Tennessee QB Tyler Bray, WR Justin Hunter mum on NFL draft


Although the University of Tennessee’s season came to an end today with a disappointing 5-7 record, the roster has significant NFL talent — talent that now has a choice to make about whether to return to school or turn pro.

At the moment, the juniors on Tennessee’s roster say they’re unsure whether they’ll enter the draft.

Tennessee junior quarterback Tyler Bray might have the best arm of any passer eligible for next year’s NFL draft, although there are questions about whether he has the makeup to be a complete NFL quarterback. Tennessee junior receiver Justin Hunter also looks like a likely first-round draft pick, and junior receiver Cordarrelle Patterson and junior right tackle Ja’Wuan James could be first- or second-round picks as well. The Chattanooga news site Nooga.com reports that all four players declined to make a commitment about the draft one way or the other after today’s season finale against Kentucky.

Realistically, however, it’s hard to see why any of them would stay. Tennessee has fired coach Derek Dooley, and that means Tennessee’s juniors have no idea who the coach will be next season, or what kind of offense he might run. All of Tennessee’s juniors with NFL potential would seem likely to make the jump now. Even if they’re not ready to say so yet.

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  1. It would make sense for them to wait for a new coach to be announced. If Tennessee hires a strong offensive coach like Mike Gundy or someone like that, I could see them stay and try to put up better numbers.

  2. like the steve miller band said go on take the money and run. they saw what happen to Marcus Lattimore. time to get paid.

  3. If you think you’re going in the 1st round, you’ve got to go.
    Staying in college is a crap shoot, and an injury could cost you millions.

  4. Hunter drops a lot of passes. Bray doesn’t have the mental capacity to be an NFL QB. After the pissing contest between him an Coach Dooley during the Vandy game, no GM in the NFL would touch his immature azz. He’s radioactive. If he continues his college career, it won’t be at UT. They don’t want him back. Justin Worley will do just fine next year as the starter.The other two guys should jump at the chance.

  5. MDS, you have got to be kidding. This post shows you have not watched the Vols play an entire game this year. Being a UT Alum and diehard Vol fan (even though it really hurts lately), here is a general consensus from Vol Land:
    1. Bray – million dollar arm, 10 cent head. Chokes in high pressure decisions. Thin with little muscle mass. Will break into a hundred pieces the first time Suggs hits him. A real project. Assets are his height and arm. Late 4th/High 5th.

    2. Hunter – Physically built just like Bray. Gifted physically, but also blessed(?) with hands like Clifford Franklin. Way way too many drops at crucial times.At least two years away from impact. 5th rounder.

    3. Patterson – An NFL body who frequently runs the wrong routes and is more interested in showboating. He has high 3rd round potential.

  6. The reason UT went 1-7 in the SEC was due to the fact that their defense (coordinated by that Alabama bum Sunseri) was historically bad. They -averaged- giving up almost 500 yards a game. The offense had to try to score a TD on every drive as they knew that the defense was going to give up a score when they were on the field. The offensive players were really good and will do well in the NFL.

  7. louiespoon says:
    Nov 24, 2012 9:09 PM
    Matt Barkley chose to stay, it hurt his draft stock and he got injured…..

    The difference is that Barkley was a sure-fire Top 10 draft pick. Tyler Bray would not be a 1st rounder. In fact, he would be very lucky to go in the 2nd or 3rd round. So in all likelihood, he would be a late-round draft pick without a guaranteed roster spot. So it behooves him to go back for another year and actually prove he’s a competent consistent QB, something he hasn’t demonstrated up to this point.

  8. Bray choked in big time games with the ball in his hand to win (Georgia, South Carolina and Mizzou). I hope he does leave. He never won a big time game like Shuler, Manning or Martin. Hunter has a kid, he’s gone. Has stone hands. Patterson isn’t making the grades, he’s gone too. He will be the best of the three at the next level.

  9. jimnaizeeum says:
    Nov 24, 2012 8:22 PM
    If you think you’re going in the 1st round, you’ve got to go.
    Staying in college is a crap shoot, and an injury could cost you millions.


    Tell that to Manti Teo…

  10. I live in Bristol TN so I watch the Vols a lot & I agree if they come out they shouldn’t be 1st or even 2nd rounders BUT FACT IS if they put up great numbers at the combine & there pro days & can talk the talk during interviews many GM’s & HC’s will pik them high

  11. Long time Vols fan here. Minibull is exactly correct. This years defense was the worst I have ever seen. They would have beaten Georgia and probably Carolina if their D had made even a couple more stops in those games, to say nothing of that abominable Mizzou game. That being said, no way is Bray or Hunter ready for the big stage.

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