Under Ed Reed standard, Dawan Landry is one hit from a suspension


If the NFL plans to continue the three-strikes-and-you’re-suspended approach to head shots that it applied to Ravens safety Ed Reed, then Jaguars safety Dawan Landry is one hit away from a suspension.

The NFL has confirmed to PFT that Landry has been fined for illegal hits to the head in two consecutive games: Landry was fined $21,000 for unnecessary roughness for striking Texans tight end Garrett Graham in the head and neck area while Graham was a defenseless receiver in Week 11, and Landry was fined $10,000 for unnecessary roughness for hitting Colts quarterback Andrew Luck in the head and neck area after Luck had already started sliding feet first in Week 10.

When the NFL announced this week that it was suspending Reed, it said the reason was that he had violated the rules against hits to the head of defenseless opponents for a third time. Just like Landry, Reed’s two previous hits to the head included one on a defenseless receiver and one on a quarterback. So by that standard, Landry is one illegal hit from a one-game suspension.

The good news for Landry is that Reed won his appeal of that suspension, which might suggest that the NFL would be less likely to suspend the next player who incurs a third penalty for an illegal hit to the head. If that’s the case, Landry might only (only?) get fined $50,000 next time, which was what Reed’s punishment was reduced to on appeal.

However, NFL executive vice president of football operations Ray Anderson told Mike Florio on Friday’s Dan Patrick Show that the NFL hasn’t ruled out continuing to suspend three-time offenders for illegal hits, even after Reed’s appeal was successful.

So if Landry doesn’t stop taking shots at opponents’ heads, he’s going to find himself suspended. Or, at the very least, fighting a suspension.

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  1. If its the reed standard, he wont have to worry about a real suspension.

    And wasnt harrison the first to get the first “three strikes” suspension (last year)? Except his wasnt for show.

  2. Reeds three hits were across three years.

    I would say that probably attributed to reducing the suspension.

    Three straight weeks of hits to the head is different and shows the player really doesn’t give a crap.

  3. Oh geez. I’m sorry that Ravens and ex Racens alike play a little too rough for their inferior opponents. Maybe we should make Ravens games 2 hand touch to make it more fair for everyone. I’m pretty sure the sissy steelers need us to take it easy on them. Why not make it the whole league?

  4. Follow the hips, not the head…. use your shoulder, not your head….. wrap up around the upper legs. This is how i was taught to play defense as a kid. I’m a huge Goodell critic, he’s awful…. but these rules are not as complicated as the defenders make them out to be. A great example is Charles peanut Tillman. The idea in these viscous hits is to knock the ball loose and get inside the players head. Tillman has a technique that is clearly more effective in that regard.

  5. Oh Timmons94 sorry we didn’t win 4 titles in the 1970s which no one was alive for, no one remembers and no one cares about. The Ravens own you. Cry in your terrible towel.

  6. Reeds suspension was knocked off because this past hit was in no way malicious. I understand fining hits to the wad regardless of intention but the nfl had no means to justify a suspension on a hit where Ed had his head down for a hit at chest level and Sanders ducked into his hit. No malicious intent. Now if Landry speared a guy? Yea you’ll get a game and no shot at winning that appeal.

  7. Ravensdominate. How old are you? 10? 11? No one remembers the last SB the Ravens won. Why? It was 11 years ago. No one cares.

    Your Dirty Bird wins are absolutely USELESS and mean NOTHING unless you win the last game of the year (that’s the Super Bowl). Win all the regular season games you want. Until the Ravens knock the Steelers out of the playoffs (like we’ve done to your Browns South team so many times), the Steelers are STILL king-of-the-hill in this battle and explains why Baltimore fans are so jealous of Pittsburgh fans.

  8. Ravens dominate: you win tee shirts my man tee shirts not Lombardi ‘s. Tee shirts and awards for being the biggest db fans. Regular season Gatorade baths are your classless trade mark. Pathetic.

  9. ravensdominate says: Nov 24, 2012 4:12 PM

    Oh Timmons94 sorry we didn’t win 4 titles in the 1970s which no one was alive for, no one remembers and no one cares about. The Ravens own you. Cry in your terrible towel.


    I’m not a fan of either team, but haven’t the sealers been to three super bowls and won two of them since the Ravens won their only championship in 2001? Ravens fans come off as some of the most delusional fans in sports.

  10. @phoff12: I am glad an unbiased person realizes how delusional the tee shirt fans are. As a steeler fan I am constantly laughing at the simpletons from mugger city who think winning the regular season series makes them champions. Their constant stupidity makes for funny reading on every steeler article. Win some Lombardi’s , get some traditions (terrible towels), and then you can begin to come close to the steelers. Right now you are pissing in the wind dribbling on your leg making a fool of yourself. But hey keep the hate coming tee shirt boys it is …pathetic…. And priceless.

  11. The problem with all of these new rules and fines is that are no rules/standards for them, each week it seems that the monetary fines are just pulled out of the air…10k for that and 50k for this.

    And when did the three hits to the head over three years become the new rule for a one game suspension?

    What about a RB leading with his head into a DL or LB, why is there no flag for that, it is still helmet to helmet?

    It just doesn’t seem that there is any consistency and has fans guessing on every play as to what players are alllowed to do in the new NFL.

  12. Steeler fans need to make up for the fact they are irrelevant this season. As they were last season. The need to bring up past results when in fact the current results show steelers have been dominated. Cry on steeler fans, it only makes me laugh.

  13. Losses to the raiders and titans, hahaha ya that’s a good team. Oh ya and Ben was playing then too. What a bunch of babies

  14. If I was in nfl with a family, with the hefty fines facing certain position players, If I was Landry, Reed,
    I would just brake down on the ball carrier and bitch slap them. Can’t fine me for that. Pro football is dying a slow death.

  15. Amazes me how many fans don’t realize sooner or later it’s going to be your team or your player. It Started with James Harrison. Goodell was smart, its like a prisoner who goes after the toughest guy in the yard. Goodell showed the players he would go after a big name, (Rooneys, Steelers) and not back down.

    Every team has an enforcer, the guy who sets the tone. Sooner of later a receiver will duck (Massaqoi/Sanders) a QB will run, (Cutler, McCoy) and the flag will be thrown, your defender will be fined, then he will be labeled as dirty.

  16. “If the NFL plans to continue the three-strikes-and-you’re-suspended approach to head shots”

    The league office has already said they will review everything on a case-by-case basis. The three-strikes-and-your-suspended policy isn’t an actual policy, even if the writers of his site keep insisting that it is.

    Pretty obvious Florio is just waiting for someone to be fined for the third time in three years for an illegal hit and then NOT suspended, so he can take the league to task for being inconsistent. And all that is fine, but there is no need to insinuate beforehand that the league has a policy that they do not in fact have, so that people will be more outraged when the policy isn’t followed through with. If anything, you are probably confusing fans into thinking this policy exists.

  17. I think this time Florio has hit the nail on the head. If the NFL is going to suspend a player, then they must have some type of policy. The NFL is already inconsistent enough when it comes to fines, for a suspension (which as we saw with Ed Reed) can hut a player deeply financially and a team on the field as well. The suspension policy can not and should not be inconsistent. I could see a player being suspended for less than the 3 strikes if the offense is particularly egregious, but there needs to be some standard to a suspension. They set a precedent with James Harrison, now they need to set a standard for suspensions, and how far back they will take prior illegal hits into account.

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