Bears put Lance Louis on injured reserve

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Bears coach Lovie Smith has even more reason to be unhappy about the block that Vikings defensive end Jared Allen applied to Bears guard Lance Louis.

Louis has now been placed on injured reserve.

The starting guard suffered a knee injury as a result of the hit.  He had started every game of the season.

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  1. Somewhere Jay Cutler just took a sack, just out of reflex when he heard the news. Heck, after Campbell’s performance against San Fran, he took one too.

  2. I normally like Jared Allen, but he literally launches into Louis if you watch the replay. It’s like the Warren Sapp/Chad Clifton play all over again. This should be a game suspension for Allen and to me that’s light because he has no previous history.

  3. Yeah, but it’s not “just NFL football.” Allen wasn’t a great game against what is widely known as a bad offensive line. He saw a shot, launched, and took it.

    He’s not a dirty player, but the result is exactly why that play’s illegal.

    Not sure it’s worth a game. Decent fine, I’d bet.

  4. I saw the reply of the hit and it wasn’t that bad. A fine, maybe, but even that is questionable. He was running to make a tackle after the interception and Allen blocked him. In any case, it wasn’t like he clipped him or dived at his knees or something. He hit him high- so the knee injury came probably from a cleat getting stuck or twisted when he went down. Injuries on turnovers like this ususally happen because guys are not used to the situation and are doing things they don’t normally do in their position.

  5. There was no leading with the helmet. There was no contact with the helmet. He didn’t go at the guys knee. He did leave his feet. Should result in nothing more than a fine.

  6. With the newer rules, it was clearly illegal (you cannot lead with the helmet, shoulder or forearm on a hit against a defenseless player, he lead with all three in said order, plus he left his feet). The refs missed it, but the league won’t.
    Expect a rather large fine, Mr. Allen.

    Our best lineman, gone for the year.

  7. 2ruefan says:
    Nov 26, 2012 3:06 PM
    Was it illegal? Was Allen even flagged for it?
    I was unable to see the game.
    Anybody that saw it please clarify…


    Yes it’s an illegal play and being flagged for it doesn’t matter. The NFL always catches you thanks to the tapes and now obviously this is even more highlighted now that Louis is out for the season.

  8. I thought you couldn’t “launch” into someone else? Allen totally left his feet and clocked the guy.

    Don’t see how he tore his ACL though.

  9. Jared Allen is not a dirty player. Most people know this. As a Bear fan that’s very frustrating though. To me, it just seemed like Allen was frustrated because he was ineffective most of the game. Now we’re out our best lineman.

  10. Allen left his feet and launched into his facemask, that’s a dangerous play and he’s for sure going to get fined but since Louis is out for the year he should get suspended, but I doubt he will.

  11. This hurts bad. Now an already bad O-line loses their most effective lineman.

    A player cannot leave their feet or launch themselves to block or to tackle. Illegal.

  12. how many players in the NFL are on the IR this year? I swear, there’s gotta be over 100 players. The sport is getting un-fun (yeah, you read that right) cuz every team’s best players are out.

  13. Allen shouldn’t have launched into the guy that’s for sure, but he was within his rights to block him as he was about to attempt a tackle on Winfield — he should be fined. What’s wierd is that you’d think the injury would be to the upper torso where he hit him, not his knee.

    Then again, if you watch Briggs decleat an unsuspecting Kyle Rudolph (his second concussion this year so he may be done too) on a crossing route that wasn’t even part of the direct game action, there’s plenty to whine about on both sides of the ball.

  14. for all you saying suspend allen its ridiculous as one of the bears hit sent rudolph out of the game with a concussion and suh is not being suspended for his kick to schaub area ( just being polite on not saying)
    so get over it
    suspended him the rest of the season is also ridiculous whoever said that.

  15. If the NFL wants to send a message, they should suspend Jared Allen for a WHOLE season. He is by far the dirtiest player in the NFL and he needs to be taught a lesson.

  16. Hi cleats probably got caught up in that crappy field they play on. How many times have they had to replace that grass . He got blindsided keep your head on a swivel .

  17. To those of you comparing what Allen did to what Briggs did, stop it. The difference between the 2 plays is the Briggs one was Legal.

  18. Jared Allen is a class act, but that hit was illegal and he sounds foolish claiming otherwise…Shame for Louis being done.

  19. Odd how Vikings fans think this is ok.

    Dirty Allen is mad that he is a non-factor this season, and is finding any way to stay in the spotlight.

    If clay Matthews or suh had done this you’d be calling for his head. This is the second time this dude has ended a guy’s season. His should be ended, whether by the league or one of the Packers this week.

  20. Brandon Fusco is the worst Right Guard in the history of the National Football League. Get your retribution on him so us Viking fans don’t have to watch that ‘project’ anymore.

    If Louis’ knee hadn’t caught he would’ve been fine and would’ve hit Allen back later, but it did and his season is over. Get over it.

    It wasn’t dirty like Sapp hitting Clifton 20 yards from the play, or Al Harris diving head first at Peterson’s knee.

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