Wells, Lindley put Cards up 17-14 at half

Getty Images

Cardinals rookie Ryan Lindley has thrown a pick-six, but to be honest, it might not have been the most egregious interception of the half.

Former first-overall pick Sam Bradford threw an ugly interception to Patrick Peterson in the end zone, allowing the Cardinals to take a 17-14 lead over the Rams.

Peterson didn’t score with his (the way Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins did when he picked off Lindley), but it was an awful throw by Bradford, taking away the chance at points in a game where he’ll need them.

Beanie Wells has run for a pair of scores in his first game back, and Lindley has been mostly inoffensive, moving them into position for a field goal just before the half.

Which quarterback plays more like a rookie will likely determine which way the second half goes.