Kenny Phillips doesn’t make it through first game back


The Giants are winning the battle in a big way.

But they just lost Kenny Phillips again.

The safety went down with a right knee injury, and was ruled out for the rest of the game. It’s the same knee that cost him six games earlier this season.

Leading 38-10 early in the fourth quarter, it’s nearly the only thing that hasn’t gone right for the Giants.

7 responses to “Kenny Phillips doesn’t make it through first game back

  1. Wait, you mean the Giants left their starters in up by 28 late in the 4th quarter and someone got hurt? Manning is throwing for the end zone on 4th down? BURN THEM AT THE STAKE!!!!

    Oh, I forgot, only the Patriots get crucified for that. Nevermind.

  2. And it doesn’t look good to see Dr. Barnes standing next to him for 30 straight minutes, either. I told you guys on here that he would make a tremendous difference with the 3 safety look making its way back with his return to the lineup. I hope it is not serious. We need this again vs. WSH and NO, as well as ATL, actually.

  3. Hey it was fun deal with it the Giants won
    Played well on all 3 sides of the game.

    The Giants had to play well after the what the jets did in the same stadium the other night.

    Now we will hear about who was hurt on the packers and how Eli was lucky and so on and on.

    The only way you win big games and say what you want last night was a big game is for your Special Teams your D and your O to be in tune and they were just that last night

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