Report: Roethlisberger could play against Ravens next week


Charlie Batch is starting at quarterback for the Steelers on Sunday, but they could have Ben Roethlisberger back on the field next week when they travel to Baltimore.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reported Sunday morning that doctors think there’s no longer a risk of further injury because of the dislocated rib he suffered against the Chiefs in Week 10. There was a fear that the rib could pose a threat to arteries and blood vessels if Roethlisberger returned too soon from the injury. Per Mortensen’s report, he’s out of the woods on that front and ready to start working toward a return to game action.

Roethlisberger, who also suffered a shoulder injury, will begin soft tossing a football this week and the team will monitor his range of motion. If all checks out on that front and Roethlisberger is able to tolerate any pain, it could lead to a return to action in Week 13 against the Ravens.

There were reports that Roethlisberger could miss three weeks when he was initially injured, but his return was always contingent on when the rib healed enough for the other risks to go away. Variables still abound for Roethlisberger’s return, but this is a step in the right direction for the Steelers a week ahead a game that promises to go a long way toward determining Pittsburgh’s playoff future.

23 responses to “Report: Roethlisberger could play against Ravens next week

  1. We really need to l-e-a-r-n from our past mistakes. We did this last year, rushing a hobbled Ben (and others) out against the ‘Niners, and it destroyed our season, when we were a lockpipe cinch for a Wild Card berth that we could have been fully healthy for.

    If and ONLY if Ben is healthy should we run him out there. Let’s be sane this time around.

  2. Too bad for Leftwich.

    That guy always seems to play decent, then injure himself. He did it to his ribs in pit, and his ankle in jax. Both completely self inflicted.

  3. Don’t rush it Ben. Take another couple of weeks to get healthy. You had no mobility last year when you came back too soon. Don’t be an easy target and get injured worse.

  4. I hope ben doesnt rush back before he’s ready. There are 4 VERY winnable games after next week, and add that to the win today, thats 11. Enough for the division? No. For the 5th seed? Probably. 6th seed? Definitely.

    As many teams have proven (including the 05 Steelers), it doesnt matter what your seed is, just as long as you get in.

  5. I dont see him playing . Ben not stupid , he saw the beaten leftwich took that game. The Ravens will send the house’ if he plays next week

  6. I know the Ravens have a serious lack of pass rush this year, but they ALWAYS get jacked for Steeler home games. Probably wouldn’t be the wisest choice for a return game

  7. Hey, that’s great. But, I think I’d rather be concerned with TODAY in Cleveland. The Browns are playing in their Super Bowl today. We’re gonna have to dig these guys out the hard way.

  8. Vince Young is out there, When he is in a game , defenses respect his abilities… Bring him in and take a look at him…. Vince play at a hihg level, and will compliment the offense… The price would be LOW… The reward could be super (as in SuperBowl)…
    Vince have made mistakes as have most quarterbacks in the league. That should not stop a team from giving him a tryout…
    Because Vince Young is a “good” guy, with a “good” heart…

  9. Gotta wonder how many years Ben has left. Seems like he’s been held together by duct tape at the end of the past few seasons. I’ve always appreciated his style of play, but it looks like it’s catching up.

  10. What ifs are ridiculous. What if Steeler fans were intelligent, it’s just simply not worth talking about. Ravens won, steelers lost. Get over it. Oh ya and titans and raiders? Pretty sure Ben was playing then. We, Steeler fans…enough said

  11. So a week ago Ben is saying he might die. Now he’s playing next week. What a drama queen. This guy is embarrassing. No wonder Cowher and Tomlin can’t stand the clown.

  12. The Browns are putting it on the Steelers. It may be game over for these guys after next week. If you cant beat the Browns, your season is over people.

  13. You could’ve written the “Ben might play” story for the week before the Ravens game in April when the schedule was released. Old news, every year.

    Had Ben played last week, the Ravens would’ve played differently. They knew Fat Albert wasn’t driving that team for a TD once he got tripped up by the painted “H” in the endzone and hurt himself. Harbaugh could care less about winning big or winning pretty, as long as he has 1 more point than the other team when the clock reads zeroes.

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