Replacement ref finale looms over NFC wild-card chase


When the replacement officials snatched defeat from the jaws of a Green Bay victory to cap Week Three, the presumption was that the extra loss could impact the Packers’ postseason positioning.

While it still could, keeping the Packers from winning the NFC North or securing a bye, there’s another significant consequence of that game.  The win that the Seahawks didn’t deserve could throw a wrench into the NFC wild-card field.

Currently, the Seahawks are 6-4.  They should be 5-5.  And if the Seahawks end up securing the sixth seed via that one extra win, the No. 7 team rightfully should be upset, whether it’s Tampa Bay or New Orleans or Minnesota or Washington or someone else.

If it’s the Saints, the league office’s late January visit to New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII will be even more uncomfortable.  One thing we’ve learned over the last several years is that any team that gets a seat at the playoff table can run the table.

Thus, the last thing the league needs is to have the Seahawks get that seat at the exclusion of a hot team that could be this year’s version of the 2005 Steelers, the 2007 Giants, or the 2010 Packers — all wild-card teams who parlayed a skin-of-their-teeth postseason appearance into a Super Bowl win.

Especially if that hot team that gets the cold shoulder ends up being the Saints.

28 responses to “Replacement ref finale looms over NFC wild-card chase

  1. I’d love to see the Aints get bumped. After stealing the NFC Championship from my Vikes I have nothing but ill will toward those cheats.

  2. You could change one call in about 8 of the 10 Seahawk games and the outcome would be different. So what? That’s football. It’s not like there was biased officiating over the course of the game. Everyone needs to take the advice of their middle school coaches and realize it’s not about one play.

  3. mistakes happen.
    but annoying to think we should be 2nd in the NFC right now right now with a bye, and not 3rd.
    worse part was paying for those MNF tickets and seeing it live!

  4. And that would be the first time ever, ever that an incorrect call kept a team out of the playoffs. Ever.

  5. It is time to stop this lamentation. There are blown calls every week. There are probably blown calls every game that effect the moment if not the outcome. Get over it. This was not the last play of the season. There was and still is a lot of football left. Maybe the Saints should not have started 0-4. Maybe the Vikings should have beaten the Seahawks when the played each other. It is unfortunate the league decided to go with replacement officials, but it is not true they changed the outcome of the season unless you can show the purposefully threw games.

  6. Their were enough “bad” calls in that game, it’s hard to say that the seahawks didn’t deserve that game…with the actual officials in on that game, well, who knows. Lets remember, the Hawks did have 8 sacks in the first half

  7. What’s done is done.

    To the NFL, make sure nothing like this happens again. Nobody wants it to be turned into anything like the NBA or wrestling.

  8. Yeah, and the AFC #1 seed might come down to the blown non-call on Thanksgiving. So what? Most years you will have a team or two that makes or misses the playoffs that could be linked to a bad call in one of their games.

  9. waltmink says:
    Nov 25, 2012 11:19 AM
    I’d love to see the Aints get bumped. After stealing the NFC Championship from my Vikes I have nothing but ill will toward those cheats.


    Yeah because it had NOTHING to do with the 5 turnovers your team commited, or thwe fact that your O Line couldn’t block a pillow, or that ATROCIOUS pick that Old Man Favre threw when he could have walked for the first down.

    None of those things contributed to your Vikqueens losing, right?

  10. They made it up them by giving them the win against the Saints the next week. Saints should not have been penalized on that last play that pushed the FG back 10 yards….

  11. all refs blow calls but most regular refs dont blow calls after seeing a review.

    It was an easy call to make in real time and easier during the review but the replacements blew both calls. It was an easy INT by the packers.

  12. The Seahawks weren’t the only team that the replacement refs helped out ( and whose to say that missed /bad calls earlier in that Packer game wasn’t the reason GB was able to have a lead anyway ? )
    The Ravens were on their way to gettin’ pasted by the Pats when a string of egregiously bad calls thwarted NE’s cause
    ( and to be fair – as the game went on the Ravens started to get some questionable calls go against themselves – though by that time the initial damage was done as Balt had already been gifted back into a game they should have been losing by multiple scores )
    Ravens ending up winning by a point .
    That outcome may end up having more playoff implications than Sea / GB?
    Pitt / Hous / Den all majorly effected in addition to Pats .
    You can likely make an argument that almost all playoff contenders were either helped / hurt by Replacement Refs ineptitude .
    The Golden Tate non-score was just the most glaring ( and luckily the one that broke the camels back )

  13. facebookuser111 says:
    Nov 25, 2012 11:24 AM
    And that would be the first time ever, ever that an incorrect call kept a team out of the playoffs. Ever
    Not even close. Incorrect calls impact who makes the playoffs EVERY year. Pass interference, holding, illegal blocks, etc. impact potential scoring plays in several games per year. Those outcomes influence division, conference and overall records that are then used to determine playoff qualification and seedings. The only difference on this one is that a huge deal was made because replacement refs were involved.

  14. Maybe the League has decided it’s Seattle’s turn to win the SB, since they clearly screwed them out of it in 2005.

  15. As opposed to the regular ref follies which continue with numerous mistakes every week.

    The regular refs are no better than the replacements.

    And blaming the refs for anything that forces a game to be decided by one call is ridiculous. Both teams have numerous opportunities in each game to make sure that the refs can’t screw them up with a single call.

    Do your jobs players, and then you have no reason to cry about the refs.

  16. Ohh get over it. Many, many teams have lsot games over bad calls before. The overreaction to this was tremendous. If you listened to Packers fans it would seem like this was the first bad call in football history.

  17. The real refs have had their moments this year. The replacemnet refs were put in a bad spot everyone from us fans to sports commentators were on them. Look now when the real refs screw up the game annoncers spend very little time on it. Any fan can point to a game changer for their team by the refs.

  18. Ironic you bring up the ’05 Steelers in a rant about bad refs.

    Hawks were kept out of the playoffs and their coach fired when Testaverde’s green and white helmet scored a TD.-which brought replay into the league.

    If Saints don’t make the playoffs, it is because the Saints didn’t play well enough to win the requisite games. Get off it already.

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