Colts don’t need much flash to beat Bills


It wasn’t the prettiest football game you’ll ever see in Indianapolis on Sunday, but the Colts didn’t need style points to improve their chances of making the playoffs this season.

They needed a victory and they got just that. They beat the Bills 20-13 to improve to 7-4 in the season and leave themselves in strong position as the AFC playoff picture continues to take shape. There wasn’t much of the sizzling Andrew Luck we’ve seen at other points this season, but there also wasn’t any of the guy whose interceptions fueled an ugly loss to the Patriots last weekend.

Luck completed 20-of-37 passes for 240 yards on the day. Eight of those passes went to Reggie Wayne, who also drew a crucial pass interference penalty on Bills rookie corner Stephon Gilmore to help run out the clock at the end of the fourth quarter. Another one of Luck’s completions was to T.Y. Hilton for a touchdown in the third quarter, giving Hilton a touchdown catch to go with his 75-yard punt return score in the first half.

The touchdown drive in the third quarter featured Luck at his best as he completed six-of-nine passes and converted three third downs to keep the team rolling toward the end zone. Those moments are what lingers as the memory of Luck from the game. While they were less efficient than you’d like to see, he made enough of the big plays to keep drives alive to assure the Colts of a victory.

It wasn’t flashy, which also goes for the team’s defense. It was the best performance of the year for the unit, although it was short on takeaways (one interception which safety Tom Zbikowski fumbled right back to Buffalo) and other explosive plays. They gave up some plays that moved Buffalo down the field, but the red zone was kept under tight wraps on Sunday.

There aren’t any realistic playoff dreams left in Buffalo these days. C.J. Spiller ran for 107 yards on 14 carries, including a 41-yarder to set up Buffalo’s only touchdown of the day, but Ryan Fitzpatrick hit on just 17-of-33 passes for 180 yards to keep the team from taking advantage of several chances handed to them by a game defense. Mario Williams had three sacks, Justin Rogers had an interception and the Colts offense scored only 13 points. The Bills weren’t able to generate enough points, though, and that’s become a broken record in the wake of Bills games this season.

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  1. Earlier in the year the Bills defense could not stop anyone and the offense was scoring 20+ points a game and found ways to lose. Now defense is playing much better and offense can’t score. Another year down the tubes in Buffalo.

  2. It definitely wasn’t a pretty game. Peyton used to call these games “Grinders”. Sometimes I miss Peyton. Today was not one of those days. #Chuckstrong!

  3. I was not very impressed by Andrew Luck today. That said, he played way better than the other QB in the game…

    This loss has really ended the already very slim playoff chances for the Bills. They had to win a game against a beatable team and they did not do it.

    The only good thing for the Bills is that Mario earned his paycheck for the week. He played well today.

  4. logicalvoicesays says:Nov 25, 2012 4:52 PM

    The Bills are so embarrassing. RGIII is superior and I guarantee the Redskins make the playoffs and win more Super Bowls in this upcoming decade. That is all.


    What the heck does RGIII have to do with this game? The Bills were never really in play for him at the price the Rams were asking and the Colts were never going to pass on Andrew Luck.

    Of course, if the Colts had passed on Luck and taken RGIII then your team would not have him soo….you’re dumb.

  5. Don’t forgeat about the fumble before the end of the first half that Byrd forced and recovered but the booth did not challenge. Or that the clock was at 0 when the colts spiked the ball. How about the Fumble by T.Y. Hilton that they gave back to the Colts. Or the phantom P.I. on Gilmore to end the game..How do u end a game on a questionable pass interferance call? The league and refs are favoring teams and making it unfair and not fun to watch games…They want these big name rookies to make it to playoffs without any questions..It is bogus and just embarassing, especially when a legit team plays there butt off. I can’t forget to mention Gailey’s bad play calls at the end, and taking Spiller out yet again on the second to last drive of the game, when he has a majority of the offenses production. Justin Rodgers got smoked on every play he covered Wayne and Wanndstedt still let him cover him, Just put your best guy on there’s and shut him down (Gilmore)…bad coaching there as well. And how about this moron calling screens at the most obvious times, I can call a defense against Gailey’s old self, On a second and 8 in any drive it’s a 90% chance that he will run a draw or a screen..Get some new plays for reall…Being a Bills fan is not fun..

  6. Luck’s rookie year is reminding me of Peyton’s first playoff year when they went 13-3. He’s clearly not a great QB yet, but he’s getting better and the team is finding ways to win while he is growing.

    Hopefully for him, this success this year doesn’t result in unrealistic expectations next year like they did for Manning in year 3, which resulted in Jim Mora getting fired.

  7. Chan Gailey is a pathetic excuse for a head coach. He clearly doesn’t know how to manage the game and clearly doesn’t know how to utilize his teams strengths, ie. the running attack vs. 5 wide spread formations. He is just in love with all his “cute” little plays he draws up regardless of their effectiveness. I’m sick of him and the coaching staff as a whole. Where do I apply for the job? Seriously, if someone has knows how to get an e-mail through to One Bills Drive please let me know. Cj Spiller has 12 carries for 121 yards in the 3rd quarter and then has 3 touches the rest of the game? Are you serious???? The defense even had a decent showing today and in spite of that Chan thinks he can out smart everyone by running his stupid game plan. Cut Brad Smith, he is garbage, let Cj run free. Put Fred and Cj on the field at the same time to throw defenses off, not five wide recievers (a depleted un-proven unit of WRs at that). It’s embarrassing to be a Bills fan.

  8. This team has to clean house. Of course they will again hire a pathetic coach and he will bring his pathetic coaching staff and they will play pathetic football. I honestly thought this team had a really good shot at a playoff spot and that thought was the same as many highly regarded NFL experts but we all got fooled by this miserable team.

  9. When the steelers have RBs with talent, they run them all day. When the Bills have talented RBs……. Well?

  10. Luck out of ROTY??? Well lets see, rg3 with redskins this year, same mediocre team as last year, luck with colts, in playoff race, he is mvp talks if you ask me?? What a turn around!!

  11. Luck could care less about ROTY award, hes more worried about winning and making it to the playoffs, unlike rg3 whos only worried about awards and endorsements

  12. @billsboy88

    Just a word about logicalvoiceofreason or what ever troll name he is using now. You only hear from the idiot when the Skins are winning. The fumes from RG3’s jock has caused him to be more and more delutional as the year goes on. But don’t worry as Andrew Luck leads the Colts to the playoffs as well as walk away with rookie of the year award, we won’t have to listen to him as I am sure suicide will be the most “logical” choice.

  13. realfootballfan says:
    Nov 25, 2012 6:14 PM
    Luck’s rookie year is reminding me of Peyton’s first playoff year when they went 13-3. He’s clearly not a great QB yet, but he’s getting better and the team is finding ways to win while he is growing.

    Hopefully for him, this success this year doesn’t result in unrealistic expectations next year like they did for Manning in year 3, which resulted in Jim Mora getting fired.


    Uhh….the Colts went 3-13 in Peyton’s rookie year. It was his 2nd season that they flipped and went 13-3

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