Inadvertent whistle sparks trio of ejections in Cincinnati

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The outcome isn’t in doubt in Cincinnati, but the game is still interesting.

One play after a turnover by the Bengals was wiped out by an inadvertent whistle, a brawl broke out with three players being ejected.  Given the shoe were Bengals offensive lineman Andrew Whitworth, Raiders defensive end Lamarr Houston, and Raiders defensive tackle Tommy Kelly.

Kelly’s ejection came from the fact that he entered the field of play from the sideline.

The Bengals lead, 34-10.

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  1. That whole officiating crew should be fired on the spot, they’re responsible for that fight.

    First the clipping call with no contact at all from the OL that killed a drive, and then that “inadvertent whistle”, what a joke.

    Fire them all asap if not sooner.

  2. Oh, that was a terrible sequence for the officials. A touchdown return of a fumble never happened because an official blew the whistle after the fumble but before the return – and the ball was given back to the offense.

    That’s bad. I appreciate that the rules say that the play has to be nullified in that situation, but it would have made sense if the officials could make an apology to the Raiders when they announce the results of the play.

    On the next play, Andrew Whitworth just completely lost his head and went after Lamarr Houston. For the life of me I can’t see why Houston was ejected (maybe for the crime of being headbutted by Whitworth). Did the officials get him confused with Matt Shaughnessy, who threw a punch (and therefore should have been ejected)? Or did they miss Shaughnessy’s punch completely? Kelly lost it (and his helmet) too and deserved to go.

    Oh, and then Whitworth showboated on his way to the locker room. I hope when the league looks at this game that Whitworth gets hit with a suspension. Very bad.

  3. Another week, another regular-ref failure.

    I really hope the NFL got the piece of the the contract approved that said they could replace/demote the ineffective ref crews.

  4. Hey florio, you were putting yourself at the forefront of the “get the regular refs back” campaign…anything to say about the regular refs given this weeks events?? I try and be objective as possible even though I am a ridiculously loyal fan but it appears as though the same public chastising needs to be imposed on the regular refs. This was a complete joke of a game. A 14 point swing late in the game affects the outcome of the game.

  5. I was hoping someone can explain this. The whistle blows a play dead, the ball either fumble or was an incomplete shy of the 1st down anyways. Whistle comes after the play, refs claim it was an inadvertent whistle. How so? Play was dead, even if the Raiders didn’t get the ball, didn’t get the score, etc. It was 4th down. Why in the world would the Bengals be given an option to replay the down?

    Bengals were 8 point favorites, so the TD was probably a no-no for Vegas. Then to give the Bengals the balls and let them score? Bengals-Over…who would’ve thought?

  6. Raiders fans and Joe will neglect to mention how the Raiders body slammed Dalton well after the whistle was blown-no matter what that ass clown Rabdy Cross says.

  7. Very bad officiating on the play which should have been a fumble returned for a TD. No idea why the ref blew his whistle.

  8. Seems not a single officiating crew is doing a good job today. Refs robbed the Steelers(and I like the browns and hate the Steelers), rob buffalo of a fumble that allowed the colts to get a field goal before the half and an inadvertent whistle now. Wow could these fools be any worse? I mean really, the replacements made these guys look like the high school refs.

  9. Why wasn’t Dunlap ejected for going in the field, while his offense was still on the field. – Fight started because of the Reff screwing the Raiders on the previous fumble play.

    Trust me!! Had it been Brady or Peyton’s team they get the ball 9/10.

  10. Prediction: This will be forgotten about by the media within 2-3 days.

    Similar to how the Texans/Detroit debacle has already been overlooked.

    Where’s all the garbage about the “integrity of the game”…..

    I would pay $1000 to be able to ask that question to Mike Perreria on live TV

  11. And everyone was complaining about the Replacement Referees being bad when they made GB cry. I guess this Refs are just as bad

  12. Wierd rule! If they blew the whitle by mistake, admit it and fix the call. And Cinci gets to decide if they want to replay the down? Really changed the outcome for the game.This is as bad as the game where the Houston runner was down, but because Detroit threw a challenge flag the official will not review the touchdown. I know it’s a rule but he was still down and you allow a touchdown? Wierd, weird, weird!

  13. I would happily pay any fine Andrew Whitworth gets. If Cincinnati would have even looked at pick six Palmer after a whistle it would have been 15 yards. It is ridiculous there was no flag for hitting Dalton well after the whistle.

  14. If they aren’t going to let the Raiders compete then just dissolve the franchise now.

    Granted the Raiders were awful but that at least would have made the game competitive for a little bit.

  15. The Raiders got robbed, the Officials knew it and they lost control of the game in a major way.

    From what I saw on TV I don’t believe that Houston should have been ejected. However, several other players from both sides were throwing punches and one can only what was said and who was bumped. Whitworth took the eject like a badge of honor, and should get an extra game for that alone. (Yes, multiple players will be suspended next week)

    The NFL front office has some work to do. It was a game changing play that the officials blew. The fines and penalties that are levied on the players will be released, the officials need to be punished as well.

    I wonder how Mike will approach this issue? This site was anti-replacements from day one. At least you could understand them making a mistake of this magnitude.

  16. The fight didn’t start over the fumble call, it started because a Raider slammed Dalton after the whistle then another Raider ran up and got in Dalton’s grill.
    If the Bengals OL don’t do something at that point to back their QB, they should be ejected by Marvin.
    Whitworth did just what he should have, what the other OL should have done but stood around but they are mostly Rookies or newbies.

  17. I agree that the inadvertent whistle thing was a bad call by the officials. The completely blew that call, but that call was not a game changer. Cincy was up by 3 scores at that point.
    As far as Whitworth hoes, he “lost his mind” after Houston and another Raiders defender kept pushing on Dalton well after the whistle was blown. He may have reacted badly, but Houston and the other Raiders were hardly innocent bystanders. #77 for the Raiders should have been gone as well, he was blatantly throwing punches.

  18. The only thing that was offensive in this game was the Raider’s “D”….. The offials were ok, they didn’t throw many flags and just allowed them to play ball. Even if The Raiders would’ve had the calls benefiting them, they still would’ve had their bottoms handed to them…. WHO DEY!

  19. Bad call but Oakland still s and always will be a classless org. Whit worth is just protecting his qb like any decent ol would do. Once the league looks at this tape there will be several other fines handed out to the raider scum.

  20. Dalton was not “slammed to the ground”, nor did any Raiders player “Raiders defender kept pushing on Dalton well after the whistle was blown”. BS, and you know it.

    It was obvious noone heard a whistle except Dalton. The o-lineman were still blocking and the d-linemen were rushing. Houston took Dalton to the ground on his rear end. He did not pile drive him or attempt to injure him. Dalton gets up and starts runnin his mouth while Houston is walking away and Whitmore rushes up and goes after Houston. Completely uncalled for.

    The refs lost all control of this game on the ‘inadvertent whistle’ that nullified the Raiders TD. Next play, all hell broke loose. Whitmore celebrating as he ran off the field shows exactly what kind of a punk he really is.

    Houston should not have been ejected. Shaughnessy and Bryant threw punches, they should have been gone.

    Bring back the replacement refs. These clowns are far worse than the scabs were. The phantom clip call and the inadvertent whistle took a minimum of 10 points off the scoreboard for Oakland in a 27-10 game. Could easily have been 27-24 with 7 minutes left. At that point, its anyones game and Oakland has all the momentum. But the refs incompetence saved Cincy’s sorry butt today.

  21. seems to me that there were quite a few bengals players and coaching staff on the field, but kelly gets ejected for leaving bench….please explain that rule

  22. The last time there were so many officiating blunders in a week, the media banded together to rip the officials and the NFL to no end. I mean they drug up background checks, you name it, to force a change. I can only hope they do the same thing again. There are any number of officials that should be replaced immediately.

  23. Officials are only human, we have all made an ass of ourselfs at work at one time or another. With that said, a formal apology at a press conference is in order.

  24. i will admit that i am a Bengals fan. honestly, there should have been other Bengals ejected. first of all the play was dead before the snap. false start by Andre smith. secondly, the raiders were ticked off and that chump decided to slam Dalton down after the whistle. O lineman are taught to stand up for their quarterbacks, so i have no problem with what whitworth did. he wont be suspended, sorry to burst your bubbles. tommy kelly may be suspended for leaving the bench, and a couple of bengals might see the same thing.

  25. If that was Suh who threw Dalton to the ground Florio would be on his soap box talking about how dirty he is and this needs to be reviewed etc.

  26. The Raiders were robbed of the opportunity to get back in the game.

    What a joke.

    As a Raiders fan I am not surprised. One way or another the Raiders are involved in controversial calls and much more often than not get the short end of the stick.

    Immaculate Deception, Tuck rule and so on. It’s been going on since Rozelle was commish and will continue to be true.

    The league has it in for the RAIDERS, always have.

  27. Gotta love the Bengal haters and Raider fans. Yeah the refs blew the call before. But that doesn’t mean the Raiders were justified in slamming Dalton to the ground after the play was called. That’s why Whitworth came over. Any decent OL is going to come to the defense of his QB. And I’m perfectly ok with him doing that. no reason to be pissed at the Bengals when the refs blew the call. Take it out on the QB and you will get some stuff back from that QB’s OL. It’s that simple. Raiders have been scum and always will be scum. Palmer got what he deserved today. He got picked and sacked all damn day. He’s a quitter like the rest of the team.

  28. Anyone who watched that game should be able to see it was a horrible call…. They should also be able to recognize it likely did not change the outcome of the game that much – it would have still been a 10 pt game

    Where you should be disappointed in the Raiders is in their non-existent first half and the fact that they cried their way out of a stop and getting the ball back after they got screwed. It’s not about the things you can’t control, it’s how resilient you can be with what you can….

  29. I dont understand why raiders fans think this changed the game? The raiders were getting manhandled and demolished all game. The bengals had enough points to win in the first quarter.

    Why would you think the quitter carson palmer is going to do anything worthwile?

    You are also straight stupid if you think Andrew whitworth was the aggressor on that play. He was protecting his QB from the cheapshots well after it was apparent the radiers were going home losers.

  30. I was at the game, I saw the whole thing unfold. Before the fumble was even returned half the raiders bench was on the field because they heard the whistle too and thought the play was dead. It wasn’t until everyone else noticed it was a catch and fumble that they started to throw a fit. Everyone from the raiders side then decided to stay on the field and started wandering as far as half field. I heard the whistle clear as day right after the fumble happened, it was as if the ref the nearest to the play thought it was an incomplete catch and blew the whistle to kill the play. It happens all the time and has always been explained that once the whistle is blown nothing can be challenged. If the ref who blew the whistle said it was incomplete, then the fact that the guy picked up the ball at any point was null and void. There was at least 5 minutes of consulting with the refs and each coach, and then they decided to stand pat and then created 3rd down. Then there was a delay of game, and more consulting with each other. Then the next play happened to fast, I saw basically half the team on both sides stand up and saw the D-lineman rush through and slam Dalton to the ground hard. So basically he got penalized for rushing through and sacking the QB when the play was dead. Then there was a scuffle, basically Whit didn’t like what happened to Dalton, then the whole situation exploded and half the raiders bench ran onto the field. I literally saw a ref drag a raiders player out of the pile and shove him. I saw several players slapping others and saw a couple punches thrown. Whit deserved to show boat out off the field. He stood up for our QB, the whole crowd gave him a standing ovation. It was beautiful to see Green catch that bomb right after to settle the crowd down. Everyone was amped.

  31. pickensclause says: Nov 25, 2012 4:20 PM

    Raiders fans and Joe will neglect to mention how the Raiders body slammed Dalton well after the whistle was blown-no matter what that ass clown Rabdy Cross says.
    Dalton was still moving around with the ball when Houston tackled him. There was no body slam, and if the offense doesn’t stop, you can’t expect the defense to stop, either. What I honestly don’t understand is why the Bengals had the opportunity to take a mulligan on the previous play after the Raiders got jobbed on the quick whistle. Strip, fumble recovery, touchdown? Nope. Free play for the offense. So sorry.

  32. acerockefellar says: Nov 25, 2012 6:19 PM

    I dont understand why raiders fans think this changed the game? The raiders were getting manhandled and demolished all game. The bengals had enough points to win in the first quarter.
    The Raiders are a bad team, and they got worked in the first half. But the Bengals came out cold in the third quarter, and Oakland was fighting to get back in the game until that bogus whistle. The Bengals looked as bad in the third quarter as the Raiders did in the first half. I’m not saying that snafu changed the game, but if it happened to the Bengals instead of the Raiders you would look at it differently.

  33. We can debate the points of this all day long but at the end of the day the Bengals outplayed the Raiders and earned the win. Even Palmer admitted that one in his post game comments.

  34. I love the “refs robbed us” argument from Raider fan. I’m sure the refs are the reason your pathetic team has now gone a DECADE without a winning record. Commitment to excrement.

  35. spellingcops says: Nov 25, 2012 8:11 PM

    I love the “refs robbed us” argument from Raider fan. I’m sure the refs are the reason your pathetic team has now gone a DECADE without a winning record. Commitment to excrement.
    They were robbed on that particular play. If you see it any different then you’re the pathetic troll everyone already knows you to be. Commitment to stupidity.

  36. I want robots! Referees are deciding too many games. Simplify the rules, let these guys focus on the basics.

  37. First I was at the game, not watching on t.v.. The “fumble” wasn’t any kind of fumble, if anything it was an incomplete pass. The next play was illegal motion/false start and the refs called the play dead but Dalton was sacked and dropped hard. That was a cheap shot and Whit did what any OL should do and that is defend his QB. Whit wasn’t in the wrong and the Raiders do what they do best and that was lose, both their composure and game. Palmer carried his winning, or whinning, tradition to Oakland. People can cry all they want but Cinci won and give the Raiders another 7 points if you need to but they still lose 34 to 17. Enjoy.

  38. I would like to see the refs polygraph tested regularly. They also need to be able to be fired/demoted. An NFL official’s ineptness, hometown bias, and or personal feelings toward players can have huge impact on games and seasons. Prove you have some integrity in this league.

  39. You bungle fans make me laugh. You have never won anything and you bust on the raiders. Must be mad about all losses to us in the past. The refs hosed the raiders you have to be dumb not to see that. Would have made it a 10 point game and to that point the bungles had done nothing in the 2 half. The refs bailed them out. Plain and simple.

  40. Quite simply one of the all-time, most inept calls I’ve ever seen at any level of professional sports. I still find it very hard to believe the rule was applied correctly. The offense gets to choose on a play that they fumbled if they want a do-over.


    You can’t make this stuff up.

  41. asj823 says:
    Nov 25, 2012 4:52 PM
    but that call was not a game changer. Cincy was up by 3 scores at that point.

    it was 27-10……the call took away a td which would have made it 27-17….cincy looked great in first half, and entirely different in second half…..with an entire 4th quarter, and only a10 point lead, don’t know if i buy into that it was not a game changer……in my opinion it was just that

  42. Sorry Raiders fans I was at the game and your team looked bad today. Bengals were definitely the better team today. However, whatever calls the refs blew were no excuse for the after the whistle body slam your player gave Dalton. Whitworth defended his QB, what he gets paid to do. Too bad your team can’t protect your QB a little better. 4 sacks and 13 hits tells me either our D is pretty good or your o line needs to get better.

  43. I, too, was at the game, in the south end zone (opposite end of the field from the play), and I could see, clearly, that the Ref (white cap) had thrown his flag and that Dalton was “rolling” to his right and had made a gesture like he was spiking the ball in frustration at the penalty. That’s when he was hit and knocked to the ground…landing next to the yellow flag!

    That’s when the teams started “playin’ the feud”!

    Both teams had several players run onto the field, and (by rule) those should have been ejected. The officals decided to only eject the ones they could clearly make out, as the 22 normal bodies had swelled into the 40’s.

    As for Whitworth and his “playing to the crowd”…since I was sitting next to the south tunnel, I can tell you that as he was walking off, the fans started cheering him and he “held his hands up” in acknowledgement…never once doing anything more! The 2 Raiders, on the otherhand, spiked their helmets on the sideline (at least I saw 1 do it) and were still in the process of being escorted off as Dalton was connecting with AJ over the middle!

    If you’re going to give your 2 cents, at least make it a full 2 cents…not 1/2 a cent!

  44. It seems there were more people at that game today than claimed to be at Woodstock, despite the blackout and all the empty seats. Bengal fans are a lot like Charger fans, without the nice weather.

  45. It seems there were more people at that game today than claimed to be at Woodstock, despite the blackout and all the empty seats. Bengal fans are a lot like Charger fans, without the nice weather

    Season ticket holder here so no false claims as we are at EVERY home game…good try though.

  46. The game being blacked out does not mean the stadium was empty or only had 10 seats filled. There were still thousands of people at the game.

    Back to the bad call that I indicated was not a game changer – if the fumble/recovery/Td had counted it still would have been a two score game and didn’t change the fact that the Bengals outplayed the Raiders all day, so again, I stand by my statement that it wasn’t a game changer.

    These posts do clarify one thing….hater will always be haters. WHO DEY!!!!

  47. Bengals fans keep saying that the inadvertent whistle should have resulted in an incomplete pass instead of a fumble recovery for the Raiders.

    Even if the worse case scenario for the Raiders had resulted in an incomplete pass, that still would have been better than the refs giving the Bengals the option to replay the down. The Bengals were able to benefit from the refs’ mistake & that it what enraged the Raiders & their fans. In all my life, I have never seen that call made.

    It was another example of the refs failing to “get it right”.

  48. A few observations and thoughts from a Bengals fan:

    1. The inadvertent whistle was unfortunate and frankly the Raiders got screwed on the call. I find it hard to believe that the Raiders shouldn’t have at least gotten possession. The whistle came after the fumble, not before.

    2. To everyone saying it was an incomplete pass: no it wasn’t. First of all, it just wasn’t. The referee blew the whistle thinking the ball squirted out of bounds, not because he thought it was incomplete. Secondly, the referee said that the ruling on the field was a fumble. So just stop it with this incomplete pass stuff.

    3. To everyone saying that this bad call prevented the Raiders from bringing it to 27-17: not so fast. Yes, the recovered fumble was run back into the endzone but only AFTER the whistle had been blown. If you look at the play from some angles you can tell several players stopped playing when the whistle sounded. For instance, I think Marvin Jones probably would have tackled the player that recovered the ball right as he picked it up had the whistle not sounded. Given that, there is no guarantee the Raiders would have scored considering their offensive ineptness the entire game.

    4. To everyone saying that the bad call affected the outcome of the game: I disagree. While the Bengals had a pretty forgettable third quarter on offense, the Raiders had nothing to show the other three quarters on offense or defense. Maybe the game would have been closer than it ended up being. Maybe not. Blame the players and coaches for the loss, not the referees. You should never put yourself in the position to allow a single bad call to cost you a game, because there are bad calls and bad non-calls every game. Believe me, as a Bengals fan that watched the Bengals vs. Buccaneers game in 2006 I know.

    5. Regarding the brawl, I think the takedown on Andy Dalton that preceded the whole thing was dirty. I wasn’t on the field and therefore couldn’t say one thing or another about how audible the whistle was at the line of scrimmage, but it was clearly audible on television. And it wasn’t just a single blast. The ref repeatedly blew the whistle well before the guy wrapped up Dalton. I find it hard to believe that the players didn’t or couldn’t hear it.

    6. I like Andrew Whitworth and his moxie, but I think he overreacted a bit. Standing up for your QB is one thing but there are other, better ways to go about it on a football field. I imagine he’ll get a game suspension for 1) it being the second time he’s been ejected for fighting in a game and 2) his gestures as he was walking out indicating that he seemed to be proud of what he had just done.

  49. Gotta give it to the Faider fans. This is the only thing they’ve been able to argue all year. The fact that they’ve been abysmal this year they can’t argue. But they can sure try to argue that the refs blew this game for them. lol Faiders looked god awful, especially in the first half. If your team steps up and even scores once in the first half, you’re in that game. However, you didn’t. Plain and simple. YOUR TEAM lost this game. Not the refs. Please accept that.

  50. I liked the raider fan on tv that kept pointing his thumbs at the back of his Palmer jersey.

    I guess he’s proud of Palmer.

    In a nutshell… That’s Raider Nation lol

    Have fun with Carson. He will never win you anything. He’s a silver spoon dude. He’s really the anti-raider.

    Surprised so many raider fans like him.

    Personally I’ll take Zeitler and your top 10 in round 2 in April.


  51. i have to admit that the raider nation are eternal optimists year in and year out, but after reading the majority of these posts by the cincy fans, i have concluded that stupidity is alive and well in Ohio. Better check the water there, it’s spiked with something that harms the brain.

  52. Would everyone just stop using the term “body slam”? If you actually saw the play and are calling that a body slam then I have a pair of ballet shoes and a tu-tu you can wear to the next game.

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