Ravens complete comeback for overtime win in San Diego


The Ravens offense took a long time to get going on Sunday afternoon, but they found enough to beat the Chargers once they did.

Joe Flacco and Torrey Smith hooked up for a 31-yard completion on third-and-10 with just over two minutes to play in overtime. Justin Tucker banged home a 37-yard field goal a couple of plays later and the Ravens had a 16-13 win that looked unlikely early in the fourth quarter.

That was when the Chargers held a 13-3 lead after a nearly eight minute drive ended with a Nick Novak field goal. The Ravens had no points in the first half and their second half offensive efforts had been equally unsuccessful until that point in the game. Things changed for the better for Baltimore at that point.

Flacco, who threw for 296 yards in the second half, and Smith, who had seven catches for 144 yards and drew a pass interference penalty on the winning drive in overtime. connected for three first downs and Dennis Pitta caught a four-yard touchdown pass to draw the Ravens within a field goal. They got that field goal after running back Ray Rice weaved through the San Diego defense for a first down on a fourth-and-29 just after the two minute warning.

The spot of the ball on that play still doesn’t look right, but the Chargers still only have themselves to blame for the loss. They couldn’t block the Ravens pass rushers — Philip Rivers was sacked six times — and the defense failed to make a play and get off the field several times before Rice’s jaunt. The Ravens converted 13-of-26 third and fourth downs while the Chargers were 4-of-16 in the same situations, including just one of their final four opportunities.

And, since we mentioned it, there wasn’t any referee ruling that the Chargers defenders were barred from tackling Rice before he got close to the sticks on the play. There have been more galling losses in the Norv Turner era, but winding up losing a game they were winning by two scores with five minutes to play is a pretty good example of why Turner likely coached one of the final games of his Chargers tenure this week.

At 9-2, the Ravens now enjoy a three-game lead in the AFC North and they can clinch the division with a home win over the Steelers and a Bengals loss next Sunday.

105 responses to “Ravens complete comeback for overtime win in San Diego

  1. Actually, they can’t clinch. Cincinnati is 6-5. They can eliminate Pittsburgh from the division race, and clinch with a Cincy loss. Right?

  2. Chargers have been good at finding ways to lose this year. Letting them convert 4th and 29? Maybe the players want Norv gone as badly as the fans do.

  3. The Chargers D was ok except 4th and 29.

    Rivers may have been good once, but that seems a long time ago.

  4. norv turner is unfairly gonna get blamed when there is no excuse to allow a team to convert 4th and 29. Though in fairness I guess he really should have been sacked about 2 seasons ago

  5. Rice’s knee was down short of the 35. The ball could not have been further than the 34, or 34.5 yard line. How in the world, after review, did Steratore come up with the 33.5 yard line? That most definitely should not have been a first down.

  6. If the Steelers can some how win next week, that will put them 2 games behind. After that Its @Wash, vs.Broncos, vs.Giants, @Bengals. Wouldn’t surprise me if they lose all 4. At this point in the season, anything can happen.

  7. no idget, they’re the only 9 and 2 team in the nfl this year…bout to be 10 and 2 once they finish off the steelers and send them in to oblivion…

  8. Bash em all you want. The ravens find ways to win football games. Last time i checked, wins were the only thing that mattered. Hate on haters. Sitting atop the AFCN with no one in sight

  9. Houston, Denver, Pitt w/ Ben, and NE are the only teams in the AFC I’m afraid of on PAPER as a Ravens fan. I’m afraid of every team on the road with this offense and inconsistant defense in REALITY though. That being said a ugly 9-2 is better than what they could be at this point.

  10. Everyone who watched the four letter network this morning most likely saw the power rankings that THEY and most national shows felt to be the best teams in the AFC. The list was as follows:
    1. Patriots
    2. Texans
    3. Broncos
    4. Steelers (Beg your pardon?)
    All Pittsburgh has done is lose to the Titans and Raiders WITH a healthy Ben Roethlisburger…
    Where are the Steelers fans/Ravens haters?? 3 games back-that’s where they are. And the ESPN analysts look like idiots at the expense of Baltimore and their Pittsburgh bias. Again.

  11. Cam Cameron needs to be fired. There is no way that with Torey Smith, Ray Rice, and Boldin that they should be having this many issues getting the ball into the end zone. Flacco converts these ridiculous 3rd and longs and Ray Rice converts 4th and 30… But they can only put 16 points on the scoreboard? Maybe Norv Turner can replace Cam next year because the complete lack of creativity and predictable play calling is holding Baltimore back.

  12. thatswhatsgooood says:
    Nov 25, 2012 8:05 PM
    The worst 9-2 team in the NFL


    If that’s true, then what would you say to Bill Parcells and his famous quote, “You are what your record says you are”? If the Ravens were 2-9, but never were blown out in any of their losses, you simply couldn’t escape the fact that their record was 2-9. They’d be a bad team in that instance.

    Are you saying the Ravens should apologize for being 9-2 since they’ve only had two blow out wins thus far this season? Do their close wins over New England, Pittsburgh, and Dallas not count somehow? What happens if they don’t lose another game the rest of this season (which is entirely possible, despite a tough path ahead)? If they finish 14-2, are you still going to claim they’re not as good as their record would otherwise indicate?

    I find it absurd that despite having the second best record in the AFC, the Ravens are looked at as if they are still pretenders and not true contenders.

  13. thatswhatsgooood says:
    Nov 25, 2012 8:05 PM
    The worst 9-2 team in the NFL

    Yeah, they are also the ONLY 9-2 team, way to self-defeat.

    You could’ve said worst team over .500 (wrong) or even worst team over .750 (maybe the terrible bears every other week could make that claim, though), but you made a pretty big leap there. Steelers fans, you lost to the Browns and Raiders AGAIN this year, just sit down.

  14. “You are what your record says you are”…..Bill Parcells pinched off that very true observation years ago, and he’s right.

    To put it in better perspective, to quote a line from “Full Metal Jacket”……”The dead only know one thing – it’s better to be alive”

    The Steelers are finished as of next weekend. Nice work, Nevermores.

  15. cmich2006 says:
    Nov 25, 2012 8:10 PM
    Ref’s hand Goodells favorite tam another win.

    I am sure you were saying that after the terrible offensive PI call against Jones on the beautiful 36yd td throw by Flacco which decided the game. Have they just recently been “Goodells (sic) team” or was that just to throw everyone off?

  16. Huh?!? They’re done reviewing Rice’s 30-yard gain already? After waiting 5 minutes for what is supposed to be a 90-second review (according to the rules, which apparently don’t matter unless you’re throwing a piece of red laundry on the field) I turned off the TV, on the assumption that the refs would ask for a review by the US Supreme Court before play resumed.

  17. a win is a win is a win. and the ravens have 9 of them. hate all you want. but 9 and 2 is what we are. and there about 25 teams that would love to be the “worst” 9 and 2 team. and that includes the steelers. go ravens

  18. I didn’t see a single conclusive replay showing where Rice’s knee was down, and where the ball actually was. Certainly there was very little in the replays that would even validate the move that the refs made.

    All you people with definitive answers as to where the ball should have been spotted — sound like Chargers fans and Raven haters.

  19. “Do their close wins over New England, Pittsburgh, and Dallas not count somehow? ”

    They count but the Patriots win was boosted by replacement ref ineptness. They must of called five or six phantom calls during that game. The Ravens are a good team but that win probably wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the replacement officials.

    The funny thing is that even though the Ravens won that game the Patriots can still get the bye even if they have the same record. If the Patriots and Broncos both win out all he Patriots would get the second seed due to a three way tie between the Patriots, Broncos and Ravens. Head to head would be disregarded and conference record would break the tie which would favor the Patriots.

  20. The Chargers collapsed again but there is no way Rice made that first down. Shame on the Chargers for letting it get close but shame on the refs for not getting that play right. If Norv is coaching the Chargers tomorrow, I will be very surprised.

  21. San Diego brain trust;
    Lets fire a coach that just took the team to a record of 14-2 and replace him with, ummmmm, Norv Turner.
    Time to replace Turner with Dennis Erickson or maybe Wade Phillips, although that is being a bit harsh on Phillips, he would be an upgrade over Turner. But the point is, the propensity of hiring coaches with less than winning records.
    Of course the brain trust also gave away Drew Brees and Micheal Turner and cut Rodney Harrison after he was injured and countless other non stellar personnel moves.

  22. If this game was won by, oh, let’s say the 49ers, the Texans, the Bengals, [insert your favorite team HERE] everyone would be praising their competiveness, spunk, whatever. But because the Ravens won [ugly], it must be because the Chargers gave it away……..

  23. All you haters, bow before us and wish you were as strong willed as the dominant Ravens. 9-2 and 3 games up on the division. Steelers, save Ben for next season (where he’ll be hurt again).

  24. Steelers fans can complain about how banged up they are all they want.

    But what i seen today was nothing more that awful football. no excuse for 8 turnovers stupid penalties they deserve to lose.

    Raven fans can be blind to how bad that team really is.
    All that matters is who is holding the trophy in febuary.and if these two teams keep playing like they are now i can assure you it will not be either one of these teams.

    a steelers fan.

  25. FinFan68, how can you seriously say that Rice didn’t get the first? Did you not see the refs review it for like 10 minutes? Go hate somewhere else. Sorry your team isn’t the Ravens.

  26. steelersfanfromtheseventies says:
    Nov 25, 2012 8:51 PM

    Raven fans can be blind to how bad that team really is.

    All that matters is who is holding the trophy in february and if these two teams keep playing like they are now i can assure you it will not be either one of these teams.


    Please explain to me exactly how the Ravens are a bad team. Their turnover differential is +12, which is tied for second in the NFL. Their points differential is +64, which is 7th in the NFL How are these stats – which are arguably the most telling in how a team is top to bottom – indicative of a bad team?

    I do not understand why the only factor that most fans use to determine how good a team is seems to be how often they blow out their opponent. I’d like a genuine answer to that question, because if that is the litmus test used, then how can anyone argue that Houston is the best team in the NFL, considering they nearly lost back-to-back games on the road to Jacksonville and Detroit last week?

    (In case my point is lost somewhere in all that, I absolutely think Houston is the best team in the NFL, despite their poor performances in their last two games)

  27. @ravensdominate, No hate at all. I just saw the replays (with the admittedly unofficial line overlay) and it looked like he was short by at least 1/2 a yard. That opinion is shared by the article’s author and fans (from several teams) that have no vested interest in either team. If you see hate in that comment, it’s just you.

  28. I’d love to know which posters on PFT have some sort of secret angle shot that the refs didn’t have to determine Ray was short of the first down. The defender blocked the view so there was no conclusive evidence to determine a drastic move. Sorry raven haters! 9-2 looking way down on the division!!

  29. @ wewantmore…

    Dude, are you serious? Cam came from the school of Norv. Norv is not the answer! Cam is not the answer. We need some young blood coach that isn’t afraid!

  30. The offense looked ugly most of the day but got better near the end. Big grabs by Boldin and Torrey, lil Ray getting it done. BUT the defense was the story! 6 sacks?!! Only gave up the 1 TD early. Scrapped one out on the road, on the opposite coast, after a road battle with a rival team. I say this team looks exactly like a 9-2 because of the battles they fought to get there. If they breezed to 9-2 who knows what you get when it’s time for a battle. I know my team is gonna be ready. The Only team that scares me is the ONE that really spanked us. Houston. I’m less scared if they come Baltimore.

  31. Baltimore is 9-2. If not for the replacement refs in Philly they would be 10-1. No Ray Lewis, No Webb, People said they were done. Playoffs each of last 4 years, 2 AFC championship games. A Lee Evans dropped pass from the Superbowl. All this team does is WIN. The win/loss speaks for itself. Haters keep hating. You make yourselfs sound so stupid everytime you do.

  32. Ravens and Steelers play all but the two placement games against the same opponents so at the moment 9-2 > 6-5! No way Pitt should even be close to the Ravens in the power rankings.

  33. “Last time i checked, wins were the only thing that mattered.”

    Winning Super Bowls is the only thing that really matters. To that end, the Ravens will come up empty once again. Sooner or later, they’ll run out of backup QBs and bad calls to save them.

  34. Didn’t the Ravens beat the Patriots? The Ravens defense has played exceptionally well since their bye. Flacco continues to be clutch. Perfect 31 yard pass to Smith to set-up winning field goal.

  35. If Ravens fans had a clue or any decency, they’d be all over Flacco for dumping off on 4th and 29 like a schoolgirl too scared to throw downfield. But hey, that play perfectly sums up YOUR Baltimore Ravens:

    1. Flacco does nothing as usual.

    2. Rice does all the work.

    But hey, it’s ridiculous, right, when you point out how little Flacco does? Yeah that makes you a hater. Because, hey, Joe Flacco is the league MVP! He’s not some do-nothing mediocre QB who gets carried by his team — why dumping off 5 yards and getting credit for 29 is the sign of a true franchise QB!

  36. “thatswhatsgooood says:
    Nov 25, 2012 8:05 PM
    The worst 9-2 team in the NFL”

    Also the ONLY 9-2 team in the NFL.

    By the way, everyone likes to talk about how lucky the Ravens get, but this was a hard fought win that they completely deserved. In the 4th Quarter and Overtime, both the Ravens’ O and D were incredibly clutch. And say whatever you want about the spot on that 4th down play, but the ruling on the field was a 1st down, and there was certainly no conclusive evidence to overturn the call.

  37. @ wewantmore…

    Cam came from the school of Norv. Neither Norv or Cam is the answer to the Ravens offense. We need a young blood coach that isn’t afraid to take chances.

  38. The Ravens are winners, period end of story. I don’t care how they do it, as long as they win. To quote Anquan Boldin – take look at the scoreboard, chump!

  39. 355 passing yards of which 296 came on the second half. No one ever gives Joe credit. He is not elite but all he does is come up clutch and win. Ray did nothing the last two weeks prior and nobody gets on him. Leave joe alone he’s a winner

  40. Not a chargers fan, so no dog in this fight, however, that spot was awful. Ray rice is listed at 5’8″ tall. His knee hit just prior to the 35 yard line, and his torso was bent, as was the arm holding the ball. In other words ball was shoulder high. So you have to figure from the ground to rays knees is at least 2 feet, that leaves 3’8 inches to the top of his head. Now factor in the ball as at shoulder level, the ball at best would have been 3 feet from the 35 yard line, that means 34 max. The spot was 33 1/2 yard line. Awful spot. Not to mention the refs allowed the flags to be moved prior to measurement, so how can the flags be repotted to their original position?

    As for the boldin block, if that’s Hines ward of the steelers, and he makes that same block, 100 ravens fans are posting on here what a cheap shot, illegal block it was.

    But give the ravens their due, the refs blew two calls, and the ravens took advantage of it.

  41. There’s no such thing as a bad 9-2 team. The Ravens are a tough, gritty team that wins any way they can.

    Say what you want about Flacco, but he was one dropped pass from leading his team to a come from behind win, on the road, in the AFC Championship.

    I’m a Patriots fan, and the Pats have a good won – loss record against the Ravens, but every game is a war. They’ll be a tough team to face in the playoffs.

  42. The Ravens luck will eventually catch up with them. I give them props for finding a way to win this game todaytho..But a converted 4th and 30 is just pure luck..Should have been a loss..San Diego found more ways to lose that game then the ravens did to win it…The Ravens record could easily be sitting where the steelers are now without Big Ben. I Hope for a Ravens-Steelers rematch in the playoffs.

  43. jiggy3198,

    Joe Flacco is a winner. He doesn’t have the gaudy numbers because our offense is not built for being a scoring machine. It is built for winning games in the AFC north in December and January. It’s not sexy but it just plain works. We’re a scary team, ask any opponent. Joe Flacco has outplayed so called elite QBs in their own turf. The Ravens are unbeatable at home dating 3 season ago. Joe Flacco is clutch as in money. He is a winner … period!

  44. “And the ESPN analysts look like idiots at the expense of Baltimore and their Pittsburgh bias. Again.”
    It’s called respect……………earn some. Don’t ask for it.

  45. “As for the boldin block, if that’s Hines ward of the steelers, and he makes that same block, 100 ravens fans are posting on here what a cheap shot, illegal block it was.”

    Boldin is soft, except for his cement hands.

    Hines would have knocked his head off, smiled, picked up his head, smiled and handed it to him.

    Never compare a soft purple freak to a Legend!

    Pollard needs to be suspended or kicked by Suh!

  46. Hahahaha Ward is sooo much better the Boldin and has cement hands. Thats why Boldin has records for how quickly he had amassed his receptions. Oh and he is so soft except he got his jaw broke by an illegal sandwich hit and came back two weeks later and played with his mouth wired shut. Boldin is a beast. Ward made a lived hitting people blindly he never went head up on anyone and last year the hit Ray gave him over the middle ended his career. Ward was good but dont act like he is so far superior then Boldin…

  47. There are two types of Steelers fans the ones who are true fans and understand the history of their team and understand there are no excuses and the fake ones who ride the bandwagon and who blame their recent losses on Ben being out but even if been played today he couldnt have stopped the number of turnovers his offensive comraderates had today. By the way fake Steeler fans the guy who does the show on Fox you know the second one from the left. Thats Terry Bradshaw he was a legend for your team and won you most of those superbowls you boast about today just thought you should know.

  48. 9-2 all that matters no such thing as luck. Luck doesnt make the plays out there. Good teams find a way to win whether its on offense, defense or special teams. People act like the other teams around the league who are winning including the Falcons and Texans havent had tough games. The object it to come away with a win…

  49. No, the Ravens are the ONLY 9-2 Team in the NFL. Not by luck or skill alone, but just like every other team out there. They kept playing!!!

    Joe Flacco is by no means a GREAT Quarterback. He’s above average, not the best, just better than at least 15. His win/lose record for his first four years is better than most of the QB’s playing today. Flacco (44-20), P.Manning (32-32), E.Manning (41-23), Brady (48-14), Brees (30-28), Roethlisberger (39-16). He’s right there with Ben and Tom for his first four years. Will he get better? If the Ravens get rid of Cam, YES!! Will he be better than all of those other QB’s? Maybe, it depends on who’s catching the ball, and if he’s confident in his receivers.

    Winning UGLY! The Steelers have been doing this for years. So why can’t the Ravens win a few this way?

    Bad Calls? YES! There were several of them!! Did Rice get the first down? Probably not, given where his knee went down, and how tall he is, probably not. Was there a camera angle to tell you exactly where the ball was when his knee hit? Kinda, but there was no point of reference on the field, only that is was past the 35 yard line. Did Pollard hit the receiver with his helmet? NO! Two replays clearly showed his shoulder hit the receiver, not his helmet. Was there some shots from both teams taken a little outside the lines, like by the benches? YES!! No calls for either team.

    Did Boldin get a good cheap shot in? Yes! He got the Hines Ward Penalty. AND, the Hines Ward Trophy for this weekend goes to………Suh!! Congrats Suh, you are forever linked to the biggest pile of steaming manure to ever play in the NFL. Suh, you are now the corn to Ward’s manure!!

    Next week we will see. The Ravens fans will be crying over some bad call, the Steeler fans will crying over some bad call. The Ravens will have an excuse like, “Ray Lewis isn’t playing” and the Steelers will have the “Ben Roethlisberger wasn’t playing.” Oh Wait, you mean they sound alike? BECAUSE THEY ARE!! I read a line somewhere that read something like, The Ravens and Steeler fans arguing over who has the better team is like watching two retards dry-humping opposite ends of the couch, while throwing hot-dogs at each other. Is fun to watch but after a few minutes, it get old! Just enjoy two teams that are built EXACTLY the same and hope the refs don’t give either team a reason to complain!!

  50. RE: Oh, and btw……FIRE NORV. You Bolts fans deserve better.

    There are no REAL Bolts fans. The game was blacked out. Shameful.

  51. Charger defense allows a first down on 4th and 29 with the game on the line? Really… they can’t stop an offense down to its last play, needing 29 yards to keep the ball? God, what a mess. You don’t see GOOD teams doing stuff like that.

  52. The Ravens also made a horribly stupid mistake in the 3rd quarter. After not converting a 3rd & 1 just outside the red zone, they go for it on 4th & inches and got stopped, instead of kicking a field goal. Kicking a field goal would’ve made it 10-6 instead of 10-3.

    I can understand going for it in the 4th quarter, but hey, in the 3rd, why would you actively risk three good points? Don’t you have faith that your offense will score again? I understand that the Chargers’ D had been playing well, but then again, that reemphasizes the importance of getting any points at all.

    Fast forward to the end of the game, and it’s 13-13 instead of 13-10. Not a Ravens fan, just thought I’d point out a highly questionable coaching decision.

  53. It’s funny how people say the ravens won’t go far if their offense keeps playing the way they do, ya know what, as long as we have more points on the score board than the other team when the clock reaches 0 I’m good. Call us bad, whatever you want, we’re a tough team to beat. Plain and simple, GO RAVENS!

  54. The Ravens are perhaps the luckiest team in the NFL. They escaped a bad Dallas team, were gifted a win from the replacement goons (which was overshadowed by the awful GB-Sea game), and got a really fortunate spot on that 4th and 29. Unlike the past, you can run on this team. They have more playmakers on offense, but they have such a Jeckyll and Hyde approach, you never know what you are getting. Add to it that they are putrid on the road and they are fortunate to be 9-2.

    That being said, it is what it is. They have some tough games coming up and they’ll have to prove their mettle. As much as pundits want to say that the playoff picture is shaping up, there are too many question marks on too many teams….even the “invincible” Texans look like garbage lately.

  55. its funny how most who see ravens headlines are a steelers fans and need to be the first to make a comment of how bad of a team they are.. ridiculous

  56. But because the Ravens won [ugly], it must be because the Chargers gave it away……..>>

    That is pretty much the definition of winning ugly. The other team hands it to ya.

    Turner is a bozo, needs to go. Won’t see the show.

  57. After 8 turnovers, Steeler fans want to complain about the Ravens? Priorities people. You’re just making yourselves look worse.

  58. If the NFL truly cares about the health of their players they will ban those blocks that Anquan Boldin put on Eric Weddle last night.

    Do I think it was dirty? A little, but, respect to Boldin for helping his teammate get the first down that helped them tie the game.

    My issue is that the defensive players have been penalized excessively for hits on quarterbacks, receivers, and running backs while they are left defenseless to blocks such as the one that occurred on Weddle.

    Again, let me reiterate that I do not believe it’s a penatly. However, if the offense is going to be overly-protected, the defense should be as well. Ban all blocks below the waist and remove blind-side blocks which I thought they already were pentalizing?

    Congrats to the Ravens on pulling that out but also to the Chargers for manging to blow another game.

  59. chalkruz1989 says:
    Nov 26, 2012 9:03 AM
    If the NFL truly cares about the health of their players they will ban those blocks that Anquan Boldin put on Eric Weddle last night.
    ….However, if the offense is going to be overly-protected, the defense should be as well. Ban all blocks below the waist and remove blind-side blocks which I thought they already were pentalizing?
    Boldin hit Weddle should to shoulder so it was neither below the waist, nor blind-side. It was a very clean but brutal hit. Preotecting the D in the way you’re asking is essentially saying unless an offensive player can square up between a defender and the ball carrier, they cannot make a play at all, which is unrealistic and takes away from the game BIG time.

  60. Steeler fans who benefitted from the immaculate reception, or the phantom Holmes touchdown catch in Baltimore a few years ago, or the non-funble touchdown in Miamia couple seasons ago (among so many others), are the last people who should be spouting about luck of other teams.

  61. Flacco, 300 yards in second half leading a huge TD drive after several failed attempts/punts. Key word is Punts. There is not a game the Ravens lost because of Joe Flacco. You can say he had a bad day but he doesn’t get frustrated and throw bad picks or cough up the ball. He’s had his bad moments but on the Ravens Joe Flacco is as good a QB as any other in the league. I’m not one to blame coaching but Cam Cameron’s play calls and packages are so basic I can figure out half of them before they are run based on down and distance. Amazing Flacco and this team has won so much despite the OC.

    Ray Rice is great but HE never carries the blame Flacco does or the coaching staff does for losses. Ray can make a great play one every 10 and people say he carries the Ravens. Many will disagree but Flacco is the offensive leader on this team and it goes as far as he takes them.

  62. Not only did he not make it to the first down, he only got that close because of a HUGE block in the back, causing the SD player to not be able to make the tackle.

  63. You haters can keep crying about how the Ravens are the worst 9-2 team ever, but let me lay down some FACTS for you to stew on while holding that ignorant perception. The yardage on offense and defense look pretty bad from your misguided fantasy expectations, but consider that entering the Chargers game the Ravens’ offense was still 7thin points scored and the defense was still 9th in points allowed. They are a top 10 team in converting redzone opportunities into touchdowns and the defense was THE best at limiting redzone TDs entering the game. Not to mention the defense had an AFC leading 21 takeaways and the team was 2nd best in the league in TO differential at +12 entering the game. Add in the exceptional special teams play, especially compared to their ’11 special teams and its a recipe for winning games.

  64. Ravens whining about NE game refereeing is rich considering how many calls they get in their favor. That spot was not even close to being accurate. Ray’s knee was down clearly short of the first down. His knee hits the turf way before any part of his arm. So shouldn’t the ball be spotted where the knee is because this is not an endzone situation. Even if you spot it where the ball was when the knee hits the ground, I don’t see a first down.

  65. BAL won, they deserved to win, and I still hate them. Can we all be honest and admit that was a terrible decision to dump the ball off to Rice on 4th & 29? The chances of him converting that were slim to none. Less than two min left in the game with 1 timeout your qb has to make a winning throw.

  66. Maybe Flacco decided to take a chance on Ray Rice beating a chokeworthy D like SD. I dont know which was the worst football fact – that 4th and 29 choke by SD D or every single one of the Steelers 4 RBs fumbling at least once with a total of 8 fmbles by the team. Which is worse?

  67. For all those saying that the Ravens are 3 games up in the division, you are technically right…but also wrong.

    The Ravens are essentially 4 games up in the standings b/c their AFCN division record is currently 4-0. That means they have the tiebreaker over both the Steelers & Bengals.

  68. whereyaat says: Nov 26, 2012 1:42 AM

    The Ravens also made a horribly stupid mistake in the 3rd quarter. After not converting a 3rd & 1 just outside the red zone, they go for it on 4th & inches and got stopped, instead of kicking a field goal. Kicking a field goal would’ve made it 10-6 instead of 10-3.
    Not so fast my friend!(Corso)
    Going for it there was a GREAT call. By doing so, Harbaugh told his team “We’re trying to win this game,not just keep the margin of defeat low” They were inside the opponent’s 20 with 4th and inches to go in a 1 score game with time to spare. You go for that everytime. The football gods smiled on his move and allowed Rice to convert 4th and 29 late in the game to bring about the comeback. Harbaugh doesn’t have more wins than any coach in the first 5 years from being afraid to win.

  69. SD is very creative at finding ways to lose now, as though the players are asking ownership to fire Nerf Turner; yet Dean Spanos continues to think the current regime will eventually succeed. It seems he’s the only person on Earth now who simply doesn’t get it.

  70. gpry says:
    “Call the Ravens the worst 9-2 team…Fine I’d rather be the worst 9-2 team than the best 6-5 team anyday!”

    Who wouldn’t? Good teams find a way to win. Great teams find a way to win it all. I’m not a Patriots or Ravens fan, but I see New England as an obstacle to the Raven’s run for a title. If they meet in the playoffs, it will be epic!

  71. I learned a long time ago that Raven fans make lil sense. They just say something silly like…stay class or haters hate that any rational person with a job would see as silly.

    It is hard to have a discussion with a person who hates facts.

  72. Go ahead and fire Norv, it won’t do any good. You still have a mediocre line and a noodle armed passer. We say Rivers used to be good but really, he never was. Watch him, and I mean really sit down and watch his “good” years. He had massive and very skilled receivers both on the outsides and at TE. He had the best line in the league for years, an amazing running game and for the most part a D to cover up any mistakes he might’ve made. Look at his passes-he would literally just throw up prayers like he was playing jackpot on the schoolyard. His receivers were ALWAYS wide open by 5 yards in every direction, at least. Look at how poor he looks when he has to finally read defenses, thread the needle and not have an eternity in the pocket. I said he was overrated then, no one believed me, and now look at him-without all the help he’s a joke. He can’t throw. Just like we found out McNabb was a joke too.

    Build the offensive line, get a passer who can make the half dozen throws per game Rivers can’t make (that are critical to winning) and go from there. Norv or no Norv, doesn’t matter. He sucks but this is far, faaaaar beyond coaching right now.

  73. “Is Haters hate” the slogan of note in Baltimore? I seem to read it in post after post. Is that proper grammar?

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