium and say “It wasn’t my intention to kick him, especially not there”. Some people will still say he’s dirty, but that would take some of the teeth out of this story. Instead he hides from the media, furthering the idea that he kicked Schaub’s on purpose. I think the nuts were probably a bonus, but the kick looked intentional.

  45. If it was an intentional kick to the groin then can anyone explain how he knew Schaub wasn’t wearing a cup? The guy is an ass and probably was trying to “kick” Schaub to interfere with the play, but to say the groin kick was intentional is obviously coming from people who never played football. Just try in your living room, have someone pull you to the ground and try to kick an 3″x3″ target.

  46. As a lions fan of course he kicked him on purpose and I’m ok with it. Here’s what bothers me…Where are all of you trollers when other players do far worse? Again, can we have Jared Allen articles about him being a dirty player? He balled his fist and punch another man in the groin. There is a lot of misplaced anger here from a lot of you and it’s actually a little strange…

  47. More than a year ago I got mad at Suh for ripping my Qbs helmet off..He got fined and I thought it was fair..then I saw the stomping (packers lineman) on thanksgiving, the jay cuttler hit and Matt Schaub kick..I don’t think he should be fined anymore..I do think he needs help!

  48. What bothers me is that there are so many football fans willing to let this go. People who approve of this type of behavior are killing the game just as much as Goodell, Suh and Brees. Suh obviously kicked him on purpose. Whether he intended to kick him in the groin, leg or stomach doesn’t matter. Someone needs to rein this guy in and this kind of behavior.

  49. Let me get this right the NFL is checking to see if Suh intentionally kicked a man in the groin area but, in the Monday night game you clearly see Saints DT Sedrick Ellis INTENTIONALLY kick Todd Herreman in the lower section of his leg with both feet at the same time ultimately ending his season but no mention of it….

  50. Having endured seeing the replays numerous times, both in game time and various slow motion speeds, it looks like Suh was going to use the block by the OL to leg whip the QB. Leg whip missed and Suh kicks his leg out looking for some kind of contact and ends up with Funniest Home video contact. Its apparent that Suh was not going to get to QB before QB gets rid of ball, but Suh could not have known that at the time and I believe he was tring to get a hit on the QB to throw off timing or accuracy of the pass.

    All that said, Suh should not be fined or penalized. Any real evidence of it being intentional is lacking. All we have is opinions – like mine above. His past actions should not be used to judge him on this play. They should only be used to determine severity of penalties after it has been determined he has actually done something wrong.

    For those who complain about Suh being picked on by the refs, fans, etc., Suh’s own past bad acts have placed him in this position.

  51. Bringing the bad acts of other players into the discussion of Suh’s act in this game is irrelevant. The act of one player does not mitigate the act of another. Each instance stands alone. To do otherwise is to say that it is OK for opposing teams to cheap shot Lion’s players because – after all – Suh is a dirty player.

  52. Suh is the best Subway could do? Many classy players all over the NFL and Subway picks him to do ads??!!

    Maybe its an advertising strategy to market there new sub. The beans and frank foot long,

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