Tannehill, Dolphins come back to beat Seahawks

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Russell Wilson was hot early. Ryan Tannehill was hot at the right time.

The Dolphins rookie quarterback didn’t have as pretty a stat line as the Seahawks rookie quarterback, but Tannehill was sharp in the fourth quarter to lead the Dolphins to a 24-21 win.

Tannehill finished 18-of-26 for 253 yards with a touchdown and an interception , setting up Dan Carpenter’s game-winning 43-yard field goal as time expired.

Wilson was 21-of-27 for 224 yards, two touchdowns and a 125.9 rating.

But it was Tannehill’s cool down the stretch that allowed the Dolphins to snap a three-game losing streak and improve to 5-6. His 29-yard touchdown to Charles Clay was followed by a defensive stand that saw the Seahawks go backward.

Seattle will complain about a roughing the passer penalty on Earl Thomas that negated a Bobby Wagner interception in the end zone. The Dolphins scored on the next play on a strong run by Daniel Thomas. Thomas was in the air and clipped Tannehill’s head with his forearm on his way past.

But Seahawks return man Leon Washington then took the ensuing kickoff back 98 yards for a touchdown, the eighth of his career, tying the league record. It also gave the Seahawks a 21-14 lead, before Tannehill took over late.

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  1. Hawks need to learn to win on the road. Dolphins kept at it, and our D seemed to just slow down. Russell Wilson did look pretty good though. Next few years could turn him into an elite QB.

  2. That BS flag thrown against S Earl Thomas is what killed the Seahawks. Thomas was 3 feet in the air and couldn’t stop….

    Seahawks had intercepted Tennehill in the endzone and the refs friggin’ SUCK!

  3. Complain about the refs all you want. Seattle was holding on virtually every play. Never called. Good win for the fins! I think this was Ryan T’s first come from behind win. Hopefully more to come. Go Fins!

  4. Listen to all the Seahawks fans complain about the refs. Hahaha. Were they complaining at the end of the packers game? I don’t think so. Quit complaining and take the loss

  5. Yes, terrible penalty call on E Thomas and yes refs somehow didnt feel like running off 10 seconds on the Dolphins delay penalty.

    However Hawks have no one to blame but themselves for that one, shoulda given up on running up the middle after the half and the LB’s in coverage got torched. Way to wasted a nice game by RW.

  6. Both QB’s flashed good in this game. Wilson has many more weapons than Tannehill which is why he is statistically better. Both guys will be in this league a long time and win a lot of games. I truly believe this QB class with Luck and RG3 will be as good as the 1983 Elway, Kelly, Marino class.

  7. Seattle is still afraid to let Russell Wilson win them games unless he has to. They need to realize he is a weapon and not a game manager. As soon as they opened up the passing game Seattle drove down the field and scored their second TD. They were almost in position for the game winning FG, too, until the conservative play calling was brought back and the Seahawks went backwards and had to punt. With that defense, although they looked terrible down the stretch, Seattle should be able to win a lot of games if they can put up points through the air on offense.

  8. Gus Bradley and his no pressure sit back and get picked apart D needs to go. NEVER brings pressure when the game on line(see Detroit or any other 4th Q drive). Guess he prefers to die from a thousand cuts than get beat bringing the house. Bradley sucks, Bevell sucks…hey I have an idea lets keep running into those 7-8 man fronts instead of running plays to take advantage of 8 men in the box. Typical Hawks epic fail..just lo

  9. Two major mistakes today, one that directly impacted a win.

    I don’t care if the Seahawks benefited from the replacement ref call, this was still a botched call today by the refs….a 10 second run off not counted when the Dolphins won on a FG with 4 seconds left.

    This coming from a Cardinals fan….

    Couple this with the Texans/Lions debacle and what do you get?

    Meh, not much media coverage.

  10. I love how the above posters complain about poor officiating but they fail to mention the offensive passing interference call not called on the golden tate catch, he jumped through the back of the defender and knocked him down. Then on the next play the touchdown, a dolphin defender was held and dragged to the ground which prevented a sack.

  11. Dolphins fan here. The roughing the passer penalty was iffy and the Phins definitely got lucky there. But Seahawks fans really don’t have the right to complain at the moment, for obvious reasons.

  12. Fella’s…learn the rules.
    10 second run off is for a “false start” the call on the play was “illegal shift”

  13. After all the chirping out of Seattle after the New England game, I’m rather pleased they can’t beat the Dolphins.

    Guess they weren’t ready for a heavyweight fight.

  14. Let me start by saying I am a Seahawks fan. Any Seahawk fan that isn’t pointing your finger, including your middle finger, at the Seattle coaching staff and undisciplined, dumbass players, you need to go pour yourself a glass of reality.

    It wasn’t the Refs fault. It’s our inability to play away from Seattle, year after year. Hell, there was only 231 Dolphin fans in the stadium (which is pathetic Miami!), so it wasn’t like the environment is hostile. Seattle has young talent, but also a childish style of coaching and it shows on the road.

    I have come to face the fact that Seattle is a 9-7 or 8-8 team, because of our home field advantage, but not good enough to make the playoffs.

  15. You can’t hit the qb in the head no matter what, if that was Manning or Brady and it wasn’t called there would be media outrage. As far as the 10 second run off it wouldn’t have made a difference so stop complaining about that. The dolphins and Seahawks are similar up and coming teams and are both building for the future. I think Seattle fans hate the Phins cause we didn’t sign Flynn and you guys wasted all that cap space for a below average backup lol.

  16. Was at the game- not impressed with little russell. He was to small to compete and see over the line.

    As mentioned, the seahawks were holding Wake on almost every play…. lucky the game was as close as it was. Road kill.

  17. The only botched call in this game was not calling offensive pass interference when Golden Tate tackled the corner and caught a 45 yard pass that led to a touchdown for Seattle. As much as no one may like the rule if you hit a qbs head weather you slap it or hit it with your helmet its a penalty. You cannot however tackle a defender in an attempt to catch a ball. So I’m not really sure what you Seahawk fans are so upset about

  18. Holding by Seattle? I can count at least 3 times I saw Bush hold and tackle Seattle players and it was never called. The roughing call was bs, but, Seattle needs only blame the coaching staff for this loss. How about we don’t run, run, try to pass, punt for 2 fricking quarters. Miami has a solid run defense and we tried going straight at it for the whole first half, dumb. On defense, Trufant had no business in the slot with Bess. An adjustment should have been made there. If Seattle wants to contend, the coaching staff needs to step up or ship out. I like Carroll but his coordinators are not getting it done. Miami did what they had to when it mattered, Seattle didn’t.

  19. Lol courageous Dolphin team. Yea, very brave millionaires playing a game. Don’t hate cause Wilson has been better thus far than Tannehill. Those are facts! Seattle had a bad game, plain and simple. Miami fans can go back to talking about the 72 season now.

  20. Seahawks got bad end of a bad call with the roughing the passer, but they played the game with two guys who were caught using PEDs.

    If you’re going to cheat to win, you can’t complain about a bad call going against you.

    And what long time Dolphins fan doesn’t love the karma of beating (choking sign) Pete Carroll with a walk-off FG?

  21. @Daytonsfinest

    Accept that cincy got handed the game by the the refs playing Hellen Keller. Ref gets that whistle right it’s a 7pt game and those ugly bengal jerseys are in trouble. Lets not forget tge phantom clipping call either. Have a seat at the same table as seattle… You deserve it

  22. I usually don’t get involved in talk about refs but you Seattle fans sure are bitter and pathetic…

    First, the 10 second run-off only applies to a false start. The call was illegal shift. Not to mention the fact that it wouldn’t have mattered anyway because Miami let the clock run down from 20-something seconds before calling time out and kicking the field goal.

    Second, sure the roughing the passer penalty was a little ticky tacky. But it was the correct call based on the rules. You cannot leave your feet to hit the QB. You also cannot hit him in the head. Thomas did both.

    Finally, the worst call of the game was obviously the non-call against Goldent Tate when he tackled the corner before making the 45 yard catch.

    You lost to an up and coming team that is very similar to your own. But it’s tough to stomach because you started to believe your own hype just like us Dolphins fans were doing a few weeks ago. Deal with it.

  23. wow, a Seattle fan complaining about a bad call…. guess it’s only a bad call if it goes against them and not for them. all of a sudden they forgot about the simultaneous catch bs! haha, oh and all the holding calls the refs seemed to miss on Seattle o-line

  24. Nov 25, 2012 4:44 PM
    Two major mistakes today, one that directly impacted a win.

    I don’t care if the Seahawks benefited from the replacement ref call, this was still a botched call today by the refs….a 10 second run off not counted when the Dolphins won on a FG with 4 seconds left.

    This coming from a Cardinals fan….”

    Cardinals fan obviously didn’t watch the game. The reason there was 4 seconds left on the clock is because the Dolphins let the clock run on their last play. They called the timeout with only 4 left so there wouldn’t be an ensuing kickoff.

  25. Props to Philban for not running the ball with 92 seconds and the ball at the Miami 10. He gave Tannehill and chance to WIN the game, and the rookie came through. We can’t win if we don’t try to win. Playing “not to lose” is a sure way…to lose.

  26. Wow, all you guys really dont know what the 10 second run off rule is. The offense must “commit a penalty to conserve time” i.e.

    (a) a foul by either team that prevents the snap (i.e., false start, encroachment, etc.)

    (b) intentional grounding;

    (c) an illegal forward pass thrown from beyond the line of scrimmage;

    (d) throwing a backward pass out of bounds;

    (e) spiking or throwing the ball in the field of play after a down has ended, except after

    a touchdown; or

    (f) any other intentional foul that causes the clock to stop.

    None of that happened so no 10 second run off so get over it. And regarding the personal foul, the interception probably wouldn’t of happened if Earl Thomas didn’t lunge into Tannehills line of sight so quit saying “bad call” because the seahawks also got a pass on what could of easily been an offensive pass interference call on that great Tate catch. Take the loss, blame it on your defense not on the refs.

  27. Not surprised to see Seahawk fans squawking, they’re used to having things handed to them.

    To begin, I think many Dolphins fans agree that the roughing the passer call was ticky-tack. However, it doesn’t matter.

    For one, Golden Tate pushed off on that catch that set up Seattle’s first TD. Why the announcers and subsequent media response has been merely that it was a ‘great catch’ is beyond me. The defense was that their ‘feet got tangled’, which would be no penalty if that is all it was. However, Tate put his hands on the defender and used them to separate himself, which is pushing off, as the defender also went crashing to the ground. That is a flag, regardless. Golden Tate is famous for pushing off, and that play should not have stood.

    Secondly, it’s foolish to argue that a bad call ‘turned a game’ due to a little something called ‘chaos theory’. if a call was made correctly, the subsequent events would change, and nobody has any way of knowing how they would have panned out. You can’t merely just subtract points from the board and go “hey look, without this we win!”. The only exception would be a bad call that happened on the final play, since there is no further gameplay impacted…and even then, I don’t believe in ignoring the first 59 minutes of play.

    If the interception had stood for Seattle, there would have been no kickoff return for a touchdown on the subsequent play since there was no kickoff. Had Seattle been forced to punt, Miami would have had the ball moments later with a chance to tie…just like they did in the actual game on Sunday. It would have merely been 14-7 instead of 21-14.

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