Sunday night wrap-up: Eli Manning does it again


The arm looked rested.

So did the legs.

Giants quarterback Eli Manning bounced back from a rough stretch before the bye, but the truth is, he wasn’t all that different than he always has been.

He’s always been pretty good, even if he hasn’t been as well-regarded as others.

Manning led the Giants to a clean and thorough 38-10 thrashing of the Packers, to improve to 7-4 on the season.

He was 16-of-30 passing for 249 yards and three touchdowns, and showed some nerve (if not excellent judgement) by rushing for a first down early, and not sliding.

It was the kind of night he needed after a rough stretch before the bye. He used the time off to rest his arm (which, for the record, seemed fine) and clear his head by watching classing movies, such as “Road House.” Like Patrick Swayze’s character Dalton, who people constantly underestimate by saying “I thought you’d be bigger,” Manning’s had a harder time fighting perceptions than opposing defenses.

Manning threw his 200th career touchdown pass in the third quarter, passing Phil Simms for most in Giants franchise history. Simms can parse it however he chooses, the guy who spent his career being the little brother is elite.

And if he’s not, it’s the definition of the word that needs a second look.

Here are five more things we learned during Sunday Night Football:

1. As long as Aaron Rodgers is your quarterback, there’s a ceiling on how often you want the ball out of his hands.

But there’s a difference between not wanting to run and not being able to. The Packers are stuck on not being able to.

Having a philosophy is fine. But there will be nights when good teams can game-plan your strengths out of your hands, and you have to have a Plan B. The Packers Plan B is simply “throw some more” and that didn’t get them anywhere.

2. Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell has interviewed for head coaching jobs before.

He will again, and the Giants better enjoy him while they can.

Fewell (who was the runner-up to Ron Rivera for the Carolina job two years ago, and might have another chance soon) had the Giants defense humming after the bye week, constantly throwing new looks at the Packers.

He opened the game in a three-safety set, with the return of Kenny Phillips. That Stevie Brown had played well in Phillips’ absence made it reasonable, but they weren’t through tweaking. At one point, they threw safety Will Hill out there with Phillips, Brown and Antrel Rolle.

Coupled with the sheer talent they have up front, that gives Fewell the ability to tinker, and he’s proving he knows how to move the pieces around.

Phillips wasn’t able to finish the game with a knee injury, so Fewell’s ability to improvise will be tested again. He’s up to it.

3. In the third quarter, the Giants dropped Rodgers for the 36th time this season.

That’s the same number he absorbed last season, and there are five more games left to play.

The Packers line has been a hash all year, but losing right tackle Bryan Bulaga might have been a last-straw situation, putting multiple guys in bad positions.

In addition to getting some guys well, the Packers need to invest in blockers this offseason, which could add some balance to the offense as well as keeping Rodgers on his feet if he’s going to throw on practically every play.

4. Maybe practice is overrated.

Ahmad Bradshaw, who basically shows up for work on Sunday, ran well Sunday night. Taking the screen pass 59 yards early was one thing, but the burst he showed on his 13-yard touchdown run made him look like a guy who was tired of losing short-yardage carries to Andre Brown.

Bradshaw’s foot issues have obviously robbed him of some of his burst, but he can still get the job done, thanks in part to the fact they’re willing to use him smartly.

5. Perhaps Packers coach Mike McCarthy was giving his kicker a chance to hit a home run, to regain some confidence.

But letting embattled Mason Crosby try his first one from 55 yards in a stadium not known for its consistent conditions wasn’t the best bet to get him back on tack.

Naturally, Crosby missed.

He entered the game 11-of-18 on field goals this season, having missed five of his previous 10. He came back to hit a 28-yarder, but he’s well off his career pace, and you wonder how many chances he’ll get.

It also gave the Giants a short field, and they scored in a hurry to go up 14-7 in the first quarter, and they never looked back.

71 responses to “Sunday night wrap-up: Eli Manning does it again

  1. B.J. Raji: Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb the only guys “we really need”
    B.J….you were saying!?

    Worst beatdown of the day. What a rout!

    Great job Giants!

  2. Hey Giant fans…that train you hear in the distance is RGIII and the Redskins preparing to run over your Big Blue soft football team and snatching the division title back to where it rightfully belongs, Washington DC. It all begins next Monday Night at FedEx where you will be facing the best Quarterback in professional football, RGIII. Prepare to suffer the same fate as Dallas and Philly did. Hail to the Redskins. That is all.

  3. Can we all agree the Packers are overrated?

    Most one-dimensional team in the NFL. If they play against a good defensive line and above average offense, they’ll lose.

    49ers would destroy them.

  4. You can stick a fork in the Pack’s SB dreams. They will probably still go to the playoffs but if they can’t beat the Giants they probably aren’t getting to the SB. Next year, the pack needs to either replace to Dom Capers or spend another entire draft on defense. Maybe both.

  5. Congrats to the Giants. You guys completely dominated this game from start to finish and it is my hope that the Packers can take something positive from getting taken behind the woodshed. I’m not sure what else the Packers can do in terms of trying to block the Giants defensive front four, it’s a complete mismatch. I’m still confident that the Packers can compete this year, but for anyone delusional enough to think we can just show up, those days are over. The NFC is full of gritty teams that aren’t afraid to fight. Should be a fun playoff push. Go Pack!

  6. “Fewell (who was the runner-up to Ron Rivera for the Carolina job two years ago, and might have another chance soon)”
    Please God, don’t let the Giants bring back Bill Sheridan!

  7. Meh i wouldnt panic about GB.. NYG was coming off a bye after being killed by Cincy.. Every team has games like this.. GB will run the table to the playoffs and win the division.

  8. Yes it was Eli Manning that killed the Packers and not the Giant’s D.

    Seriously the guy completes 50% of his passes, throws 3 absolute ducks, and he’s the hero?

  9. Hats off to the Giants, thier Dline dominated as I worried they would. Packers couldn’t run it, they couldn’t pass it. They got a hell of a team. Hopefully they will meet again, with both teams healthy.

  10. I’m curious if anyone in the media will mention the Giants attempting to “run up the score” in this one. Manning was throwing into the endzone with under five minutes left and with a 28 point lead.

  11. The Packers need to commit to the running game to indirectly help their ailing offensive line’s porous pass protection.

    Problem is the Packers don’t have any good running backs to get the job done. If/when Green Bay runs into teams with a dominant pass rush like the Giants or 49ers they will lose just like this. Rodgers can’t do it alone this Packer team is far too one dimensional to get the job done in January.

  12. GB’s OL is a definite concern. They went all in on Saturday, and counted on Sherrod getting off PUP for depth. Neither has worked, and they’ve gone from ok up front with no depth to a dumpster fire that might just end their season prematurely.

    Congrats to the Gmen. They killed it tonight.

  13. Games have always been won in the trenches and this goes back to the early years, the teams that get this concept will be the successful ones and the ones that don’t will not be able to compete no matter how good they are at the skilled positions.

  14. Eli Manning wasn’t pretty good. He outclassed Aaron Rodgers. AGAIN! He lowered his shoulder on the whole Pcker team. Stop disrespecting Eli Mnning. It’s pathetic.

  15. Great win by the Giants… similar to the defeats of Carolina and San Fran, they dominated in all phases of the game from start to finish.

    The late bye may be what the Giants needed and what the rest of the NFC didn’t want – a fresh Big Blue hitting December in stride could trigger another run to the top.

    But Fewell has to figure out why Webster gets beat on a bomb every game. If Web has an injury, then put Hosley out there. If Web needs more time to warm up, get him started earlier in pre-game.

  16. I wonder if the Giants will be asked about keeping their starters in and “running up the score” as well as trying to pass for touchdowns in the fourth quarter of a blowout.

    Or is that just a problem when the Patriots do it?

  17. Kenny Phillips- broken leg. Bad news. Otherwise, the giants broke the pack. And that snapping you hear is the collective hearts of the Green Bay fan base.

  18. esdawt says:
    Nov 25, 2012 11:43 PM
    I’m curious if anyone in the media will mention the Giants attempting to “run up the score” in this one. Manning was throwing into the endzone with under five minutes left and with a 28 point lead.

    The Packers ran up the score on the Giants at Lambeau two years ago.
    (45-17. We haven’t forgotten)

  19. Huge win for big Blue but losing Brown could be costly…bradshaw works better with a partner…brown is actually better and more powerful runner than bradshaw…hope wilson grows up!

  20. @LogicalVoices:

    The 2nd greatest coach in Giants’ history, Bill Parcells, once said, “you are what your record says you are.” Right now your Redskins are 5-6. Last time I checked, 5-6 is below average & below average means your bad. Don’t get your chest puffed out over a 7 point win against a very bad Dallas team. The only people who don’t think Dallas is a bad team are ESPN & Redskins fans, because you just beat them. Bob Griffin is a good QB, but he’s a rookie & the last time he played the Giants he was forced into rookie mistakes. There’s a good chance that Bob Griffin will win some NFC East Titles, but it won’t be this year & it won’t be as long as Eli Manning is the Giants’ QB. Also, trust me that the Giants aren’t scared to come to FedEx Field; it hasn’t been a home field advantage this year. The Skins are 2-3 at home this year, losing games to the Bengals, Falcons & Panthers (c’mon dude, the Panters?). Even if you do manage to luckily win next week, you guys will still be 1 game behind the Giants with no more games against them. Plus, the Giants will own the tiebreaker & could only lose that tiebreaker by losing to the Eagles & you guys beating them; sorry bro, not going to happen. So keep patting yourself on the back for beating a bad team. That train noise is actually a class opponent, the Giants, taking the Acela Express down to DC to come put a whooping on the Little Indians.

  21. That was a terrible but expected showing by the Packers. Now that they got their beatdown out of the way, they can win out and get that first round bye.

    It’s not like the Bears, Vikings, Lions, or Titans are going to beat them.

  22. The Giants played a great game tonight, in all phases. Looks like they’re getting it together for the stretch and playing up to capabilities.

  23. Packer fans shouldn’t be too upset about tonight’s loss. They had won five in a row and were due for a poor game. The Giants were coming off their worst game of the season against KC and had a week to rest and prepare for this game. They needed this game more than the Pack.

  24. Packer fans recognize a team with substance and the Giants definitely fit that bill. Stop beating a dead horse with the “We beat ourselves” crap. I was at Lambeau last January and the Giants pretty much did the exact same thing tonight. The only positive I can take from tonight is that is doesn’t hurt nearly as much as it did back then. Two first class organizations played tonight, and one was much better than the other, end of story. It is better to receive a reality check like this before the playoffs come. Keep acting like Green Bay doesn’t belong in the conversation and you might be surprised come January.

  25. This is a big boy’s game quit complaining about running up the score. The Giants were tired of hearing how GB always “beat themselves” and just wanted to show HOW MUCH better they are…..and using the injury excuse…..PLEASE! You got a NY ass whopping just like last year!!!!’

  26. Packer= Saints in great O and Elsucko D
    Saints lost to 49ers
    49ers lost to Gmen
    Gmen top of the Mountain. New Math.
    Class dismissed.

    Genius fan.. I second the motion, the motion is passed, Pats Always running up scores, Pat fans running mouths off, SB win, not so much.

  27. You cant win in the NFL with a patchwork OL like the Packers are trotting out there. Against a team that rushes the passer about as well as anyone, it really becomes a disaster like tonight proved. Rodgers needs to lose that stache that thing is awful

  28. Last week, after the Bears lost big to SF, and GB barely beat Detroit, I seem to recall a Packer fan trash-talking that the Bears would ‘never again’ lead the NFC North.

    Wonder how that’s working out for him.

  29. This game didn’t mean anything. Packers gave up by 2nd quarter. The only meaningful games are the rest of the season when they have some defensive starters back and make a push for the playoffs.

  30. I’ll never say this again prob but MVP goes to Kevin gilbride… Consistent great play calling even if it didn’t work, new plays I’ve never seen giants run before under him, only a few shotgun draws and had me confused usually I call every play From couch .. Great play calling tonight. Eli needed that bye badly.. D line played great.. Rg3 take note

  31. Hats off (again) to the Giants. GB stunk the joint up last night. The o-line, wow. They might as well put paper cutouts up there. Embarrassing. Injuries yeah, but no excuses. Way NY played, Packers could’ve had all their starters and they’d probably still have lost.

  32. Those poor Packers.

    Half their starting linebackers were out.

    75% of their starting secondary was out.

    They were playing offense with their 3rd guard and 3rd string tackle.

    No Benson and no Greg Jennings.

    Other than that the Packers fell for the trap game between 2 divisional games.

    For them it is on to 3 consecutive divisional games.

  33. I’ll never understand the love fest for Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson, they are mediocre receivers. Rodgers must be happy to be getting Jennings back in the line up next week.

  34. The Packers will be fine, people need to stop the slamming! Its just pain annoying. They just lost A GAME coming off a 5 game winning streak. Once they get healthy and start getting players back they should make a solid run in the play-offs. They have been injured all year and have done more with rookies and 2nd and 3rd string players than most teams in the NFL could even deal with. No worries, they will win the NFC North and be solid contenders this year. Good job Giants, hopefully they meet again when the game is actually a big deal. This one was an inconvenient loss but not one that is going to shape their season. GO PACK GO!

  35. Good win against the Packers. Next up a rising Redskin team…This week the Giants hosted a Make a Wish kid, who spoke to the team. He told them to Play like Champions…Coach C even mentioned him in the post game news conference. We need to bring the kid back next week…I love it, a kid tells them to Play like Champions and they do…Out of the mouths of babes!

  36. Im sorry but when ur oline is horrific facing the best front 4 that has lead a team to two superbowls then obviously you should qin unless ur QB has a terrible game. Also the pack have some front 7 issies they need to clean up to even have a chance to make the playoffs.goes to show that It doesnt matter how good your QB is if you protect him and run the ball well too.

  37. No excuses here and no complaints about running up the score, a good football team doesn’t take their foot off the gas. Eli is a great quarterback and we got it handed to us last night but he should make sure there’s a little something in each of his lineman’s locker because they sure helped him look good. You don’t look so good when you have to run for your life almost every play. Ask Rodgers about that.

  38. It’s interesting to see how Aaron Rodgers looked when his offensive line couldn’t protect him. Every quarterback in the league will face hardship if their blockers aren’t doing their job.

    What really bothers me is that some quarterbacks get a pass while others are given the same excuse. For example, Jay Cutler is sacked more than any quarterback in the league but it’s always his ‘attitude’ that costs his team a W.

    But, last night’s dud for Rodgers was blamed on his offensive line. I get it, his line didn’t block well making his job even more difficult then it already is. Moving forward please do not spare others of your criticism if it’s deserving and refrain from blaming others just because of your hidden grudge.

  39. That is the most thoroughly I’ve seen the Packers get whipped since McCarthy took over as coach. JPP and Osi made the Packers O-line look silly. The defense sucks when it can’t get pressure, and without Matthews getting double teamed it’s rare that another Packer defender can get through… but that OL got exposed last night. The Packers will still make the playoffs, but they aren’t going to make it deep in January until they figure out a way to get Rodgers some time in the Pocket.

  40. Please, stop all the accolades to Eli. We have seen several times when the Giants’ defense has a day off and there’s pressure on him to keep up with the opposing offense, he looks like a below average QB. Show me he can not only lead his team to the best record in the league with a pathetic defense, but to the SB like Brady, Rogers, Brees and P. Manning have done, then he’s in the conversation with the aforementioned great QBs. No one gave Brady all of this praise when the Pats had a good defense that helped them won 3 SBs.

    Trent Differ for crying out loud won a SB with the Ravens’ killer defense.

  41. It was a great showing by the Giants both on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. It was evident that the D-Line got to Rodgers quick and early as they totally affected his play throughout the game.

    Next up, the Skins on Monday night. Should be another good game.

  42. A funny thing happened in the NFL yesterday. Eli led the Giants and Kaepernick led the 49ers offensive lines to victory.

    But the unusual thing was really how both defenses (italicized) completely shut down the play of two elite QBs. Rodgers and Brees respectively.

    I watched both games and it was odd to see such a look on the faces of Rodgers and Brees. Not sure whether to call it desperation or despair but in any case, it was rare to see the lack of confidence from both. Nothing they did seemed to work.

  43. The path to the superbowl for the Packers is clear. They have to win the North and then hope someone with an offensive line beats the Giants. The Pack does not match up well against the Giants. The Giants are an average offense, mediocre secondary and they live off their talented pass rush. The Packers can scheme for one great rusher (ie JJ Watt) but cannot hold off the Giants talented group. Lang and Newhouse can barely even slow them down let alone block them. So, the Pack need to win the North (where they still control their own destiny) and hope that Atlanta or San Fran can knock off the Giants for them.

  44. Anyone going to mention that Rodgers hold onto the ball for nearly 10 seconds, tiring out his o line? Rodgers is not a good QB he can throw on weak defenses with loose coverage and no pass rush but add a bump at the line and add some pressure on the line and he shts his panties.

  45. It is tough being a Patriots fan, when all you want is to see the Giants in the Super Bowl this year – and no one else but the Giants.

    However, seeing that even though the Giants clearly play down to their competition, they play up to it as well and unless you have perfect balance on offense, they are almost unbeatable with that line in a meaningful game.

  46. kappy32 says:

    Plus, the Giants will own the tiebreaker & could only lose that tiebreaker by losing to the Eagles & you guys beating them,,,


    Dude, I’m not saying that the Redskins will catch the Giants (we should be happy they just won two in a row!), but I think you have an incorrect idea of what NFL tiebreaker rules would be if the Redskins “luckily” beat the Giants this Monday night.

    First tie breaker is: head to head record. If Skins win next week, the head to head record would be 1-1-.

    Second time breaker is: divisional record: Currently Giants are 2-2; Skins are 2-1. If Skins beat Giants next week, then the Redskins have a clear inside track vs. the Giants in divisional record. Skins would be at 3-1; Giants at 2-3.

    Finally, it’s funny that you say that the Skins would require “luck” to beat the Giants. In the first game in NJ, Giants only won on a last second bomb when Skins secondary screwed up. Legit Giants win, but don’t make it sound like you dominated the game…you didn’t.

    Hey, I’m a Redskins fan and I still think the Giants are better and that they’ll win the division. But I just had to correct you on a few errors there. 🙂

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