Brandon Weeden suffered a concussion


Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden wasn’t on the field to enjoy the final moments of the Browns’ first victory over the Steelers since 2009.

Weeden was taken back to the locker room during the fourth quarter after his head collided with left tackle Joe Thomas’ leg during a play. The Browns announced during the game that Weeden was undergoing further evaluation on the injury and Scott Petrak of the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram reports that he’s been diagnosed with a concussion.

According to coach Pat Shurmur, Weeden was responsive after the game. He also seemed pretty set on returning to the field after getting dinged up, something that the trainers had to help stop from happening. Running back Trent Richardson said that they hid Weeden’s helmet on the sideline so that he would not be able to find a way back into the game without receiving medical attention.

Weeden will have to go through the league’s concussion protocol before he’ll be cleared to play in Week 13 against the Raiders. If he can’t, the Browns will turn to Colt McCoy. McCoy did nothing but hand off in his brief relief appearance on Sunday and he hasn’t thrown a pass yet this season.

6 responses to “Brandon Weeden suffered a concussion

  1. This is bad news for Browns fans, if Colt plays well we’re right back to square one. Why won’t they just fire Shurmur?

  2. I think it would be a good thing to let Weeden sit a week. Hes proven all season exactly how mediocre he is. I thino it would be good to get McCoy in the game and let him give it a shot. I am not saying that he is the answer to the offenses woes, but he kind of got screwed this season and deserves a shot. The Browns’ season is over anyhow. Weeden was Holmgrens prize anyhow, now that hes outta there dump that no good bum QB

  3. 1-There’s a reason Pat Shurmur was hired to coach the team and not you….hes smarter than you are! Listening and allowing ignorant Monday morning quarterback fans like you is what put the Browns in this position in the first place! And 2-Holmgren offered everything but the kitchen sink to Washington to get move up to take RG3. Get the hell over it!!!

  4. So is Joe Thomas going to get fined for hitting a quarterback in the head? Is this a repeat offender that needs a suspension?

    /me tries to keep from cackling too loudly

    Seriously I always liked Colt, he’s a fighter and a scrapper. I thought he got a raw deal this season, but as a Steeler fan I didn’t pay too much attention to Cleveland’s preseason so I can’t say if he played his way out of the starting lineup or not.

    Thoughts, Browns fans?

    More importantly, I hope that the new ownership (go Jimmy!) can bring some stability to the organization that has done a couple thousand too many 180-degree turns.

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