Chiefs don’t make it easy, but Broncos pick up another win

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The bad news for the Broncos is that their offense clearly missed running back Willis McGahee in their first game since he went down with a knee injury. The good news is they were playing the Chiefs, so they won anyway.

Denver’s offense took a long time to get going today in Kansas City, with Peyton Manning and Co. not even getting on the scoreboard until the final minute of the first half, but the Chiefs’ scoring was limited to three field goals, and in the end the Broncos managed to escape with a 17-9 win. That makes the Broncos 8-3 on the season, and they’ve all but clinched the AFC West. The terrible Chiefs fall to 1-10.

Peyton Manning completed 22 of 37 passes for 285 yards, with two touchdowns and one interception — not bad numbers, but not up to Manning’s usual standards. Knowshon Moreno, who started in place of McGahee, was OK but not great, with 20 carries for 85 yards. Denver’s offense never seemed like it was firing on all cylinders.

But the Chiefs’ offense was totally broken down, with Brady Quinn managing just 126 yards on 13-of-24 passing. When you’re playing the Chiefs, you don’t have to bring you A game.

So Denver got away with a win today, while bringing their B or C game. The question is whether they’ll be able to turn it up on offense without McGahee, when they’re playing better opponents than the Chiefs.

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  1. Manning has made a career out of beating bad teams in his division during the regular season. Good to see nothing has changed. Too bad he can’t win when it matters against quality teams. 9-10 in the postseason is pretty embarrassing.

  2. Home team double digit underdogs almost always cover and it was a division game, I’m sure Denver will happily take the win.

  3. Not really sure how you can say McGahee is what happened to the offense. Defense forced zero turnovers, offense had long field all day and Manning was off in the fourth quarteruntil the final drive. In addition, Prater missed two FG.

    Moreno was actually a huge part of the drive to end the game. In all Moreno had 20 carries for 85 yards, 4 catches for 26 yards and did not fumble. He had a solid game.

  4. Against the worst team in the NFL it was a bye week for the Broncos, manning took it easy and still collected 285 yards and 2 TD, next weeks game should be a good one against a better team, so a win should be more entertaining.

  5. If this cast of characters is trotted back out on the field next season , Arrowhead will be a ghost town ! Pioli- Crennel-Dabol , get the hell out of town and take these QB`s with you …

  6. That offense is atrocious and horribly predictable. The D gave the Chiefs a chance but you don’t beat good teams by kicking field goals. How Daboll got the job is beyond me. He must have dirt on Pioli. This “Patriot Way” is making me sick. Pioli, your arrogance and ignorance have almost completely destroyed a once proud franchise. I hope you’re proud of yourself and enjoy the millions of dollars you got for turning us into the new Oakland Raiders

  7. I think the Chiefs should keep Pioli and Crennel, but make a change at offensive coordinator. The defense can already play at a high level now, they just need the offense to turn it up. I think one or two additions and a change at OC can make this whole situation look a lot better in a hurry. Hitting the reset button and starting a new program means several years until they are competitive.

  8. I don’t agree with this analysis at all. Moreno ran great today. The offense struggled because the Kansas City D was collapsing the pocket and covering well down field. I thought the loss of Willis wasn’t felt all that bad in this one.

  9. Why is it whenever a dog shows up against a top tier team(which I’m not entirely sure Denver is yet) the better team is always described as not bringing their A game? Manning has always had issues with Crennel’s defense and the Chiefs actually have a very good defense that for the most part handled the Broncos offense. It had nothing to do with the Broncos not bringing their A game.

  10. Chiefs D is underrated. Of course their “stats” don’t look good…they’re on the field for at least 3/4 of the game. Denver did have a few drops but all in all I thought they played a good game against a hungry team

  11. You have your good games and you have your not so good games. Broncos struggled against a good cheifs defense but manning prevailed in crunch time because that’s what clutch QBs do. Didn’t see any effects of Mcgahee not being on the field, murano was solid and didn’t fumble. You wont see this same results when the bucs come to town, broncos are not like the pats who feeds on crushing bad teams. Doesn’t matter how you win as long as you find a way to win, the broncos did, the chiefs didn’t. Unlike the chargers, the broncos know how to get it done once they have the lead as you see, the are 6-0the this year when having the the lead in the forth quarter.

  12. As a lifelong Chiefs fan, I never thought I would yearn for the days of Carl Peterson & Marty Schottenheimer. Dark days indeed.
    The good news—thanks to big wins by the Jags & Brownst, the Chiefs remain on track for the #1 pick next April.
    The bad news—Scott Pioli may well be making that pick.
    The fans can only hope the upcoming changes forcing owners to spend up to the salary cap will improve things. Chiefs owner Clark Hunt has made it quite clear that he lacks the football passion to win, & is more of a dollars & cents first type business guy. Unfortunately, even the worst franchise in the NFL can make money hand over fist.
    Absent some big changes this coming offseason, the crickets may be louder than fans at Arrowhead next year.
    Personally, I’ll not be spending any more money on this franchise until things change—Sunday ticket, my own food & beverages, & a nice flatscreen together cost a lot less than I would otherwise spend in a season at Arrowhead.

  13. So Denver has lost to Atlanta, Houston and New England this year.. yet.. they’re the best team in the AFC?

  14. Denver sure looks good beating up on mediocre/horrible teams… Then looks horrible when they play winning teams.

    But, the advantage they have, is that the NFL seems to want them to win. None of their players get fines for illegal hits, they’re never blatantly robbed of calls, etc..

    Manning is Goodell’s Golden Boy. Denver is far from the best team (they have yet to beat a good NFL team).. but the NFL is on their side, and that says a lot.

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