Carson Palmer gets rude welcome back to Cincinnati


Apart from the fact that not enough Cincinnati residents were sufficiently interested in greeting quarterback Carson Palmer on his return to town is the fact that the Bengals defense was.

On his first pass attempt of the game, Palmer was slammed into the ground by defensive tackle Geno Atkins.

Two plays later, defensive end Michael Johnson got Palmer.

His left forearm has been wrapped on the sideline by trainers after the ensuing punt.

10 responses to “Carson Palmer gets rude welcome back to Cincinnati

  1. Oakland thank you so much for the picks that brought us AJ & Dalton. Most of all thanks for taking “Pick Six” Palmer off of our hands. Much appreciated!

  2. benlw2 says: Nov 25, 2012 7:55 PM

    Oakland thank you so much for the picks that brought us AJ & Dalton. Most of all thanks for taking “Pick Six” Palmer off of our hands. Much appreciated!
    I would say you’re welcome, but since Green and Dalton were both drafted in 2011 before Palmer was traded, I’m going to have to fall back on the “Bengal fan isn’t real smart” response.

  3. As a Bengals fan I might have gotten offended by that last comment by since it came from a Raiders fan I will just say that im sorry. Im feel terrible that your team is such a joke. I know you can’t do anything about it. You and all Raiders fans are in my prayers. It has to be horrible to be a fan of the worst organization in football. 🙂

  4. Dont be offended at all, just read your sentence and think to yourself. Yea lol he might just be right. And wait when was the last time the Bengals won anything. So if your saying we have the worst orginazation in football. What do you call your team? Just a bunch of criminals out on work release?

  5. I can remember a time, not too long ago, when the Bengals were the gold-standard for sub-mediocrity in the league. Now, you can easily take your pick from any of the three losers in the AFC West. Who would think that would have ever happened???

  6. The NFL blackout rule is just ridiculous. Though I went to the game and saw about 7 to 8 k empty seats, they were in the nose bleed and the club areas. There is no way in hell that I will buy a ticket (for anywhere close to full price) and sit in the sideline upper deck. No chance. As for the club seats, again no way in hell that I’d pay over $200 for the chance to go inside and buy their mediocre food options. (not all that bad, but not really worth it) It’s hard to blame the fans that didn’t come to the game for those reasons. I wasn’t going to miss CP get knocked on his back all day. Loved it. And yes, thank you for the 1st round pick starting gaurd and the second round pick next year.

  7. I find it hilarious when people refer to the “when have you won’t anything” comment. Well, I ask you Jokeland, when’s the last time you’ve won’t anything? Your team has a WORSE winning percentage than those horrible Bengal teams of the 90’s and it’s a what have you done for me lately league so don’t be so quick to refer to.the past when the present isn’t so nice. I know the Oakland fans moderator will delete this in a second so peace out and thanks for the draft picks. One last question, who made more money Kijana Carter or Jamarcus Russell?

  8. This is funny to read some of you out there arguing about better records or standings, its ridiculous. In my 35 years of watching my Raiders play, sure there have been good times, good pics and 3 wrings to showfor it but there have also been the bad ones. I also remember when the Green Bay packers and the Patriots and the Giants or whoever has been a horrible team and we all get to share in that grief while going through transition with our teams. No one team dominates decade after decade or forever. We all have to rebuild and draft and go out on game day and fight for our wins with those decisions. Good or bad we adjust. Thats why they call it the NFL ( NOT FOR LONG) when its a must win based league. Yes, my Raiders suck, but Palmer has done one hell of a job with what he was dealt with here. Thats the nature of the beast. Win some lose some. One thing is for sure Palmer or Dalton? wont be in the Superbowl this year, that’s for sure!!!!!!

  9. The bengals are just a bunch of criminals on work release?? This would make sense if you said this about 4 years ago, but no sense now.. Which Bengal was arrested?? Must have missed that one.. I mean even Pac man Jones hasnt been in trouble. Now the Raiders on the other hand LOL what a joke they are. (While we didnt get AJ Green and Dalton like that moron said above) we did get Kirkpatrick and this years 2nd rd pick, which will be a top 10 pick in the second rd. Also you have Carson Palmerand your future doesnt look good.. Have fun watching the bengals in the playoffs in the next couple years..

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