Plaxico Burress helps Steelers get into the end zone before halftime

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With Charlie Batch at quarterback, the Steelers were expected to rely heavily on their run game this Sunday.

That was the case for much of the first, although the results leave more than a little to be desired. Jonathan Dwyer, Rashard Mendenhall and Isaac Redman all lost fumbles in the first half and the Browns turned them into 10 points and hold a 14-13 lead halfway through the contest. Things haven’t gone all that well when the Steelers trio have held onto the ball, either, as they’ve run for 33 yards on 12 overall carries.

The slant toward the run ended on the final drive of the half as the Steelers used Batch to move the ball down the field for a field goal. He looked for Plaxico Burress twice once the ball got close to the Cleveland end zone and it paid off even though neither pass was completed. Sheldon Brown was flagged for pass interference in the end zone on the second attempt, setting up a Chris Rainey touchdown run that he bounced outside after it looked like the Browns had him bottled up.

Pittsburgh’s fumbles helped minimize the damage done when Brandon Weeden had a pass intercepted and returned for a touchdown by Lawrence Timmons. Weeden has hit on nine of his other 15 throws, including a touchdown to Jordan Cameron following Redman’s fumble deep in Pittsburgh territory. The Mendenhall fumble, on Pittsburgh’s second offensive play. led to a Phil Dawson field goal while Dwyer’s miscue helped the Browns stay on top late in the second quarter.

Failing to get more than 10 points off the three turnovers already looks like it is coming back to haunt the Browns, although they will have plenty of chances to turn that around in the second half.

7 responses to “Plaxico Burress helps Steelers get into the end zone before halftime

  1. 3 fumbles for Pitt and they lead at halftime? That’s Cleveland Browns football.

    Charlie starting to get a little rhythm goin. They’ll make some halftime adjustments and get a W

  2. I know batch is your 3rd string QB, but if you don’t at least throw the ball occasionally, brown will stack the box, and you won’t be able to run at all. Hard to believe, but looks like the steelers offense is 60-70% Ben

  3. I’ve been watching this b.s. all year. Shurmur is lost and Weeden is not getting better. Blow it up (again). We Browns fans deserve better (I think!).

  4. Now do all the idiots who were saying they should have put Batch in last week understand why they stuck with an injured Leftwich?

  5. As a Steeler fan, I am embarrassed and disgusted with the crap they put on the field today. Kevin Colbert needs to be blamed solely for the crap beyond the starters. “next man up” only works if the next “man” is an NFL caliber player. Constantly bringing two OLD, injury prone, past they’re prime QB’s 3 years in a row. Not acceptable. 8 turnovers today and it only get worse. Why wasn’t Hoyer given a chance? Could he have been any worse? Embarrassing!!!!! Keep thinking this is going to get better, truth is they are the 3rd place team in a division they should be winning every year. I am tired of trying to defend this team and the stubborn nature of they’re coaching. I hope we get a good draft next year, cause there are a lot of jobs open for upgrades.

    Kudos to the the Browns for beating a team the should have. Feasting on the old and weak

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