Schwartz had even more reason to know about the red-flag rule

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Lost in the red-flag fiasco from Thanksgiving is the fact that Lions coach Jim Schwartz knew about the rule that use of the red-flag when the replay is automatic blocks the review.

And here’s further proof that Schwartz knew.

As Jay Glazer of FOX pointed out on Sunday, the application of this rule to 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh in 2011 prompted Schwartz to shout “know the rules” (with a profanity or two peppered in) at Harbaugh, laying the foundation for the notorious post-game handshake incident.

So Schwartz didn’t know the rule for which he chided Harbaugh for not knowing the rule, and given the impact of the move on the Lions’ game and season, he should be grateful got an extension or he’d be on the hot seat.

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  1. I was waiting for you guys to remember this one. While the result of that rule was completely unjust (why can’t they just penalize the team, but still overturn the call again??). However, it did make me smile when it happened because I immediately remembered Schwartz ripping Harbaugh last year.

  2. Schwartz screwed up, but I love how it basically gets buried that the refs completely screwed up the call. It wasn’t a close call. The guy’s knee was down, his elbow was down, his forearm was down, and his second knee may also have been down. It just shows how media can drive a narrative – had that been the replacement refs, do you think the focus would be on Schwartz or on the refs completely screwing up? We keep hearing that refs are told to let plays continue instead of blowing a whistle and then can just fix a mistake on replay – but that is a problem because it isn’t easy to get a reversal. refs should be taught to get the call right, period.

  3. Unfortunately, in Detroit, it’s the fans who must first spark the element, which lights the media that ignites management to investigate the source so that ownership can remain oblivious until there is nothing but smoke and flames taking the whole thing down so that the entire process can start over again every five years.

  4. Do you continue o expand upon these Lions “things” just to goad the Lions organization? What exactly is your vendetta about? That would be the REAL news story here.

  5. You all really do need to stop with this bashing of EVERYTHING Lions! It is getting way out of hand. And I am sure everyone is getting tired of reading about them already.

  6. Schwartz is a disgrace as would be any person paid millions of dollars to perform a job at the top of their profession and they didn’t bother learning the official parameters of that job.

    Where’s the outrage from the Lion’s fans that this guy is paid outrageously well and doesn’t even know all the rules of the game ?

  7. The play Harbaugh challenged was a called TD catch in the endzone. The catch was still reviewed, but not overturned. The 15 yards was assessed on the kickoff. It was nothing like the Schwartz flag threw.

    Schwartz threw the flag after he saw a player was down 75 yards away from the endzone and before a TD was called. If by some chance Fossette was caught and tackled the replay challenge system would have worked properly.

    The flag was thrown in disbelief of aa missed callthe thateas happened directly in front of him, not out of a lack of knowing the rules.

  8. Didn’t the automatic review rule after a TD just start this year? that 49er’s game was last year. I think glazer is full of it. It was a different call disputed last year. Glazer do your homework..

  9. He knew the rule. He was emotional and threw the flag before thinking about it. Nothing more to say

  10. Another reason why that rule should be thrown out…Reggie Bush just fumbled the ball out of the end zone but was given a TD. Where was the automatic review on that one?

    There’s no excuse for missing these calls, and if they aren’t going to review it the coaches should be able to make them look at it. Not being able to challenge scoring plays is resulting in even more wrong calls.

  11. I remember the questionable call by the replacement refs… And all the sturm and drang over that…

    And I pointed out how many times crap like that has happened in the playoffs. You look at the 49ers/Packers in the 1990s and there were at least two horrible, massively game-changing calls including downed players getting back-up and running in for TDs because nobody blew a whistle.

    Then you get into regular season… Holy crap. There are a good five-to-ten games a year decided by bad calls. This isn’t even the second of the year. More like the fourth.

    I feel for the Lions players. They won that game.

    OTOH, I love Schwartz screwing it up. The guy is one of the biggest tools in coaching.

  12. I agree that a personal foul should ruin your chance at a challenge. The real question is whether or not throwing a challenge flag after TOs and TDs is a personal foul. Isn’t that more a delay of game? I say penalty for 5yds and warning. That way if it happens again it is a personal foul. problem solved.

  13. I doubt the refs would have reversed the call after review. Look what they did on the obvious touch by the Texans on that punt! They couldn’t get that one right either! It just didn’t fit the agenda for that game to get it right.

  14. Isn’t it enough that we Lions fans have been getting screwed over by the team itself for all these years? And recently the screwing has been coming from the refs as well. And now PFT has joined the lynching as well. The Lions are now out of the playoff picture, just like you all wanted it, so can we give it a break? Nothing like kicking a fan base when it’s already down.

  15. I know they had many years of the Millen era, but this is a talented team now.

    Schwartz’s continued behavioral issues with himself and his team is always going to hold this team back. He should be gone this year. Period.

  16. A lot of good points about how the Harbaugh situation was different and how terrible a call the refs made, but this is really more about how much people don’t like Jim Schwartz. And that’s okay. The guy hasn’t done himself any favors.

  17. Like it or not, Lions fan’s, and I am one, the grounds for defending or supporting this regime are dwindling. The team has been in a tailspin for the equivalent of a season and a half, failing to beat any of the better teams over that period of time and struggling to get past any of the inferior teams, except Jacksonville. After a quick, initial infusion of talent, Mayhew has failed to create a roster with the skill and depth level to be anything but mildly competitive and Schwartz can astutely explain why things went wrong after any given game but mounting evidence suggests that he is unable to create an environment to consistently prevent those things from going wrong in the first place. Just as Mayhew was a major improvement over Millen, Schwartz is a dramatic upgrade over Marinelli. We deserve, however, more than just a move from buffoonery to mediocrity, don’t we? Why be happy with baseline competence? Why defend it ? Why not demand excellence for a change?

  18. Half the fans commenting on Thursday posted the same thing. Glazer has little or nothing to add to any telecast so they throw him a bone now and then in order to make him somewhat relevant. Just like 80% of the broadcasters, he’s not needed and full of hot air.

  19. Schwartz is a very decent coach but he’s just one of those guys that is overtly irritating, sort of like a hemorrhoid. Which is why this ordeal is getting so much play. On that basis alone, I tend to agree with the sentiment that such a bad break couldn’t happen to a better team. If there is some good coming from this, it will be the anticipated review of the rule itself, and subsequent tweaking of the language. Some serious tweaking needed there.

    If the NFL sincerely want to get it right; (1) there should never be a rule that prevents officials from reviewing a play (that is normally reviewable) under any circumstance whatsoever, and (2) a penalty less harsh, yet weighty, such as loss of a time-out would be more appropriate for this particular offense.

    Lastly, a head coach should always be smart enough to wait until a play is either blown dead, or otherwise ended by rule, before trying to challenge it. Any argument that Schwartz threw the flag prior to the touchdown is only further proof that Schwartz is a Bozo.

  20. Seriously Florio. Your bias against the Lions is getting old. You are just regurgitating talking points from idiot commentators on the major networks, most of whom only care about the Superbowl teams of the past few years.

    Try being an 0-16 team in the rebuild process and having everyone view your team as the “little engine that cant”. Having referees blatantly blow games for our team is beyond frustrating. Emotions run high when the media makes it seem like nobody wants us to succeed. Remember the Saints playoff game where we hit Drew Brees and caused what should have been a backwards pass fumble. We picked it up and were running for a TD when the referee incorrectly blew it a dead ball. That was a major game and that defensive TD might have changed the outcome of the game. It’s not just this year….

  21. If Linehan were to come out to games with the aggressive playcalling that we saw against Houston, we would easily have 10+ wins. We have been playing way too conservative.

  22. Doesn’t matter. Football is an emotional game. Throwing the flag should not have been the reason to make the play non reviewable. Stupidity by NFL to allow this happen.

  23. I love you Lion fans…”the whole world is against us”. The refs are told unless they are sure to let the play go as it is reviewed automatically afterward. Football is an emotional game but you can’t let your emotions take over as a coach. Good or bad, that is the rule and his job is to know them. Cry and whine all you want but the only person to blame is your arrogant coach. If I were Harbaugh I’d be laughing my butt off right now

  24. A red hanky was thrown at the wrong time so a TD that didn’t actually happen was allowed to stand. Free 7 points to a non-deserving team. Read that a few times. This is what professional football has become. People should be absolutely outraged that this is what the best sport in America has become.

  25. Lions should have won that game. If I were a Lion’s fan, I’d be pissed about it too. But really, despite the call on the field being wrong, it was still in control of the coach to “make right” but he screwed up. What makes it even worse it is pretty much the same thing he chastised another coach about previously.

    Between the misplaced outrage over this and the adamant Suh defending (the guy needs to learn the difference between playing hard and playing out of control), Lion’s fans really need to get mad in the right direction: Lion’s management.

    One more thing, and I’m sure I speak for both Bears and Packers fans at least – there is no such thing as “Detroit Haters” – you guys haven’t done anything to be hate-worthy. Win a Superbowl and be consistent contenders and we’ll reconsider. =)

  26. For those of you that watched the 49ers game, very similar play with Crabtree NOT going down but the refs blew it down. Now what? No way to review it. Who knows, could’ve went for a TD, could’ve fumbled, but we’ll never know. So which is better? I’d rather have the option to go back and take a look. Bottom line is Schwartz needs to shut his mouth and learn the rules. “Better to have people think you are a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt”

  27. The Lons should go after Bill Cower and return Schwartz to a defensive coach. He isn’t impressing as a head coach and this team needs more discipline.

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