Browns beat Steelers for first time since 2009

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The Steelers hoped that they could survive this week’s visit to the Browns without Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown so that they could take on the Ravens next week for a shot oat part of the AFC North lead.

If they do, it will only be because the Ravens lost to the Chargers. The Steelers turned the ball over eight times and scored just seven points on offense in a 20-14 loss to the Browns. It’s the first time the Browns have beaten the Steelers since 2009 and the victory leaves a team called the Cleveland Browns in position to pull off their first season sweep of the Steelers for the first time since 1988.

They can thank the Steelers for delivering a good portion of what they needed to win the game. Cleveland turned the turnovers into 17 points and the Steelers turned the ball over on two of their final three possessions to allow the Browns to hold on for the victory. All four Steelers running backs — Jonathan Dwyer, Rashard Mendenhall, Chris Rainey and Isaac Redman — lost fumbles and Charlie Batch threw three interceptions as part of an effort that resulted in just 231 offensive yards for Pittsburgh. The injured players can’t back soon enough for the Steelers, who have two touchdowns in two-plus games since Roethlisberger got hurt.

The Browns won’t get to enjoy the win without any concerns for the future. Quarterback Brandon Weeden left the game with a head injury and is being evaluated for a concussion. Colt McCoy replaced him, but just handed the ball off to Trent Richardson to kill the clock. One of those carries almost resulted in a disaster for Cleveland as the Steelers appeared to yank the ball away before Richardson was down. The officials ruled his forward progress had been stopped, a call that is not reviewable via instant replay.

The Steelers couldn’t have called for one anyway, they were out of timeouts, and the Browns were able to run the clock out on the win.

69 responses to “Browns beat Steelers for first time since 2009

  1. Steelers may have given the game away but that non-fumble call was absolutely horrible. It was as clear of a fumble as any of the other 6 fumbles in the game.

    Completely goes against letting the play go

  2. The whistle blew, so it’s non reviewable! I don’t care that Pitt started Batch, Cleveland started a rookie QB an has the youngest team in the NFL! Their young defense is legit, now that they are all healthy!

  3. Pathetic…. This is a wake up call for us to get younger at QB. All of our hopes ride on 1 person = Ben. You can not have that as an organization. 4 fumbles from our rb’s is totally un-called for..

  4. The key to winning in the National Football League is having a Franchise QB. Big Ben out = Loss. Big Ben in = easy win. If this doesn’t prove it, I don’t know what will. Winning and losing in the NFL starts with your QB, just look at the Colts. It’s not exactly rocket science folks.
    Go Brownies!

  5. Anyone complaining about the non fumble call. Please stop. You turned the ball over EIGHT times. In 57 minutes of football, what did you see to convince you the Steelers were going to drive for a winning TD?

    There’s always next year….

  6. If Cleveland actually puts up a fight when we play again and Ben is in then I will call them legit. This game was a fluke. Most people don’t even know who their 3rd string qb is.

  7. I cracked up when the color guy on the broadcast said ” the BROWNS just want to keep the ball out of Chalie Batch’s hands ” Where did they get that clown from !

  8. dickson29 says:
    Nov 25, 2012 4:27 PM
    Pathetic…. This is a wake up call for us to get younger at QB. All of our hopes ride on 1 person = Ben. You can not have that as an organization. 4 fumbles from our rb’s is totally un-called for..


    Not to mention having a patchwork offensive line and another 8 starters over 30 years old on defense.

    I wonder what steelersownyou has to say about this game….

  9. So Steeler fans claiming they would win are where exactly? Oh ya they’re crying under their sheets knowing full well their season is over next week. Priceless…

  10. Ben is out, huge loss, but what’s up with that o-line and those RBs?? I’m the first to admit the Ravens aren’t as good as they used to be, and probably aren’t as good as their record looks. But any Steelers fan who claims their team is better than the Ravens needs to sit down and shut up.
    But of course they won’t, this is when they start waving imaginary rings from the 1970s around.
    The Browns for Pete’s sake!!

  11. As a Steeler fan, I am embarrassed and disgusted with the crap they put on the field today. Kevin Colbert needs to be blamed solely for the crap beyond the starters. “next man up” only works if the next “man” is an NFL caliber player. Constantly bringing two OLD, injury prone, past they’re prime QB’s 3 years in a row. Not acceptable. 8 turnovers today and it only get worse. Why wasn’t Hoyer given a chance? Could he have been any worse? Embarrassing!!!!! Keep thinking this is going to get better, truth is they are the 3rd place team in a division they should be winning every year. I am tired of trying to defend this team and the stubborn nature of they’re coaching. I hope we get a good draft next year, cause there are a lot of jobs open for upgrades.

    Kudos to the the Browns for beating a team the should have. Feasting on the old and weak

  12. Mike Tomlin won’t make excuses, why do Steeler fans? The Browns outplayed Pittsburgh, plain and simple. And BTW, the Steelers were 1 point favorites despite their injuries, so excuses for losing don’t wash.

  13. Hey steelersownyou and 6thlombar… Where are you? You just lost to the freaking browns in a must win. You are now 1 game above 500. No matter what we do against sd you r still 2 games out with a lost to the browns. Talk about embarrassing!!!!

    To the Cleveland fans- great win. I know u guys don’t like shurmer, but I really hope for your sake the new owner doesn’t clean house. There is a lot to be said for stability and you have a nice nucleus of young players. Again. Thanks and great win

  14. As a Steeler fan I beg all other Steeler fans to not make ridiculous excuses, all these turnovers were made by Steeler players so they are responsible for them. Total garbage effort by all offensive personnel. Steeler Nation should be embarrased

  15. Score doesn’t reflect it but the Browns owned the Squeal Curtain for 60 minutes!

    What will the whiner PIT fans say when CLE beats them again in 5 weeks at Whines Field?

  16. That’s Cleveland for ya. Can only barely win vs 3rd stringers. I know it must haunt the factory of sadness to seee RGIII tear it up when he could have been their QB. Good job you Genious Holmgren you ha!!!

  17. Not a good day for the steelers by any means. However the loss counts as only one. They played like crap and deserved to lose. I guess we won’t get a ravens afcn tee shirt. It does prove that a season can end when your qb goes down . Keep your fingers crossed rat birds because you won’t get your cherished tee shirt if flaccid gets hurt. Won’t make a difference cause the cravens always fold in January. The only embarrassment is the frequent ignorant poster from Baltimore home of the day light muggings of tourists. Priceless…

  18. Browns were clearly the bette team today, Stealers couldn’t do much on offense, and I believe that had as much to do with Batch as it did to that tough young Cleveland defense. Not sure Ben would’ve fiared much better. The tide is turning, the once great browns steeler rivalry is returning, and soon to be dominated by the browns. Great win Brownies!!

  19. Borisbulldawg: step away from the crack pipe. You won by six points and we committed eight turnovers. I hope you are at Heinz field when Ben bombs your sorry ass. That pipe will get you killed dude, put it down please.

  20. Here’s hoping our new YOUNG backup quarterback sticks around with the team… I love me some Batch, but the guy needs a headset, not a mouthpiece. Lord Byron can’t get through a game, tough or not.

    We need legitimate – that would be young, durable, athletic – backups for our scrambling, never-give-up quarterback who seems to take a beating on his own from trying to make something out of nothing. This should have been seen from a million miles away in the offseason, clearly on the front office.

    As for the fumbles, I can only feel bad for Mike Tomlin’s family tonight! If my backs all fumbled in the same game (with a 6 point loss) I think I’d be remodeling the entire building. With my bare hands.

    Congrats to the Factory of Sadness, which is slowly turning into the Factory of Badness! Young and mean defense, combined with a young and explosive offense, and some dude with long hair returning kicks and punts who seems to be kinda good (yes that was a joke).

    Well done Cleveland, or as I saw in the stands, “Believeland.” 😉

    Now I’m going to go chew through a baseball bat and practice some primal scream therapy.

  21. It’s time to say goodbye to Batch and Byron. This is beyond words. Of all of the young guns coming out of college, why do we insist on these guys. I like both of them but their careers are over. We need to start looking for Ben’s replacement. A possible heir. Ben is broken, he and Eli are the same age and Eli looks 6 years younger. Having Batch and Byron makes the team look too confident in their starting squad, which we know to be always injured. Who’s training this team?!?!? Why does every game have 3 players injured…over and under 30??

  22. i love the browns im proud of the team vs no-big ben or not we fight till its 00:00
    cant wait till april 2013 at radio city hope we dnt waste the picks come dat time

  23. Us browns fans shouldn’t take too much pride in this win, 8 turnovers should equal a blow out win. Not a nailbiter in the end. I can’t wait till shurmur is gone! But any way a win over Sh*ttsburgh is our Super Bowl no matter what. F*CK PITTSBURGH!!!!!

  24. Browns fan here, you all can complain about how we played third stringers blah blah but guess what the browns were sitting 2 of our top 3 corners, 2 of our starting 3 linebackers, and who knows if we’ll ever see pinkston back on an nfl field. A wins a win and we don’t get many against you so let us enjoy it. I won 2 beers off this game.

  25. Pump your brakes Browns fans…

    I’m not a Steelers fan, but come on.

    There are Browns fans on here already talking Super Bowl next year…

    You’ll be lucky to go .500 next year also…

  26. Hey Ravens fans, turn on CBS, check the score, then realize you are losing to a 4-6 team with your FIRST string QB. Its easy to talk without mentioning any context around the outcome.

  27. Be thankful RGIII isn’t a Brown. He would have thrown up 38 against the Steelers today. 4 fumbles from 4 different running backs? That has to be an NFL record. Without a tipped pass and a paa interference call, Browns pitch a shut out today. ” Go Browns”

  28. Can someone tell me where we can find “7thlombardifartsinyourface” today?

    Must be in a closet with nyeffingjets.

  29. Point Blank! Steelers Defense is good enough to win a superbowl. The steelers offense without Big Ben, not……..The steelers running backs had a real bad day. They need Big Ben back and fast, they aren’t beating anybody with backup qbs in Batch and Leftwich. They both looked beyond Rusty. Get Healthy Big Ben…..they need you more then ever….

  30. Steeley. What happened to those awesome running backs you talked about all week? Tisk tisk, every single one had a fumble, your team is in shambles. Win or lose, ravens sitting pretty

  31. I am enjoying the joy the suffering browns are displaying because if you live in Cleveland you don’t have much to cheer about in the mistake by the lake. Hey once every three years you should win a rivalry game. Enjoy our loss Raven fans you don’t get a chance to gloat very often so have fun. My joy will be watching you clinch your regular season SB (afcn champs) acting like fools only to be one and done as usual . Hey at the end of the day your still from Baltimore , what can I say but ….pathetic …and priceless.

  32. Reality check, no one is withholding context, steelers had an abysmal 8 turnovers. You’ve lost to the raiders and titans, with ben (you must’ve forgotten that). Steelers are way behind in the division and yes, win or lose, ravens are sitting pretty. AFCN may not be that strong this year, but Ravens are the top of the class. Soak it up, let it sink in, and realize the Steeler season is over next week where the Ravens are sensational at M&T Bank. Cheers!

  33. The lazy analysts will blame Ben’s absence. But Batch had onky 3 bad drives. he wasn’t allowed to settle down because the running game was awful with the fumbles and lack of big runs. And there were bad penalties by the Steelers OL whenever there was a good offensive play. Not to mention , one of those INTs came because Wallace let the ball bounce off his hands.

    The real story is Wallace is a joke. When you hold out, back it up. So far, he has made more bad plays than great plays in the season.

  34. As a lifelong Steelers fan I hate to say this but I blame the coaching staff. Is it me or is the Mike Tomlin era starting to parallel his former boss in Tampa John Gruden? Sure he’s been to two Super Bowls, winning one, but he did that with predominantly Bill Cowher’s players. Gruden did the same thing with Tampa and Tony Dungy’s players! But when the time came for Gruden to put his stamp on that team with his own players and decisions he fell flat on his a$$! I see the same things happening in Pittsburgh! This has easily been the worst coaching season of Tomlin’s tenure in Pittsburgh! And Mike Wallace…what a bum! Aside from that play in the Giants game he’s been absent all season! Playmakers make plays no matter what the offense is built around and Mike Wallace sir you are no playmaker! I’ll be glad to see that bum leave in free agency!

  35. I agree man, but dang would you want to start him with that injury next week in Baltimore who will be foaming at the mouth to hit him? I’d sit him especially from the looks of the O-Line and the injuries that just keep piling up! But the D…dang they have been lights out, what a wasted effort thus far! Mike Wallace and Rashard Mendenhall…I’d cut their sorry a$$es tomorrow!

  36. And now officially about 169 hours away from being 6-6. Have they ever had 8 turnovers before? As sloppy and as unprofessional game as I have ever seen this franchise play. And behind a third string QB that could have won. Disgusting!

    Closer to ever now being irrelevant in 2012. On the bright side Steeler fan, you can hope for the world to end on 12/21 and it’ll wipe from memory how your team finished.

  37. Congrats browns from a die hard steelers fan but I can take u winning 2 out of the last 18 against the steelers, nobody can win a game with 8 turnovers not even against the browns. Enjoy it bc it will be the last one for a long time.

  38. A win’s a win, but I wouldn’t be getting too excited if my team only won by 6 after the other team had 8 turnovers.

    Hopefully this loss will provide some extra motivation to get things back on track vs Baltimore next week.

    I know Batch is the 3rd string QB, but the last 2 weeks have shown that the Steelers really need to invest in a quality backup.

  39. I still have the Steelers finishing 10-6 and going to Denver. And the Patriots hosting the Colts on Wildcard Weekend.

  40. ravenator says: Nov 25, 2012 4:34 PM

    Raiders, titans, browns? Must be awesome to be a Steeler fan.


    Six Super Bowl wins help ease the pain, but you wouldn’t know anything about that.

  41. It’s funny how Steelers fans like to smack talk when they beat the Browns! But. C’mon ! Third stringers hogwash! You played the youngest team in the NFL! How many of your defensive players are third stringers that led to a Richardson 15 yard TD, and a rookie QB TD pass! This game wouldn’t have even been this close if Weeden’s pass wasn’t tipped and returned for a TD! You played a rookie QB and the youngest NFL team, that has 25 players (17 rookies) with 2 years, or less experience! Stop making excuses!

  42. Even though the Steelers are far better offensively with Roethlisberger, it should be noted that when Roethlisberger went out with an “injury” against Kansas City, the offense only ranked 19th in scoring…
    Also, In two out of the previous three visits to Cleveland, the Roethlisberger-quarterbacked Steelers scored just 6 and 13 points, respectively. Today, the offense scored 7. I don’t really see a big difference.
    Sadly, the Steelers’ offense stinks with or without their franchise quarterback.

  43. Hey darkglobe,

    The Browns have 8 rings! Just because it was called the NFL championship instead of the Super Bowl, they still have more Championships than Pit! Didn’t it take until three or four years ago, to match the head to head win total against the Browns? That’s what I thought! Or since you want to bring up history, didn’t the Steelers have 30 some odd losing season until the 1970’s!

    Football fan amnesia! It gets the best of us!

  44. Wwwwwaaaaaaaaaaa. Use your terrible towels to wipe those big tears. You were beaten down by a team who has been beaten down and a non-contender for many, many years. The Pittsburgh organization should repay all expences to the fans who journeyed to Cleveland to watch the game.

  45. As a Browns fan I never thought I would come away shaking my head after a victory over the Steelers, but it’s hard to get excited about this one. The Steelers had a third-string QB and handed us the ball 8 times, and we still barely beat them. Good performance by the Browns’ defense; abysmal performance by the Browns’ offense. A decent offense, given all those gifts, would have scored 40 points. It’s good to win, of course, but it’s clear that we still need a quarterback and that there’s work to be done.

  46. I am not a steelers or Browns fan…. but man steelers fans are pathetic, annoying and irrational….

    You guys aren’t that good and are not going to playoffs. You’re team is old at many positions. Rebuilding years are ahead.

    The ravens own you guys now and the bengals are younger and have more talent.

    Ben is really really good. Minus ben, the steelers = the browns

  47. Hey nofoolnodrool, Ravens have NEVER gone one and done in the playoffs in the flacco-harbaugh era…literally has never happened. I don’t mind the talk about flacco and the lackluster offense, but had to call you out on that one.

  48. Man was that tough to watch. It doesn’t even matter who was under center for the Steelers, when you fumble the ball away 5 times you’re going to lose 99% of those games, period. Will the Steelers PLEASE stop this running back by committee garbage – ensuring that no one running back is comfortable or reliable – and stick with a primary back already!?!?!?

  49. first off, the defense is where we are old, and they’re the #1 unit in the league and surrendered points on mostly short fields due to the turnovers, so stop with the “too old” crap, it’s a lazy argument.

    2nd (probably should have been first, but the too old crap just annoys me greatly), good game browns. i’m sure you would like to have seen more points off of 8 turnovers, but a win’s a win and the defense definitely brought home the bacon.

    3rd, i have no idea what we’ve been thinking with our backup qb situation. we sat on dixon for far too long, even when it was obvious he wasnt going to be a competent backup. we insist on keeping leftwich, who’s tough, but fragile as a china doll, not to mention a delivery that’s not conducive to the type of O-line that we employ, even in Haley’s get rid of it quick offense. and charlie batch? yea, ’nuff said on that one. he needs to leave football and become John Legend’s body double. we are undoubtedly the ONLY organization who would give him a job. GREAT for the community….the team, not really….we just really need a better plan for when Ben gets hurt…actually a plan at all would be nice.

    we have more SB rings, SB appearances, and Conference titles than your team does since your flash in the pan SB title in 2000 (aka, EVER), so why would we need to go back to the 70s to gloat? yes, you’ve beaten us the last few games, but what do you have to show for it? division titles? keep that bar low B-more. you and ravenator (and the 13 other names he/she goes by) should really go post on your own boards, but you guys really are comical if nothing else. thanks for all the attention. nice to know that even when we’re down, we still command your full attention.

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