Weeden says Browns ran routes they hadn’t practiced

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Maybe next week they’ll just draw them up in the dirt. 

Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden explained some high throws against the Cowboys last week by saying certain routes his receivers ran in Dallas weren’t practiced during the week.

“There’s a couple of routes we ran on Sunday for the first time all week and that’s not fair to me, it’s not fair to the receivers, it’s not fair to any of us, because when you’re getting thrown in the fire and the bullets are flying . . .” Weeden told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. 

Weeden kept talking, saying his elbow was low on some throws. And coach Pat Shurmur disagreed, saying practice wasn’t the problem.

“I disagree with some of that because I do think that we make an effort of the ones we’re going to call we practice,” Shurmur said. “A lot of the plays that we practice, we’ve been running all year and you run them in training camp. It’s nearly impossible with the amount of time and then the length of the season to practice every single thing multiple times. You see it going on behind me [after practice] right now. 

“They spend extra time working on the individual routes. That’s what you’ve got to do.”

Weeden admitted it would be impossible to run every route for every player in practice, as you’d like to have some degree of legs left for game day.

“We can’t be out there for three hours and we can’t go out and run every single route and make every throw,” he said. “It’s tough. That’s why I like to do it after practice, walk through them or whatever. And you look at guys like Peyton Manning, that’s what he does. Those guys are on point because he takes a lot of pride in being on time with all of his guys.”

Honestly, this sounds like a problem bigger than practice reps, as if there’s a communication problem between players and coaches and players themselves.

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  1. I really don’t like to see players make comments like this to the media. As a Browns fan, I am sick and tired of excuses. I am not impressed with Shurmer. I think teams adjust at halftime and own Cleveland in the second half. Cleveland put Romo on his back over and over again in the first half. In the second half, Romo had all day. Responsible players don’t throw their coach under the bus to the media. They own up to their mistakes, and move on. Weeden looks impressive at times, but I don’t like to see him passing the blame around.

  2. Not that Schurmur is the worst head coach ever, but his hiring has to be one of the dumbest ever. He was a coordinator for two years in Stl and the guy was hated here. We laughed out butts off when we found out he was hired.

  3. I’m getting tired of all these NFL players/coaches who always try to draw comparisons of playing a game to combat “because when you’re getting thrown in the fire and the bullets are flying . . .” Dude please. When was the last time you heard a soldier or marine say “Man…it was life and death out there…..footballs flying everywhere” I know what Weeds was trying to say….but anyways. GO BROWNS.

  4. Weeden needs to shut his mouth and stop making excuses. I was a fan of his until recently. Nothing is ever his fault until, all of a sudden, he realizes he’s said too much in an interview. He needs to follow Trent Richardson’s lead and take all blame, deserved or not. That’s the sign of a leader.

  5. With the 100% makeover this organization did this year, I’m not entirely surprised communication is an issue. We tend to forget the NFL is like any other private business – once you change management and your core workforce, it’s going to take time to understand each others style of work and how information gets distributed.

  6. “We can’t be out there for three hours…”

    Unbelievable. These guys get paid millions and millions each year for doing such little actual work its ridiculous.

  7. The reason for the communication problems is weeden didnt ever run this So called west coast offense so he has no idea the terms or language being used. Shurmur obviously doesnt know how or what to coach these players on. So to sum it up the head coach blows the QB blows so that makes us blow. Except for the defense they have been pretty good not counting most of our Dbs. New coach new Qb new offense.!!!

  8. This guy might be a rookie, but he’s not a kid.
    He obviously is not happy with the play calling.
    Kiss of death for a lame duck head coach

  9. A 29 year old rookie? My god the browns keep making mistake after mistake. Dont worry come sunday you will see a 37 year old veteran. To quote rounders “Dont worry it will all be over soon”

  10. Yea just past the halfway mark of his rookie year and Weeden is already displacing blame to the coaching staff? Congrats buddy, you just pissed off your entire receiving core by essentially saying “it’s not my fault the receivers didn’t have enough time to learn their routes.”

  11. Not that Schurmur is the worst head coach ever, but his hiring has to be one of the dumbest ever. He was a coordinator for two years in Stl and the guy was hated here. We laughed out butts off when we found out he was hired.

    I bet if you heckeled him during home games, the echo would have reached him.

  12. This is so depressing. The coach is a whiner, the supposed franchise QB is a whiner, get em both out of here!

    I’m not calling for Colt, but at least he was man enough to just play. I’d say he is 10x the leader that Weeden is.

    I hope in the franchise reboot — Browns 8.0 we get some real leaders in here.

  13. Here’s a thought Brandon – why dont you grab some of those recievers on the team and work on al the routes after practice – ya know, to make sure you cover the ones you might skip in practice.

    Its funny what a little extra work means for a teams success…. ask guys like Brady, Manning, Brees, Rodgers etc…

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