Vikings scratch Harvin, who won’t travel to Chicago


Jarius Wright will be getting another chance to show what he can do.

With Vikings receiver Percy Harvin already listed as doubtful due to an ankle he sprained 20 days ago in Seattle, the Vikings officially have downgraded Harvin to out.  He won’t make the trip to Chicago.

That gives Wright, a fourth-round draft pick from Arkansas, another opportunity to replace Harvin in the slot.  Two weeks ago against the Lions, Wright caught a long pass, a touchdown pass, and another reception in a win over the Lions.

It also means that the Vikings likely will lean even more heavily on running back Adrian Peterson, who is having one of the best seasons of his career despite tearing an ACL exactly 11 months ago today.

25 responses to “Vikings scratch Harvin, who won’t travel to Chicago

  1. Still bringing up that ACL huh?

    Sucks to not have Harvin but it does force ponder to not rely on him and will result in spreading the ball around more

  2. yeayoubetcha99 says: Nov 24, 2012 3:28 PM

    “No Harvin…no problem. Look at how they did two weeks ago w/o Harvin.”

    And who they did it against, too.

    Bears 24, Vikes 13

  3. Cutler owns the Vikes ?? Since when? He barely knows his own name right now, let alone to own the Vikes. Allen will sack him and put a hurting on him making him wish he still was foggy.

  4. Longtime Vikings fan…and I can say this…I prefer Campbell over cutler any day of the week…jay to Marshall…dont like the sound of that…and for God sakes dont punt to Hester.

  5. Crazy thing, did anyone notice how good Christian Ponder played last week? Unspectacular but did a darn good job spreading the ball around (nine receivers not including himself). I am a Viking 4life since 68 and all us Viking fans know how legendary Chris Carter is as far as being an incredible pest to quarterbacks both young and veterans alike bitching for the football to be thrown to him. Am I too far off in thinking that Percy Harvin is the same way? I know a “big shot” very well at work and he told me where he gets his haircut that as Percy Harvin was leaving the barbershop and coach Leslie Frazier was walking in that Harvin literally screamed at coach Frazier as they walked by each other and Harvin said why are you keeping that bleep in the game (refering to Christian Ponder’s performance against Seattle). I am anxious to see if Christian Ponder can produce the same cool as he looked over the field against Chicago’s pass rush as he did against Detroit’s. Something tells me he will without Percy Harvin demanding the football. We know Jarius Wright is not Percy Harvin-but he can catch and runs a legitimate 4.3!

  6. Chicago always finds a way to destroy the Vikings. Especially in Chicago. Ponder throws 4 picks tomorrow. 2 for touchdowns. The Vikings also seem to make cutler look like an all pro.

  7. dkphilly1122 says:
    Nov 24, 2012 4:28 PM
    Cutler owns the Vikes ?? Since when? He barely knows his own name right now, let alone to own the Vikes. Allen will sack him and put a hurting on him making him wish he still was foggy.


    Since when? How about from his first game as a Bears QB. Besides how did all those sacks help the Vikes last season when they lost to a Josh McCown led Bears team

  8. It has been a dozen years since the vikings won a game in Chicago.

    If the vikings could not win in Chicago with Brett Favre, they can’t win there with Ponder.

    A cold outdoor game on natural grass, the lightweight indoor team has no chance.

    The betting line has the Bears favored by only 6.5 points. Give the points and bet on the Bears to beat the vikings 13 consecutive games in Chicago.

    Bears win 34-3 .

  9. cutler for one will not be a hundred percent he may not get good passes, and you guys are saying your rush or running defense is not as good as its been so adrian is at his prime will have a hay day with that, so we will see who the winners will be .
    I am thinking vikings may the best team win,

  10. @bobnelsonjr
    The Vikes won in Chicago in 2007, 34-31, check your facts…

    Also, Ponder is puttin up better numbers than Cutler right now, 65% Comp., 12 TDs, 8 Ints, 2027 yards compared to 59% Comp, 12 TDs, 10 Ints, 1814 yards with one less game played by Cutler due to being concussed…haters gonna hate, but don’t count out the Vikes, especially with how bad the O line has been for the Bears…

  11. Ponder seems like a bust to me but Adrian seems to be the next jim brown. So maybe he saves Ponders job for now, feel bad for him that hes already this good but his team isnt going anywhere anytime soon.

  12. Bears all talk. No Q.B. and no defense.
    I still love this line!!!

    Vikes- 28 Bears -17
    “The Bears are what we thought they were”


  13. Ponder did spread it around nice against the motor city kitties, Still I would not mind having Percy in the game! But better that Percy is out than Petterson!! Cuttler will have some rust! And the Vikes need to get to him early!! I’m sure the Bears O-line has been challenged this week by Tice! I see this game going either way!! It’s all about who wants it more!!

  14. If the Bears lose, kiss their season good bye. If the Vikings do win, it might be their last W of the season. Either way, neither of these two teams will sniff a win in the playoffs.

  15. @bobnelsonjr- 13 consecutive games in Chicago? And you sound so sure of yourself. I won’t even drop knowledge on you, just keep chatterboxing away.

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